Rejected By TV, New Dark Comedy Series Arrives On Web To Make You Cringe Over Middle School Memories

A rejected TV comedy series has found a new home on the to make you relive all those horrible middle school memories.

Most TV shows deal with those high school years, where things are still changing way too fast for the human mind to comprehend (including changes to the mind itself), but you’re still old enough to get away with being played by Hollywood 20-somethings.

Middle school was different. Life itself is change in middle school, and back in 2001, the internet wasn’t big enough to give kids the kind of education that public schools refused to give.

Enter Life Sucks, a new dark comedy series from the Dinner for One Comedy troupe that combines Freaks & Geeks and Wet Hot American Summer, but dials it back a few years. Set in Anytown, America in 2001, three friends rejected by peers band together to survive the dual onslaught of both puberty and the dawn of the digital age.

The trailer and first two episodes are already up on YouTube and will give you more than a good sense of what we’re dealing with. Imagine a live-action version of Netflix’s Big Mouth and you’re pretty much on the nose.


Life Sucks initially got its wings way back in 2013 when it was rejected from Comedy Central’s Short Pilot Competition. From there, the comedy troupe set up a crowdfunding campaign to gather the $85,000 needed to film the pilot, which then went on to win Best Comedy in the 2015 Independent Television Festival.

But when it came to pitching the pilot to big TV networks, their lack of star power did them in. Despite the show’s quirky charm, nobody wanted to take them on. So now they’re releasing the 6-episode season on YouTube to let the internet be their audience.

Episodes 3-6 will be posted on the Dinner for One Comedy YouTube channel in the coming weeks. Each episode will have great ‘90s and early 2000’s music, references to Ask Jeeves and My Space, and more awkward moments that anyone should ever remember.

Get ready, because puberty waits for nobody.

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