Give Old Furniture A Makeover With Contact Paper

If you have an old piece of furniture that you’d like to refurbish but don’t want to bother painting it, consider contact paper. Given the wide array of designs, colors, and styles available for contact paper, you can easily give worn or dated furniture a new lease on life with some lively adhesive paper.

Available at hardware stores and online at sites like Amazon or Etsy, contact paper, which is similar to wallpaper, is easy to apply as it already comes with adhesive on one side. Just peel and attach to the surface of a table, dresser, cabinet or desk.

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To ensure that the finished product looks professional, follow the steps below:

Clean Surfaces

To ensure that the contact paper adheres well to the furniture’s surface, clean it well and eliminate any noticeable bumps with sandpaper. You want to work with a clean, flat surface.

Measure Surfaces

Before applying the contact paper, measure the surface and decide if you will use a single piece or align several pieces. Once you’ve decided on the measurements, use a utility knife and a ruler to cut the paper carefully. Since most contact paper has a grid on the back, this should be fairly easy. Then hide the seams by placing them away from your sightline. For example, if covering a table start at the back and place the seam evenly against the edge.

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Covering Drawers

When covering drawers, take the handles off the drawer and wrap the paper around the area to be covered and mark both the grid marks for cutting and where the holes will attach to the handle.

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Keep in mind that adhesive paper can ruin furniture surfaces, therefore be sure that you are fine with the new look of your piece. You can always change contact paper in the future if it appears dated or worn, however, don’t expect to recover the original piece.

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