25 Hidden Areas In Red Dead Redemption Casual Fans Completely Missed

It’s been nearly seven months since gamers around the world returned to the old west in Rockstar Studios' hit game, Red Dead Redemption 2. A prequel to the first game, the story followed Arthur Morgan, one of the members of the Van Der Linde gang. An aging cowboy seeing the world changing around him, the character underwent a unique metamorphosis that saw his bloodthirsty nature battle the humanity and morality within himself, influencing the young John Marston along the way as he struggled with his own family within the gang. Throughout the game, players were taken across many fictional towns and settings that represented America at the tail end of the Wild West era, and with it came some truly memorable moments.

Train heists, shootouts, failed robberies, and duals with rival gangs all defined the action of the game, furthering Arthur’s journey both personally and within the gang he served loyally. Yet despite the hours upon hours of gameplay and story gamers experienced within the world, there are still several areas within Red Dead Redemption 2 that have yet to be discovered.

Whether or not you are looking for fun Easter eggs, teases for possible future storylines, or dangerous areas filled with infinite possibilities for action and heart-pounding terror, there are a multitude of hidden areas within the game world that casual fans completely missed, so let’s take a look at twenty-five of these areas and see what fans may have missed on Arthur’s journey.

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25 Marko Dragic’s Laboratory

via Gameranx.com

Any fan of history will immediately identify with this location, as it mirrors a truly incredible figure from history. While in Saint Denis, players will meet and get a quest from a character named Marko Dragic, who is both a scientist and inventor.

When arriving at this location marked by a quest marker, players will instantly be reminded of the very real life Nikola Tesla, the famed scientist and inventor. The building has a similar radio tower that was built by Tesla himself, but be careful about missing out on this opportunity. The quest must kick off around 3 am game time in order to begin, meaning this is one of the only times players will be able to find this location.

24 Back Door At Valentine’s Doctors

via Kotaku.com

One of the first major towns you encounter in the game is Valentine. This settlement is the player's introduction to the various shops and people you will encounter during the game. However one secret location that is hidden is none other than the back room of the doctor's house in Valentine. The doctor will be agitated and hostile if you investigate the back door, but if you threaten the doctor or force it open, you will encounter the O’Driscolls and be forced to take them out. Investigating this area early, however, will get you the Schofield Revolver, a powerful weapon to have early on in the game while building your character stats up.

23 Bigfoot Skeleton

via OrdinaryReviews.com

Introducing mythical or legendary creatures in the Red Dead Redemption world has never been an issue for the developers, and the second game is no exception. Having spotted a Bigfoot creature in the first game, players will be shocked to find the large remains of one such creature in the Big Valley, near Mount Shann. The pile of inhuman bones is so captivating that Arthur will even make mention of it in his journal, which you will hear him updating throughout the game, as he notes that no man could possibly have made those bones he found.

22 Vampire Lair

via GamesRadar.com

This may seem surprising, but players can find the Red Dead Redemption 2 equivalent of a vampire’s lair in the town of Saint Denis. Throughout the town are five pairs of writing that, when all found, will reveal a map to the player.

This map will lead to a small alleyway outside of a church. If the player approaches this area at night, be prepared to find a very real and menacing vampire waiting to pounce. It’s a chilling image, but a fun hidden location to find nonetheless.

21 White Arabian Horse’s Roaming Grounds

via Shacknews.com

Taming and caring for horses in the game is incredibly important to the character’s journey. Not only are there a variety of horses to tame, but each has its own skillsets and requires constant feeding, watering, grooming and encouragement, something that many horse owners can attest to. The best horse to find and tame in the game has to be the White Arabian Horse, which can be found roaming near Lake Isabella. However be warned that if you intend to have this horse, it will take a lot to tame the creature.

20 Glitching Into Mexico

via TechRaptor.com

This next hidden area can only be found when players have beaten the main quest in the game. By doing this, players can travel to New Austin, then swim across the river on the westernmost side of the area. Once there, use a horse to climb a large wall, which is incredibly difficult. If players can manage this however, they will find themselves in an area that looks very much like Mexico, which hasn’t been seen since the first game in the series.

19 UFO House

via VG247.com

It wouldn’t be a Rockstar Studios game without a few UFO sightings, now would it? In the game, players can travel to Emerald Lake, where they will find a shack on the northern shore. The house or shack is abandoned, but a note will be found that makes references to a UFO sighting.

