19 Filthy Rich Celebrities Who Drove Garbage Cars

When we think of celebrity status, we often associate celebrities with wealth, prestige, luxury, mansions and of course… fast cars! Cars are among the first purchases people make as their careers begin to flourish, and celebrities are no exception. The bigger the paycheck, the greater the cars… in most cases.

We’re always amazed when we see a high-powered, high-earning celebrity drive anything other than a supercar. It almost makes us uncomfortable to see them driving something that we could afford. Why would they? Some seem to take an environmentally conscious approach to their car purchases, opting not to buy gas-guzzling super machines. Others hang on to their original cars for nostalgic reasons, and some really just don’t seem to put as much emphasis into what they drive, as we would if we had their dollars to spend!

Let’s take a look at 19 Rich Celebs Who Drive Garbage Cars…

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19 Leonardo DiCaprio – Toyota Prius

Via TheRicheest

Best known for his work on the Titanic, and with an estimated net worth of over $245 million, we’d expect Leonardo DiCaprio to be rolling through LA in some sort of exotic supercar with crazy horsepower and shiny rims… however, the environmentally conscious millionaire has a more modest taste when it comes to the car he drives.

Leo can often be seen driving his $30,000 Toyota Prius, while the paparazzi buzz around him. This modest car choice is in line with his moral code, so we respect the statement he makes when he drives this!

18 Tom Hanks – Scion xB

Via ClubXB

Tom Hanks is a household name across the globe. He holds more leading roles than we can account for but is primarily best-known for his roles in Forrest Gump and Castaway. His net worth is valued at over $350 million, yet the car he is most frequently photographed in is a Scion xB.

This was a $15,000 car when purchased as a base model. Word on the street has it that Tom modified his to be electric and features a bunch of other add-ons, but we’re still surprised by his car choice.

17 Jay Leno- 1991 GMC Syclone

Via Road&Track

Jay Leno can drive anything he wants! What it seems he really wants is the GMC Syclone! The Tonight Show star is worth over $350 million and has a fleet of unique and fully customized vehicles in his personal fleet. However, his GMC Syclone with a modest $26,000 price tag is his go-to vehicle for daily use.

He keeps it real with this truck, and we like the way he looks in it – it really suits him, and we’re sure this comes in way more handy than a trunkless, storage less luxury car.

16 Conan O’Brien – 1992 Taurus


Oh, Conan. Of all the cars you could hold on to, why is this the one you want? This 1992 Ford Taurus is as useful as it is stunning – so – negative on both fronts! This high-paid actor is known for his work on SNL, The Simpsons, and the Tonight Show, yet he chooses to drive this Taurus.

This car was initially valued at roughly $24,000 at the time of purchase, but current market value puts it at roughly $2,000. What on earth was he thinking?

15 Justin Timberlake – VW Jetta

via The Richest

Justin is known around the world as being the heartthrob, musical sensation behind the NSYNC franchise. The success he’s seen has been documented in every language across the globe, and he’s worth a whopping $230 million dollars.

You’d think a guy with this amount of wealth would be turning heads in a shiny sports car, but instead, the humble singer chooses to drive a $16,000, 4th generation Volkswagen Jetta. We love this car; we just didn’t picture him driving it.

14 David Spade – 1987 Buick Grand National

Via USAToday

This photo is from 2007 and it clearly depicts David Spade’s love for this car. It really is a great ride and looks like it would be a lot of fun, but we definitely pictured him behind the wheel of a very different type of vehicle.

He did end up putting this car up for sale, but not after spending $9,000 to fully restore it. The car sold for $33,000 on Craig’s List. Thankfully, the Joe Dirt actor has a lot of other cars he can choose from.

13 Jeremy Piven – Ford Bronco

Via Jalopnik

Jeremy Piven is an actor, comedian, and world-famous producer. Most of you know him from the wildly successful “Entourage.” However, what you may not know, is that his fame and fortune has afforded him a very… basic Ford Bronco.

Yes, that’s his daily drive! Nothing fancy about these wheels, and nothing aftermarket has been done to this vehicle, either. It’s true; he simply drives this run-of-the-mill, stock Bronco, with pride. With a net worth of over $30 million, you’d think he would opt for something fancier, but this truck seems to be all he really needs.

12 Jennifer Lawrence – VW Eos

Via Pinterest

Jennifer Lawrence is arguably one of the highest paid female actors in all of Hollywood. She demands very lucrative paychecks for each appearance, and her career has experienced a roar of success through movies such as the Hunger Games and X-Men. We figured that someone worth over $180 million would have a fleet of supercars to select from.

Instead, we often see Jennifer in her VW EOS, driving around Hollywood, without a care in the world. Some girls know how to keep it simple, and we love that about her!

11 Zac Efron – 1999 Oldsmobile Alero

Via JustJared

Whether you discovered him through High School Musical, or Neighbors and Baywatch, it is heart to miss this heart-throb – when he makes an appearance, the world is watching! We love how down-to-earth Zak is!

He was often seen driving a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero on a very regular basis. He loved that car and saw no reason to replace it. Recently, he donated it to charity, allowing them to keep all the proceeds off its sale. He’s worth about $18 million, so we know he could afford that donation, but we still think it was an admirable thing to do!

