15 Retired WWE Wrestlers Who Still Have Sick Rides

These days, WWE superstars certainly make a lot of money; especially those that are main eventers and of course ones that parlay their talents to the small and large screen. Such stars include The Miz, John Cena, Randy Orton, Becky Lynch, and, of course, the biggest name of all, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Back in the day, wrestlers didn’t make as much money, unless you were a huge star like, say, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, and a few others. Back in the 80s and 90s, wrestlers that were considered mid-card or “jobbers” as they were known (essentially wrestlers that were always booked to lose), made about 20 to 30 bucks a night if they were lucky, essentially staying in the junior level their entire careers.

But thankfully, due to stars like Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, the wrestling business changed and guaranteed contracts were created to ensure the wellbeing of the roster. And thus, the old story goes, the company changed and the wrestlers started to fatten up their wallets.

And with the fattening up of the wallets came the luxuries of buying big houses and expensive vehicles. But the stars that have retired, either recently or a few years back, definitely made their money. Unfortunately, there are certainly a lot of these superstars that couldn’t hold on to their earnings and they lost millions.

But today, we’ll be taking a look at some retired wrestlers that still drive sick and awesome vehicles despite a few hiccups along the way.

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VIA Trendsmap

Ric Flair's legacy is set in place. His career is storied and if you don't know his name, you should and I say shame on you. He's had a few health and financial scares but is now doing well. His finances haven't seemed to suffer at all in the vehicular department, however, as he owns a Porsche, a Camaro, and the beauty pictured above. To say that it's one of BMW's most impressive vehicles would be an understatement and the price tag that goes along with it is enough to tell you a bit about it's considered quality. It ranges anywhere from $118-170,000 dollars, so it's definitely not cheap! But for a man who was born to "style and profile," it's a perk that comes with the status.



Goldberg ravaged the wrestling industry, having his start back in the late-90s after a football career. He became an instant star practically overnight, it seemed. His love of cars and bikes is legendary now and he's got an incredible collection, which includes the Cobra pictured here. The Shelby Cobra, or the AC Cobra, is definitely a sight for sore eyes for many, as it isn't everybody that can get their hands on one of these. Goldberg had it restored for a pretty penny. The model dates back to 1965, over 50 years ago, and still, it makes our hearts skip a beat or two. And if you think the images are awesome, wait until you hear her purr. Just check out some videos online and you'll see. When you hear that rumbling, think of us.



For many people, especially as of late, the Dodge name is mostly synonymous with the array of muscle cars that the company manufactures, specifically the Charger (in all its configurations) and the Challenger (also in all its configurations). This is probably because of the success of the Fast and Furious franchise and the fact that the main character's (Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Diesel) vehicle of choice is, of course, the Charger. But in the 90s, all the rage was directed at the Viper, also made by Dodge and there are many that still appreciate it today. Back then, in 1994, the legendary Hulk Hogan loved it and purchased it for himself, and was a huge fan of the model.


VIA autoTrader.ca

Before there was a Becky Lynch and a Beth Phoenix, there was a Trish Stratus. After a fitness modeling career, she turned her sights on the world of wrestling and didn't look back. She enjoyed a very lucrative career in the squared circle and after retirement, she enjoyed a mini film career and opened up a gym. So its no wonder that she can afford certain luxuries. Hey, she deserves it. Now, certain people wouldn't really consider a Range Rover a luxury vehicle, but try telling that to an aficionado. Trust us when we say, it's a lost cause. Besides, the Range Rover is an absolute beast.


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Usually, this dude is like Stratus, in that he prefers trucks and ATVs. His garage is filled with Broncos and Kawasaki all-terrain vehicles (all to make traveling around on his ranch that much easier), but here he shows a taste that differs quite a bit from the norm. And he doesn't seem to mind one bit. Who would? The car in question is part of the "super series" and deservedly so. It's rather young, having gone into production in 2017 and has sold a lot of units since then, and Steve himself got himself one of those units. So we guess it answers the old question: what would it take to change a truck guy's opinion about luxury cars? A McLaren 720s, that's what.



Well, the Hulkster, as he's endearingly named, isn't only a fan of Dodge Vipers. Actually, he's got a few Chargers and Challengers, as well. He seems to like the Dodge brand but he is also an avid motorcycle rider and has collected quite a few. He rode enough in his days in the wrestling business and the film business, and really plays the part of biker quite well. Really, that because it's a genuine love he has. The bike pictured here was custom-made back in the eighties, at the height of his meteoric popularity in the business. Interestingly enough, and just as a side note, the Hulkster also loves boating and owns a few speedboats, as well.


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Sadly, the world lost this charismatic and superior talent a few years back. But the memories we all shared watching him ignite the WWE and subsequently the WCW screens and ring were unforgettable. Perhaps, the multitude of bouts he had against the Hulkster were among our favorite. But he definitely made a fair amount of money in his day and he used it to set himself and his new wife up properly. He loved his privacy, but what is known about him post-retirement was that he loved his Jeep Wrangler and drove it often. Maybe the Jeep Wrangler isn't really a "sick ride" per se, but it sure is for us fans of everything Jeep, as Macho Man would have definitely understood. He was survived by his mother, his wife, and his brother, Lanny.