If players return to the shack at 2 am, a UFO will appear above you, and will take off once you make your way outside. UFO’s can be found all over the area afterwards in the early morning hours, so be warned.

18 The Hobbit Home

via Gameranx.com

Lord of the Rings fans will absolutely love this next hidden location, as it appears the Hobbits have made a home within the game. Arthur will stumble across a Hobbit hole similar to that of Bilbo Baggins from the Lord of the Rings films/books. To find this area, head to Ambarino Hinterlands and then head east from Donner Falls and Bacchus Bridge. Arthur will make note of the area in his journal, pondering whether or not the Native American people in the area could have made the abounded home.

17 The Meteor House

via holdtoreset.com

This hidden area comes with a tragic story, as the Meteor House is exactly what it sounds like. A house struck by a meteor shower can be found in the NorthEastern part of the map, West of Brandywine Drop. Traveling this direction, players will come across the home, which is littered with the lost souls of fallen individuals who were victims of the meteor strike. A hole will be in the center of the destroyed home, and jumping down into it, players can grab a piece of the meteor and sell it for a decent price at a store.

16 Zombie Land

via GamerWriting.com

Technically, this next hidden area is a large part of the map, as it takes up the majority of the Blue Marshes. Here, players won’t find the undead exactly, but the “Night Folk”, zombie like swamp people who hide in the shadows and stay out of sight.

However, if you come across one of their victims hanging from a tree and shoot the victim down, the Night Folk will take offense to that and spring out of their hiding spots, attacking you in large numbers.

15 Creepy Outhouse

via IGN.com

One hidden area is cleverly hidden in an area that is a large part of the game’s main story. Players will spend a lot of time in and around Braithwaite Manor, but somewhere on the grounds in the Southern section of the Manor’s area players will encounter a small outhouse that is chained and locked up. When players get closer, they will hear a woman yelling and screaming, not for help, but apparently having lost her mind at some point and time. No one knows why she is in there and chained up, but it’s a creepy aspect of the Braithwaite Manor story nonetheless.

14 Cursed House

via VG247.com

A truly horror based location in the game has to be the Cursed House, found near the center of the Bayou. Inside the home, players will find a mirror and a painting. There are also several writings telling of the whole area of Armadillo being cursed. The truly creepy and haunting aspect of this house is that it changes every time players come back to it. Inside, players should pay attention to the painting, as it seems to get more and more complete as time goes on.

13 Trail Of The Monster

via Gameranx.com

A haunting game of cat and mouse exists in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur will ironically be put into the shoes of a Sherlock Holmes style detective unwittingly (Sherlock Holmes was created by author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle).

Outside of Valentine players will encounter a gristly scene of a disturbing crime scene, which will lead to a piece of a map from the criminal, as well as a piece of writing that is meant to intimidate the player.

The player can follow these crime scenes throughout the world, but eventually players will come to a cabin with a basement, where the disturbing story will finally come to a close.

12 Edge Of The World

via Polygon.com

Remember how we mentioned that players can glitch their way into Mexico? Well believe it or not, that’s not the end of the game world. If you manage to traverse through Mexico’s game map, you will encounter a series of rolling hills. Going through this area, players will finally find the edge of the world, at least in the game world, and will discover what waits for them beyond. Are there monsters waiting for the brave western explorers, or perhaps just an endless abyss?

11 Return To Guarma

via Reddit.com

At the edge of the end of the world, one player decided to take a leap off of the edge and into the abyss. Instead of the player’s in-game life being over, the player fell into a large body of water. When resurfacing, the player discovered they were back in the fictional Caribbean island of Guarma. This area is unique as it was a fictional island the player encountered in the halfway point of the game, when Arthur and other members of the Van Der Linde gang end up there after running from the law.

10 Plague House

via Reddit.com

This area can be found directly north of the town of Pleasance in Lemoyne. There, players will encounter a large barn boarded up and marked with a large message that reads, “Stay Out! Plague.”