10 LeBron James – Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Via FadedYouth

Notably the biggest name in the world of basketball today, LeBron James can be seen humbly driving his Jeep Wrangler pretty much everywhere he goes. Granted, this it is the most upgraded Wrangler that money can buy, and the value of it has gone up to $40k thanks to all his upgraded features, but really – this is LeBron James!

The man is worth over $450 million. That’s an incomprehensible amount of money! The guy can buy anything he wants, and it looks like… he did. It must be a “Jeep thing.”

9 Brittney Spears – Mini Cooper

Via Pinterest

Oh, Brittney, we’re glad you’re laying low in a Mini Cooper because things seem to work better in your life when you’re out of the spotlight! We think this is a great choice for Brittney, to try to find and maintain some normalcy in her life.

While she rose to fame in the 1999 and has since gone on to lay claims to her own Vegas feature, she’s had some troubles keeping it together in the public eye. This $25,000 Mini is a good way to try flying under the radar for a little while.

8 Ludacris – 1993 Acura Legend

via Car Throttle

This is a fabulous tale of humble beginnings. Before he saw great success, Ludacris once dreamt of owning an Acura Legend, and eventually, that dream came true. While much time has passed and with an extra $25 million now under his belt, this humble rapper stayed true to his roots and hung on to his car.

In an interview, he stated that this was his dream car and he wanted to keep his dream. According to Jalopnik, Acura stepped in and restored it for him, as a huge thanks to his loyalty to the car. This is a fabulous story, and we love his sincerity.

7 Warren Buffet – Cadillac

Via Forbes

Let’s leave the millionaire club and take a look at a billionaire, shall we? Warren Buffet is the definition of success, and this success affords him the ability to buy anything he wants.

What he seems to want are more Cadillacs! He actually traded one of his Cadillacs in for this newer one. Surprisingly, the one he traded only had about 19,000 miles on the odometer. This is a sign of real love for the brand, and for the car. It’s great to see him stick to what he loves rather than flaunting is wealth.

6 Cameron Dias – 2003 Toyota Prius

Via Welt

Cameron Dias is one of the most recognizable faces of Hollywood. She’s one of Charlie’s Angels and has picked up numerous Golden Globes at the height of her career. Worth well over $140 million, and an activist at heart, Cameron stays true to her beliefs and can be seen in an electric vehicle to demonstrate her environmental consciousness.

Her car is valued at less than $25,000, but the statement she makes when she is seen driving it – priceless!

5 OJ Simpson – Ford Bronco

via Reddit

This list would not be complete without the mention of the most infamous scene involving a celebrity and their basic-vehicle. We’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that is unfamiliar with OJ and his Bronco chase. The sad, low-speed, less than exhilarating chase had us all glued to our seats and our TV screens.

We’re not sure why he didn’t just take out a better car that day. We’re sure he could afford a fleet of them. Needless to say, here’s a nod in the direction of yet another celeb that just didn’t have great taste in cars.

4 Colin Farrell – Ford Bronco

Via Bestennews

You may have seen him in Warzone, Total Recall, or Pride And Joy, but regardless of where you first noticed Colin, chances are, you’ve noticed he drives a very basic Ford Bronco.

This 5th generation Ford is likely worth $40,000, at most, assuming he’s loaded it with all the good stuff. He’s worth somewhere near $30 million, so we know he could have a more luxurious ride if he so desired. The raw power behind these trucks seems to be appealing to many celebs.

3 Eric Bana – Ford Falcon

Via CBSNews

While we don’t think this car is a piece of garbage by any means, we do know Eric can afford to buy way better. His story is a good one though. The Castle, Rotten Tomatoes, and Full Frontal star has managed to keep his first car and upgrade it to greater standards over time.

He loves his Ford Falcon, and kudos to him for keeping his car purchase after all these years! He went on to make a documentary about this car, so we know he’s really into it. Worth more than $40 million and still true to his first love. We like it!

2 Lady Gaga – Ford SVT Lightning

Via FordTrucks

When we picture Lady Gaga in a vehicle, a late 1990s Ford truck is not really what comes to mind. Most of us would picture her in something fast, fancy, and feminine. No chance. Lady Gaga keeps it real – so real, in fact, that she was pulled over for not having the proper plates on her truck.

It doesn’t get more normal than that! Her truck is a supercharged 5.4 liter V8 with 360 hp, so it’s definitely a fast truck – but it’s still a truck, and she caught us way off guard with this one!

1 Mark Whalberg – Toyota Sienna Minivan

Via TheBlast

This rapper-turned-actor first saw his fame as Marky-Mark in the 1990s and has since gone on to pursue many other business ventures, most of which unfolded in the public eye.

His choice of car really doesn’t match his celebrity status, though. While we have seen some celebs downgrade, this one is an outright fail. We know you have four kids, Mark, but a minivan? Really? Many other vehicles can seat four kids; we know you can make better choices than this $30,000 putt-putt of a ride. Street cred slips fast when photos like this are leaked!

Sources: Jalopnik, The Richest, KiwiReport

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