8 Retired WWE Stars Rumored To Return (And 7 That Are Retiring Soon)

When the fall comes around, it seems like WWE is always plotting for possible returns. They want to bolster their ratings with the audience back from the summer break – that statement is amplified this year with the FOX deal and SmackDown Live set to debut on the network.

A tactic Vince typically used to bolster ratings is have stars from the past return. In this article, we’ll speculate which names might be on the verge of not only returning out of retirement but also stepping back into the squared circle. On the flip side, we’ll also feature WWE stars that are set to retire sooner rather than later. That side of the list features both full-time and part-time WWE stars.

Enjoy the article folks, let’s get started!

15 Return – Kurt Angle

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Angle admitted he wasn’t too happy with his return to the ring. It all came to an end against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35 – a match few thought Angle would end his WWE run with.

Despite the retirement, Angle told Wrestling Inc that he’d return to the ring in a second if Vince needed him to; “I don't plan on coming back but if Vince McMahon needs me, I would do it in a second."

14 Retiring Soon - Sheamus

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Given his recent injury, retirement rumors started to emerge pertaining to Sheamus’ future with the company. For the time being according to Wrestling Sheet Radio, he is set for a return, “[Sheamus] is ready to go, he wants it, he's so hungry, he's in great shape. "They're just not sure what they want to do with him creatively, so it's a very frustrating place to be."

However, in his 40s and with the injuries constantly nagging him, the Celtic Warrior might have only a couple of years left in the tank.

13 Return - The Bellas

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Just days after calling it a career Brie was already teasing a return to the ring and Nikki has done the same. According to her interview with Fightful, the Women’s Tag Titles might cause the duo to make one last return;

“Nicole and I did tell everyone that we are stepping away from the ring, which is true, we are. But we also said that before the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles came into place … This is the thing, for years we were begging for the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Begging. We never thought it could truly be a reality. The fact that it is now, makes it extremely tempting for us to go back and fight for them because we’re really the longest reigning, most authentic tag team.”

12 Retiring Soon - Big Show

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Some assume that the Big Show called a career but that’s not the case. The former WWE Champion underwent several serious surgeries including one to repair a nagging hip issue.

According to Wrestling Rumors, Show is now medically cleared to return, this as of late July. Given the surgeries and his age, Big Show likely has only a handful of matches left in the tank.

11 Return - Trish Stratus

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At SummerSlam, it seemed like the perfect goodbye for Trish Stratus. She put on a tremendous matchup in her hometown of Toronto, Ontario. After the match, it seemed as though that was it for Trish.

Not so fast, however. Sportskeeda reports that both Trish and Alexa Bliss are still very much into the idea of competing against one another; “They both talk about the match all the time. It was a missed opportunity. They still want to make it happen but who knows when the chance will come again.”

10 Retiring Soon - Rey Mysterio

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He’s teasing a retirement at the moment on-screen, but this is only for show purposes, at least at the moment.

According to prior statements, Rey doesn’t plan on continuing for far too long. According to previous reports, Mysterio wants to call it a career with WWE while passing the torch to his son. It can be a perfect farewell.

9 Return - Edge

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In a shocking twist, according to Wrestling Observer, Edge got the medical clearance by WWE doctors to hit a spear on Elias. Of course, fans and media began to speculate that a return might be looming.

We can also factor in that Edge appears to be in the best shape of his life. He hasn’t spoken about the matter just yet – it remains wide open for discussion at the moment.

8 Retiring Soon - Goldberg

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At some point, WWE just runs out of ideas. That seems to be the case with Goldberg. Following the debacle match against The Undertaker, he was brought back to the ring for a clash against Ziggler. Goldberg one that bout easily, though it really didn’t do much for either of the two.

With a limited amount of scenarios left, Goldberg might call it a career for good in 2020.

7 Return - Mark Henry

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How many times is this guy going to come of retirement!? All jokes aside, Henry told TMZ that he would be open to returning if the perfect opportunity presented itself.

The former World Heavyweight Champion also joked around that his wife wouldn’t mind if he returned to the road life with the company!

6 Retiring Soon - Kane

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Despite the fact that he’s a mayor, Kane isn’t quite done just yet. According to a report from Knox News, the Big Red Machine has yet another tour of duty in the tank. Kane is set for a couple of dates on live events during the fall of 2019.

Surely, at the age of 52, these gigs will become less and less frequent, especially with his current position out of the company. Wrestling since 1992, all he has left to accomplish is a spot in the Hall Of Fame.

5 Return - Hulk Hogan

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Still, to this day, Hulk continues to tease a possible return to the ring. He has several ideas, one in the past featured serving as the valet for Velveteen Dream. Hulk also discussed the possibility of teaming up or taking on Braun Strowman.

Finally, NWO reunion rumors also emerged earlier in the year. It is clear; Hulk wants one last hurray in the ring.

4 Retiring Soon - The Undertaker

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We can’t believe we’re still discussing Undertaker retirement rumors. Every WrestleMania, we’re led to believe it might be his last but each year, he returns to the ring.

The event he started at, Survivor Series is a rumored date for a retirement match – of course, WrestleMania 36 is the biggest possibility. A match against John Cena is the likely way to go before riding off into the sunset.

3 Return - The Rock

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According to The Sun, Sami Zayn might’ve let out a big-time spoiler. Zayn discussed bumping into The Rock at the PC, leading many to believe a return might be in the works. Here’s Sami’s tweet;

“Bumped into @TheRock today at the @WWEPC whilst getting care for my #Rickety shoulders & got to thank him personally for the RT & support of the #SamiForSyria campaign to start a mobile clinic in Syria.” In addition, Rock also admitted in various interviews a return is in his plans for the near future.

2 Retiring Soon - AJ Styles

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AJ broke the news most recently, his latest WWE extension is his last. Like HBK Shawn Michaels, it seems as though Styles plans on retiring at the top of his game.

In truth, AJ can easily go well into his 50s – the guy hasn’t missed a step in the ring at the age of 42 and most would argue, he’s at his prime.

1 Returning – Sting

via Wrestling Inc

Still, the Stinger hasn’t ruled out a return and according to Wrestling Travel, he’d be willing to return for one match; “I mean, everyone knows who it would be. Taker, he’s the only guy I’d come out of retirement for now. No one else.”

Getting medical clearance seems to be the biggest issue – according to 411 Mania Sting getting cleared might be unlikely despite his willingness for the matchup.

Sources – Wrestle Travel, Wrestling Inc, Sportskeeda, 411 Mania & Wrestling Observer

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