Rescued Squirrel Hides Nuts In His Person's Hair

A woman has recently started living with an injured squirrel that she rescued from a roadside injury. And now, the squirrel has started hiding nuts in his owner's hair, as it prepares for the cold winter days.

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The squirrel, now named Horatio, was rescued by Mandy McKenna, when she spotted him lying, with a concussion on a verge. She didn’t know whether the squirrel had been hit by a car or not, but nevertheless, she took him home to provide some warmth and a place where it could rest safely. However, instead of the squirrel staying in the home for just a few days, which would be enough for it to make a decent recovery, the squirrel somehow got attached to the human made the rescue, and has been living permanently with Mandy ever since.

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These days, Horatio travels around with Mandy, staying in her handbag, and they always watch TV together on her sofa. The squirrel also tends to hide all sorts of nuts all over Mandy’s house. However, Mandy recently discovered that while Horation has been hiding nuts all over the house in preparation for winter, as all squirrels do, he also started hiding nuts in her own hair.

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According to Mandy, when she first spotted the squirrel, she had been on her way home from work, when she saw him near the prison in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Horatio seemed to be very distressed, letting out a noise and had started panicking when he heard that a car was approaching near him. When she took him in her home, for the first week, he kept sitting either in her scarf or in her hair. She says that she carried him around everywhere with her, even to the supermarket, and no one noticed Horatio, unless they knew what they were looking for, and looked closely. The squirrel isn’t the first animal that Mandy has noticed, but it was the first animal that doesn’t seem to want to leave her side. Whenever she takes him back into nature, he immediately goes back to her and has a special handbag just for him, so she can take Horatio with her, wherever she’s going.

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