3 Rides From Eminem's Garage We Can Actually Afford (And 12 We Can’t)

One of the biggest perks to being a celebrity is the ability to purchase the finer things in life. Naturally, this means celebrities take pride in the fleet of supercars they accumulate. Cars that most people can only dream of driving once in their lives are commonly stockpiled and stored in the garages of most celebrities, enabling them to select the one they want to drive, based on their moods that day!

Eminem is no exception. He’s known to have an affinity for Porsches and has quite a few in his collection. He owns quite a few stunning luxury and sports cars. Some of his cars carry sentimental meaning, while others were purchased for the sheer thrill of owning one. Let’s take a look at 3 rides from Eminem’s garage that we can actually afford, and 12 that we can’t.

15 Can Afford: Escalade

via Word Press

It’s no secret that Eminem believes in security and does everything in his ability to ensure his security guards take care of business when needed. It would only make sense that he would own an Escalade!

This bad boy machine sets the tone that he’s rolling with his reps and not to be messed with. Valued at an estimated $67,000, these wheels are affordable and easily attainable.

14 Can Afford: Hummer H2

Via PInterest

This is a great ride. Hagerty pegs this price tag at roughly $67,450 brand new, so if you want to drive one just like Eminem’s, it’s possible for you to do so!

Clearly, he likes his cars fast and his SUV’s mean, because this is a mean machine that sends a “don’t mess with me” vibe – right in line with Eminem’s persona!

13 Can Afford: Mustang GT Convertible

Via CarScoops

This car carries the most sentimental value for Eminem, as it was the car he purchased with his first paycheck. Imagine the pride in that! He keeps this clean and the value of this car on a sentimental level far exceeds its dollar value.

He bought it in red, customized it to a deep purple color, and clearly cares about this car very much!

12 Can’t Afford: Porsche Carrera GT

Via Medium

This mid-engine beauty is not one we can purchase as easily as the cars listed above. This V10, 6-speed tops out at 205 mph and was only produced for four years before being discontinued.

Of course, Eminem has one of these collector items and enjoys the drive as much as he enjoys the exclusivity of ownership.

11 Can’t Afford: 911 GT3 RS

Via YouTube

Dropping a cool $184, 000 isn’t as easy for most of us as it is to Eminem. This car is a 7 –speed with a stellar Doppelkupplung transmission.

This fun car has the ability to switch from manual to automatic mode with incredibly fast, smooth gear changes and virtually no interruption to power. It can hit speeds of up to 193 mph!

10 Can’t Afford: R8 Spyder

via Tech Crunch

No car fleet is complete without an R8 Spyder! This V10, 5.2L graces Eminem’s garage at the cost of $143,000. Insane speeds of 199 mph and a low-to-the-ground drive make this as fun as it is gorgeous.

The contours of this car are unmistakably unique, and this is definitely one of Eminem’s cars that we wish we could have.

9 Can’t Afford: Ferrari 590 GTO

Via Medium

This V12 has so much raw power, and makes an unmistakable roar as it soars easily past most other cars out there. With a price tag of just over $371,000 it’s fair to say that most of us can’t afford to buy this one.

We can definitely see why Eminem had to have one though. It’s fun, fast, and sounds as good as the drive feels!

8 Can’t Afford: Ferrari F430 Scuderia

via James Edition

Another expensive purchase for Eminem was this sleek speedster, valued at over $262,000.

This V8 tops off at 198 mph and is yet another powerful ride that Eminem stores in his garage. We’d love to know how often each of these cars gets driven… it must be so hard to choose!

7 Can’t Afford: Lamborghini Aventador

Via YouTube

Owning this car means you have to be selected and approved by the folks at Lamborghini – not just anyone who can afford the $400,000 price tag can just walk in and buy one.

Clearly, Eminem is an “approved” buyer, because one of these bad boys is parked in his garage and available for him at all times. His likely cost way more, as he indulged in some substantial interior upgrades. We can only dream…

6 Can’t Afford: Aston Martin V8 Vantage

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Eminem mixed it up a bit and threw an Aston Martin into his collection – because he can! $187,000 later, this stunning 503 hp V8 gets right up to 205 mph and gets him to anywhere he wants to go, as fast as he wants to get there.

5 Can’t Afford: Ferrari 575

Via TheDrive

The key to celebrity car ownership is exclusivity, and Eminem gets lots of points for buying this Ferrari 575. This limited edition car was manufactured for a short time only. Only 2000 total were produced, and of course, Eminem has one of them.

With a powerful V12 and 533 hp, it’s as powerful as it is rare, and frankly, we’re jealous!

4 Can’t Afford: Porsche GT2 RS

Via MotorAuthority

You know a person has great taste when the collect Porsches! This GT2 RS is a sleek, contoured stunner. Its exterior beauty is paired with 700 hp to make this a ridiculously fast ride. The power-to-weight ratio on this car sends it flying past other supercars with ease.

We really, really wish we could have one of these, but $334,000 is a tad bit too expensive for most of us.

3 Can’t Afford: McLaren MP4 12C

via Pinterest

Simply put – bragging rights. You can’t be a true car collector without sprinkling a McLaren into the fleet, just because you can. Street cred reigns supreme with this supercar.

Easily recognized as being one of the most sought after cars for the rich and famous, this car will definitely get you noticed.

2 Can’t Afford: Dodge Super Bee

Via ModniAutoInfo

Of course, one of the key elements of car collecting is to have at least one muscle car thrown into the mix. This is actually a muscle car that Eminem puts his own muscle into.

Seen here cleaning and detailing the car, he takes a lot of pride in maintaining the clean and perfect appearance of this 1970 beauty. This car is not easy to find or buy, making it even more sought after and valuable… and expensive!

1 Can’t Afford: Ford GT

Via Recpc

Bam! A Grand Turismo is not a common car to have or to see on the road, so of course, Eminem dropped a cool $450,000 to own one. This car is insane.

It has 647 horsepower – it’s hard to imagine what to do with that much power and where to go to push it to top speeds… but we’re sure Eminem will figure it out! This is a really good problem to have.

Sources: Medium, Zero2Turbo, Hagerty

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