This Retired Paramedic Spent His Savings On Overdose Prevention Kits That Have Saved 94 Lives So Far

Luis Garcia, a retired firefighter and a paramedic, was planning to use all of his $40,000 that he had collected in savings to buy himself a well-deserved new luxury SUV in January of last year. However, he then heard that there was a revolutionary new type of medicine that was being used to save the lives of patients that have overdosed.

Garcia has spent 28 years of his life answering the emergency calls and had already responded to thousands of calls after people overdosed. So when he heard the news that the FDA approved the Narcan nasal spray, he immediately knew that he needed and wanted to help in delivering all of the medication to as many people and as many communities that he possibly could.

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Garcia himself has never been arrested, drunk or has ever tried drugs before, and he also stated that he makes absolutely no money from the addiction field. He also doesn’t personally know anyone that has been impacted by addiction, however, he is very aware that it’s a disease that can potentially affect anyone, regardless of who they are. But with Narcan, he can help people who have overdosed, because this medicine literally brings the people back from the dead, just minutes after they have stopped breathing. And another bonus is that there are no side effects to the medicine. So he immediately knew that the medicine was his calling and his way of helping the community.

Then, instead of spending the money he saved up all of those years on getting himself a new car, he decided to spend the entirety of the $40,000 on money to buy 800 doses of the medicine Narcan and to give them away for free. This 52-year-old retired man also started a GoFundMe campaign, so he could raise even more money, to buy even more Narcan kits. And since he first created the page, about a year ago, he has raised $30,000.

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Over the last five months, he’s also used some of the money to host a bunch of public awareness classes all over Florida, and he has handed out over 1,000 doses of Narcan. And, according to Garcia, about 94 of those kits have already been used to save a person’s life, so we’re sure he’s doing a great job. Moreover, he also spends his free time listening to a police scanner, and so far, he has rushed to the scene of 11 overdoses to supply the police with Narcan so they could resuscitate the victims. He’s also hoping he can start a nonprofit, where he can buy two doses of Narcan for $75, instead of buying a single dose for $50 and hopes to do everything he can to combat the disease of addiction.

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