Rest In Peace, Mert: Bronx Zoo Faces Loss Of Icon

Mert the goose, affectionately known as The King Of The Bronx Zoo, sadly passed away recently after entertaining zoo goers for almost 30 years.

What animals do you look forward to seeing most when you visit zoos and safari parks? Elephants? Lions? Tigers? Giraffes? Probably exotic animals that you can't see anywhere else unless you venture to different continents and find them in their natural habitats. Well, for the past three decades one of the star attraction at The Bronx Zoo has been a goose.

That's because Mert was not just any old goose. The farm bird has been a main stay of the zoo for almost 30 years and in that time has brought smiles to the faces of people all over the world. We mean that too, as not only was he on show to those visiting the zoo, but he also became a favorite on Animal Planet's TV show The Zoo.

Sadly though on March 19th Mert passed away. The Bronx Zoo announced the sad news via their Instagram account last week revealing that they made the decision to euthanize Mert after discovering that he had an inoperable tumor which was affecting his quality of life. Mert hatched at the zoo in 1989, so spent his entire life living at the establishment.

Viewers of The Zoo fell in love with Mert last season due to him walking around as if he owned the place.  He was even deservedly given the title of The King Of The Bronx Zoo by People. Apparently Mert thought of himself as a human after growing up and spending his entire life around them and would actually go as far as to challenge male visitors. Not with females though, and he shared a special bond with one of the female keepers at the zoo.

Sadly Mert is no longer with us, but it sounds like the right decision was made to euthanize him so that he no longer had to be in any pain. 30 years is an extremely long life for a goose as well, with the birds normally not living very long into their 20s. Clearly he had a long, healthy, and enjoyable life and he will be sorely missed by his keepers and his fans around the world.

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