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This past Wrestlemania, Dave Bautista, or rather "The Animal" Batista actually announced his retirement after facing his arch nemesis and former friend, Triple H. He lost the match but he wasn't feeling any pain really, because he's got a great film career budding as we speak and his film roles get better and better as the time goes by. He's got a great car collection, but perhaps his lowrider, an Impala, is one possession that means the world to him. The vehicle is adorned with the face of his late friend Eddie Guerrero, the famed wrestling genius, and it rests right atop the hood, where Eddie would have probably appreciated. Batista knows his rides, especially his lowriders, and he is actually part of the biggest club in the world, The Imperials.


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Eric Bischoff was the legendary Vice President of WCW and during his reign, he was able to almost put the WWE out of business. After a huge ratings war that lasted two years, he almost succeeded in doing the impossible. Of course, Vince McMahon came out on top and Biscoff ended up working for him, but at the end of the day, he'll always have the fact that he almost did it and coming close is sometimes just as good. It was during his time in WCW and while he was part of the infamous NWO faction that he had a custom chopper made and he rode it around with the boys often on TV. In fact, this one was on eBay a few years back, Bischoff's exact one. How cool is that?


VIA @RealKevinNash

Now, here's a man who is definitely enjoying his retirement. He made a lot of money in his day and interestingly enough, he wrestled very little for it. No one wants to take away his credit, as he definitely deserves it, but he was able to wiggle his way out of wrestling many times during his own very storied career. These days, he enjoys sporadic film roles and having his favorite cars customized. This is a shot he took of his Lincoln Continental, ultimately posting it onto his social media accounts. Many still purchase the newer models of this bad boy and for good reason. It's not only luxurious, but it packs a punch, as well.


VIA Bill Goldberg (@Goldberg)

True, blue wrestling fans don't really look to Goldberg as being the best in the business. Truthfully, a lot of these same fans don't respect what he put forth in the squared circle at all. But that varies from person to person. For us, he seems to be more of a gearhead than anything else, as he has one of the most impressive car collections around. And yes. let your jaws drop to the ground as your eyes feast on the incredible Dodge Demon he's snapping a picture of for social media. The color is absolutely incredible and the work he had done on the engine would blow the roof off of any garage.


VIA Inchcape

Now, Bret Hart is surely a private man. He keeps his private life separate from his public life and although the last match he wrestled was shortly after the turn of the century he left his mark. And what a mark it was. "The best there is, the best there was, the best there'll ever be," was his catchphrase and, technically, it wasn't far from the truth. Can the same be said about his choice of vehicles? For some, that would be a definite yes, as this Lexus in general is regarded as a fine vehicle. He made quite a bit of noise as he went into a local Calgary Lexus dealership and purchased himself one of these. Pictures were posted on the dealership's website and everything. It looks like Lexus agrees with his catchphrase, and so do we.



Now, a Smart Car can't really be considered a sick ride, and you'll have to forgive us the inclusion of this particular entry, but we couldn't miss out on putting this one in here, as Kane, or rather Glenn Jacobs, is a retired wrestler that can definitely afford himself a few comforts after a great career. He actually ran for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, and won the election to boot. So, we more than understand his choice of campaign vehicle while out there on the good old campaign trail. Fuel efficient, conventional and, well, smart, hence the name. Smart cars were actually founded a whopping 25 years ago and this particular model, pictured here, spawned a new interest in the brand in this millennium.


VIA Classic Auto Haus

Booker T represents the finer side of the wrestling industry. A hard worker and an incredible technician in the ring, he was an example of class and execution and he deserves all his accolades. He deserves his treats, too, and one sweet treat he afforded himself was the beautiful Camaro you see here. He absolutely loves this ride and for very good reason. The Z28 first went into production back in 1966 and the Chevrolet company discontinued it in 2002. But in 2010, it returned by popular demand and the company hasn't looked back since. The 1986 model that Booker owns was quite a popular model year, as were the subsequent models throughout the 80s and 90s. Interestingly enough, four model generations existed before the discontinuation of 2002.



Here is yet another kindred spirit that value trucks and SUVs as sick rides. Adam "Edge" Copeland wrestled his way through the attitude era and beyond, and when injuries forced him into early retirement, he benefited from the experience by getting married and starting a family. He now acts and performs in a plethora of media appearances, but the joy of riding around in his Jeep Wrangler is hard to beat. The Wrangler came to the world in 1987, just over thirty years ago, and since then, fans of the all-terrain sports utility vehicle have been going to it for all their off-roading needs and why not? Just look at that thing; it truly is the embodiment of a "sick" ride, no matter how you look at it, and Edge agrees.

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