Old Rescue Dog Adopts 13-Day Old Baby Horse

Old Rescue Dog Adopts 13-Day Old Baby Horse

A rescue dog is helping raise an orphaned horse in a relationship so adorable it needs to be made into a Disney film.

Meet Zip. Zip is a 3-year-old Australian cattle dog that lives and works at S&K Quarter Horses in Fayette, Alabama. He’s a little on the chunky side, but he’s just big-boned. He gets plenty of exercise, especially since he’s adopted a 13-day-old colt.

The colt’s story, who has yet to be named, is pretty tragic. Shortly after he was born, his mother became extremely sick to the point where she had to be euthanized. This left the colt heartbroken and owner Karla Swindle very concerned for her new colt’s survival.

That’s where Zip came in. He immediately took a shine to the new colt, and when his mother died, he lay with him the whole night and even cried out for the colt’s mother when the colt was too weak to stand.

Because naps are better when you have a buddy. (For licensing or usage, contact swindlefayette@aol.com)

Posted by Karla Swindle on Saturday, March 23, 2019

For the next few days, it was touch and go. While Zip never left the colt’s side, he was having trouble eating, Karla was worried about newborn constipation (which is apparently a problem with baby horses--who knew?), and he was sleeping an awful lot. Sure, Zip was always there sleeping with the colt, but it was still very worrisome.


But with Zip’s help, the colt turned things around. He started eating, started getting his feet under him, and just recently started frolicking around the ranch. “This morning I finally see a thriving and I mean thriving foal,” wrote Karla on her Facebook page. “This morning is the first time he has ran and played just because he feels good.”

Yesterday was one week since loosing our beautiful mare Sanjoves Cool Sis and leaving us with her 9 day old foal. This...

Posted by Karla Swindle on Monday, March 25, 2019

Zip, meanwhile, has surprised Karla with how much he’s taken to being with the new colt. “He licks and nuzzles” him and stays by his side constantly, sleeping with the colt at night and laying his head on the colt’s when they rest. She goes on to tell Metro that they share an “amazing” bond and this is the first horse that Zip has ever cared about.

She believes that Zip is trying to ensure that this new colt feels loved, and credits that with his survival.

Karla is currently hosting a poll to name the newborn colt. It’s either Dillon or Tye, and you’ve got roughly 18 hours left to choose.


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