This Restaurant Provides Free Meals For The Homeless 7 Days A Week

This restaurant owner knows what it feels like to be homeless and it's why he is doing all that he can to feed those in need in Brisbane, Australia.

In many cities and towns around the world, homelessness is either already an issue or is quickly becoming one. Some people don't realize what falls under the definition of being homeless. Yes, it's the people we see living on the streets, but it also includes those who are couch surfing or staying in boarding houses.

Finding somewhere to sleep is obviously just one of many problems that a homeless person faces on a day-to-day basis. There's also the need to stay healthy, safety concerns – especially at night,– and, perhaps most importantly, finding enough to eat. Ashish Sood is doing all that he can to help with that final, very important issue.

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Mr. Sood owns a restaurant called Ginger And Garlic in Brisbane, Australia, and every single night he and his staff distribute any leftover food they have to the homeless people of the city. As you can see from the photo above, the fact that homeless people will be fed if they turn up to the restaurant after 10:30 pm, no matter what day of the week, is well advertised.

via ABC News

The Ginger And Garlic owner has a certain empathy with homeless people since he was once in the same situation himself. As told by ABC, the 33-year-old arrived in Brisbane 11 years ago to study hospitality and commercial cooking, dreaming that he would one day own his own restaurant. That dream has obviously come true, but for his first two weeks down under, Sood slept in a park.

Two weeks isn't as long as some have to live on the streets, but it is an awful lot longer than most of us will ever experience. It's also something that Mr. Sood has never forgotten, hence his desire to help those who are still in that position today. Currently, only eight or nine people know of the food available at Ginger And Garlic, but the owner and the staff of the restaurant are eager to get the word out there so that the numbers grow, and so that they can help as many people as possible.

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