The area around there has messages about some sort of illness and sinners, which leads to some major fan speculation. Was there an outbreak of some sort that was blamed on the town’s sins? Is this a reference to AMC’s The Walking Dead, or is it a tease for a new piece of DLC Rockstar plans on unleashing, similar to the first game’s iconic Undead Nightmare DLC? Only time will tell…

9 Pirate Boat

via VG247.com

This may seem surprising as the game takes place in the Wild West, but this game does feature a pirate boat. Not a large ship with black sails and skulls painted on them mind you, but rather a small row boat with the skeleton of a pirate inside. Players can find this small boat on some train tracks outside of Saint Denis near a series of small islands. Here, players will not only find the boat, but a broken pirate sword, which is perfect for close quarter fighting. However be aware the boat is in an area heavily populated with hungry alligators, so have a shotgun handy.

8 Mammoth Bones

via IGN.com

While vampires and Bigfoot are just legendary and mythical creatures, there are bones in the game that indicate massive and magical creatures that really did roam the earth can be found in the game world. If you travel north of Ambarino, gamers will find the bones of the larger than life Woolly Mammoth nestled between two rivers. This is a truly wonderful moment, indicating the area was a major landmark for the legendary creature. Is this a tease for Rockstar’s DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2 itself? Could it just be a fun Easter egg thrown into the game? Either way, it’s important enough for Arthur to make note of it in his journal.

7 The Donkey Lady

via IGN.com

One thing that can be found in the game is actually a funny nod to the first game of the series. In the first game, players found a major glitch in the game that saw a woman and donkey hybrid, which was the body of a donkey and the head of a woman.

You could even ride the donkey lady hybrid in the game, which was both disturbing and provided plenty of laughs on the internet. Well, Rockstar decided to poke fun at itself in the second game, as they added the skeleton of the infamous donkey lady into the game. Travel Northwest of Lake Don Julio, and you’ll find the skeleton strapped to a mill.

6 Crashed Airship

via IGN.com

While players will discover that Arthur did manage to take to the sky at one point in a Hot Air Balloon during the game’s quests, Arthur discovered that other people had been trying to find a more complex way of flying. Somewhere in the game map, Northwest from Little Creek River, players will stumble upon the remains of a crashed airship. The pilot did not survive sadly, but the machine is carefully constructed and unfortunately crashed into a series of trees.

5 ManBearPig

via Newsweek.com

If you are a major South Park fan, you are going to love this next hidden location. Next to the Van Horn Trading Post, on the left of the area, players will find a house. In that house, they will discover the wild experiment being played out in the house, including the remains of the ManBearPig, a creation from the hit comedy show. The show creators loved the reference so much they included several Red Dead Redemption 2 jokes in season 22’s episode “Time to Get Cereal.”

4 The Witch Cauldron

via VG247.com

One surprising find players may not have noticed was the discovery of a witch’s cauldron. If you discover the fast travel point on the game map near the Wapiti Indian Reservation, travel there and follow the trail there. You’ll discover a large cauldron with a mysterious liquid that the player can drink.

Once consuming it, the player will instantly pass out and wake up in a completely different location. What was in that cauldron, and who left it there?

3 Gorilla Statue

via Reddit.com

There are definitely some items within the game world that are truly baffling, and leave gamers puzzled no matter how trivial the item may appear. Traveling through the game world, players should look for an unusual discovery. If you travel to Mount Shanna, put a map marker right above the “O” in the word Mount, and go to that point. There, players will find a half destroyed crate, and inside will be the posed statue of a Gorilla. What is this lone statue doing in the middle of nowhere? No one knows.

2 Ghost Train

via ScreenRant.com

One other supernatural being that Rockstar seems intent on including in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is none other than ghosts. One spectral visit players can find in the game world rests on the tracks between Lemoyne and New Hanover, where players discover a ghost train traveling along. What the story behind the ghost train is is anybody’s guess, or perhaps its simply Arthur’s subconscious speaking of the guilt over being a train robber and hurting people for so long.

1 The Viking Tomb

via attackofthefanboy.com

Hidden in Roanoke Valley in the New Hanover region, players will make a historic discovery. Head west from the Deer Cottage and cross the Roanoke Valley river, and continue this path until you find the path of the Old Tomb.

Here, players will discover the Old Tomb off of the path sunken into the ground, where an old Viking Hatchet can be found and added to your weapon’s inventory. There’s also an altar and an old Viking comb, next to a pile of skulls. What were the Vikings doing in the area?

You can find these and other points of interest here, here, and here!

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