20 Redneck Cars That Are Too Ridiculous For Words

There are plenty of demographics that know how to mod a car to bring the most out of it. On the flipside, there is a certain group of people who tend to experiment with their rides just a little too much. From poorly thought-out custom body kits to homemade tanks and hotted-up limos, at some point, we just can't help but laugh in pity.

We're talking, of course, about our good ol' redneck pals dotted throughout the southern states. Often these car owners attempt to be inventive and seldom does it actually provide many benefits. The only thing we can guarantee about these redneck cars is that they'll certainly turn a few heads, not necessarily for good reason, however.

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20 I now pronounce you redneck and wife

via: White Trash Repairs

There's so much redneck in this photo that we don't even know where to start. The monster truck wheel mods on a dingy, old pickup is one thing, but the fact that it's clearly a budget wedding ceremony on the back of a truck inside a swamp, well, that's just asking to be ridiculed.

19 Why buy a tank when we can build our own?

via Pinterest

When you're feeling patriotic and want to fight for your country, but you don't quite have the know-how or the funds to splurge on a legitimate army tank, this is clearly the next best thing. Whichever southerner built this contraption would no doubt be showing it off to his likely-toothless buddies.

18 Stuff can be two things

via Bemethis

We do need to applaud this redneck's ingenuity for taking an old, broken-down car and giving it new life, although it's far from perfect. While the seat looks rather comfortable, the weight of the car throws the engineering of the swing way out of whack. It also seems way too possible to smack your head against the roof, so we might pass on giving this backyard swing a ride anytime soon.

17 Some ideas shouldn't be put into reality

via Reddit

You can put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day, it's still a pig. This redneck's attempt to transform his or her beater into a sports car is definitely eye-catching but for all the wrong reasons. With a seriously poor attempt at a custom body kit, this set of wheels would have been better left untouched.

16 Achieving top speed without forking out top dollar

via Pinterest

The owner of this old Plymouth didn't have much to boast about apart from its potentially likable baby blue color, so they decided they'd take a leap out of the Fast & Furious book and slap on a speed-inducing spoiler. The custom mod probably took this beater's top speed from 80mph up to 80.1, and we're guessing they would have never stopped bragging about it.

15 Obnoxious to the max

via Jalopnik

There's nothing more obnoxious than a redneck revving their engine down suburban streets to turn a few heads. By modding this old Ford with some truck stacks, that obnoxiousness just got multiplied tenfold. If that wasn't enough, they've also drilled on a couple of train horns to the roof for maximum annoyance.

14 When tractors become obsolete

via Jalopnik

We can understand people needing to install a car seat for their kids, but we've never come across someone building a cow seat. This farmer clearly decided that instead of making Bella the cow walk from paddock to paddock to eat her daily quota of grass, she could simply ride shotgun is his questionable customized Pontiac.

13 England has rednecks too!

via Jalopnik

Who said that rednecks had to be from the good ol' USA? This car, which is perhaps the most redneck four-wheeler in all of England, sports 44-inch tires and took about 15 months to build (according to Japoknik).

It's an interesting take on the 17-year-old Mitsubishi SUV, and that's putting it politely.

12 The ultimate hoarder's car

via flickr

When you've hoarded so much useless crap that your house is overflowing, the next logical stage is, of course, to move onto the car, right? From computer keyboards to sunglasses and everything in between, to say this contraption is unique would be a mighty understatement.

We haven't even touched on the God Bless America bumper sticker either, which is a telltale "I'm a redneck" sign unlike anything else.

11 A poor attempt at a limo

via: Jalopnik

For anyone searching for something a little fancy for a wedding day or school prom, riding up in a limo is a popular choice. But if the price just seems a little too steep, you could always make your own by welding on a few extra car doors onto an old station wagon. At least this particular redneck was resourceful.

10 Redneck and not afraid to tell the world


Seldom is being labeled a redneck something to be proud of. However, apparently, the owner of this car didn't get that memo. They've decided that they might as well embrace who they are by slapping a banner across the windshield of their car for the world to see. It's not often that redneck and princess are used in the same sentence, either.

9 A tow truck that just isn't

via Imgur

There are plenty of ways to correctly tow an illegally parked car, but this is clearly not one of those times. If the makeshift tow-job wasn't an obvious giveaway of this person's incredibly low IQ, then the spreading rust, showing a clear lack of care and maintenance, ought to hammer the idea home.

8 Limos aren't always classy

via Flickr

Limousines usually boast associations with style, high-class, and luxury. That is, until it's unnecessarily jacked up sky-high on a set of monster truck wheels. This wacky attempt at custom off-roader was spotted over in Ticonderoga, New York. While it might be a joy to drive around in, we're not entirely sure how the owner would actually climb up into the driver's seat.

7 Two halves shouldn't always make a whole

via Youtube

When you can't quite decide between a new coupe and a classic pickup for your next set of wheels, in most cases you'd be forced to choose eventually. Well, not for this ingenious redneck, apparently! They've taken the front half of the old-school pickup and expertly molded it onto the chassis of the more modern coupe. At least the two shades of red are somewhat matching...

6 When rednecks have too much cash

via: eBaum's World

All we see when we look at this photo is layers upon layers of upper-class redneck. If the Confederate flag wasn't an immediate giveaway of this woman's hillbilly nature, then just look at the rifle over her shoulder and, of course, the insanely unnecessary custom mods of the car (which also features a Confederate flag decal).

5 A sports car that doesn't break the bank

via eBaum's World

When all you've ever dreamed of as a kid was drifting around corners Need For Speed style in a turbocharged sports car, but you never had the funds for it, don't fret! Thankfully, this redneck has come up with a flawless solution: just glue on a few pieces of finely-crafted plywood skirtings and a homemade wooden spoiler and you're all set.

4 The ultimate redneck machine

via: LS2.com

Repping the label of 'Sin City Hustler', this ultimate redneck machine can actually be seen driving legally around the streets of Florida. It set the owner back a whopping $1 million to transform the Ford Excursion into this hillbilly beacon (according to LS2). As impressive as it is, we can't help but laugh at the absurdity of this monster truck.

3 Sophistication and racing stripes don't mix


We usually associate a ride in a limo with clean-cut sophistication. They're not meant for speed or sport, they're meant for luxury. The thing is, when you add some bright red stripes to the roof, a rather basic spoiler, and a racing number on the driver-side door, that sense of class and style is thrown at the window at terminal velocity.

2 Redneck patriotism 101

via: Corvette Forum

The people of the United States are without a doubt one of the most patriotic of any nation. They fly flags in each and every corner, tattoo them on their bodies, and in typical redneck fashion, apparently, slap them on the hood of their car. The quality of the paint job should be admired, at least.

1 A smart car that's just plain dumb

via Pinterest

Considering that one of the main selling points of Smart cars is their compact size, it seems a little counterintuitive to boost it up on a set of monster truck wheels. It just looks like two pieces of a puzzle that were forced together but clearly don't fit. Each to their own, of course.

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