7 Rides Hulk Hogan Still Has In His Garage (And 8 He Got Rid Of)

With fame comes fortune. During the ‘80s, Hulkamania become a phenomenon in the wrestling business. The success would carry over during the ‘90s and into the early 2000s as Hogan capitalized on another boom, reality television.

During those eras, Hulk built up quite the collection which various muscle and luxury cars along with bikes and even customized golf carts. Unfortunately, he would get rid of a lot of those rides following his public separation to ex-wife Linda.

Hulk is back on the green today and he’s adding to the collection once again. In this article, we’ll take a look at the rides he got rid of along the way and those that he still has in the garage. Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

15 Still Has - The WCW Parade Dodge Viper

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In the summer of 1994, the landscape of pro wrestling changed forever. Hulk Hogan surprised the wrestling world signing a major deal with WCW.

The company held a parade for the Hulkster. He rode on a sleek looking Viper, one that had his custom red and yellow colors. Believe it or not, Hogan still owns the ride and it is safely stashed in his Florida beach shop today.

14 Got Rid Of - 1980 Rolls Royce

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Hogan really blew up in the ‘90s. though most diehard fans are well aware that is fame started in the ‘80s. One of the first rides Hogan would add to his collection during his early fame was a white 1980s Rolls Royce.

He would buy another one during his success with Hogan Knows Best. Perhaps because of the separation (with his wife), Hulk was forced to get rid of the Rolls Royce.

13 Still Has - ‘69 Plymouth Road Runner

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Hulk fantasized about this ride for quite some time. In fact, it could even make the other side of the list as he used a version of the car back in his high school days.

Hogan couldn’t help himself, he recently bought the jaw-dropping ride which is completely restored as well. He proudly posted a photo of the purchase to his IG and Twitter accounts, son Nick Hogan did the same and we don’t blame them.

12 Got Rid Of - WCW & Hogan Knows Best Hummers

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We saw Hulk with a couple of Hummers in the past. Hogan used a white version during his days with WCW – he took part in a pretty bad backstage segment with the car – it had an NWO theme to it.

Hogan had another different Hummer during the days of Hogan Knows Best. The show was a major hit and perhaps Hulk wasn’t really all that concerned with his spending habits. Needless to say, both rides aren’t in his garage today. Not a bad loss...

11 Got Rid Of - Customized Hulkamania Motorcycle

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It is only natural, Hogan couldn’t keep every ride that was made for him. Along with cars, Hogan also had lots of motorcycles in the garage. That trend has decreased over the years with Hulk purchasing muscle cars more than anything else.

A fan posted a photo of this customized ride. It was nowhere near Hulk, meaning he likely got rid of it for good.

10 Still Has - E-Z- Go Golf Cart

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He might not look like a golfer, though Hogan enjoys time on the golf course out in Florida. Seriously, who wouldn’t even if you don’t know how to play golf?

This one is a new ride to Hulk’s collection, the E-Z Go. He tweeted about it and let’s just say Hogan was quite impressed by its motor, “Not as quick as the Demon but makes more noise brother, gas loud motor.”

9 Got Rid Of - Hulkster Golf Cart

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Yup, the E-Z-Go cart wasn’t his first. In fact, Hulk had one completely customized back in the early 2000s. Fans caught a glimpse of it during the reality show Hogan Knows Best.

We’re not quite sure what happened to it. Once the program came to an end, it went MIA. Perhaps Linda got custody of it and sold it – or its hiding in some storage unit.

8 Still Has – NWO Motorcycle

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WCW fans and wrestling fans, in general, will definitely appreciate this one. Back in the late ‘90s, Hulk had a motorcycle completely customized with the NWO colors painted on.

Thankfully, the bike isn’t locked up somewhere, Hulk still owns the bike and it can be found at his Florida beach shop along with other cool memorabilia.

7 Got Rid Of - 1980 C3 Corvette

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Fans can recall Hogan standing tall in this ride while flexing those pipes. It was quite the photo and one diehard wrestling fans still recall to this day.

Who knows, maybe Hulk might add this ride back to the collection. However, for now, there are no signs that Hogan kept this ride. Perhaps it was only used for the photoshoot – though the inner-child in us wants to believe otherwise.

6 Still Has - White Chevy Tahoe

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Hulk has so many stunning muscle cars along with vintage motorcycles. Though like lots of other celebs or WWE stars, Hogan also needs a daily rider – in most cases, that daily rider is an SUV.

Hulk’s choice is a Chevy Tahoe, a popular car that even WWE star Triple H owns, though Hunter uses one that is completely blacked out. Hulk was spotted in the ride most recently parking it in the Gold’s Gym lot.

5 Got Rid Of - 1952 Ford F1 Truck

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This beauty of a truck looks like it was custom-made for the Hulkster. However, that’s not the case.

According to Ford-Trucks, Hogan put this one up for sale at a Mecum auction with all the funds going to the charity of his choosing, "The 50 Legs Foundation." Now that’s a respectable way of giving away a truck.

4 Still Has - Dodge Demon

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This ride might be the Hulkster’s favorite. When he purchased the ride Hulk raved about it via IG and Twitter. Hogan also pointed out that WWE star Kevin Owens has almost the same exact ride.

Of course, Hulk beefed up the engine and made some mods to interior and exterior. The ride is an absolute beast and one he won’t be giving it up anytime soon.

3 Got Rid Of - Arlen Ness Customized Motorcycle

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It really isn’t uncommon for a celeb to purchase a motorcycle created by the late Arlen Ness. Hogan is an example of a celeb that purchased a ride from the company, popular reality star Barry Weiss is another.

The motorcycles have such a unique feel, which is why we’re so surprised Hulk doesn’t use the ride any longer. Perhaps he’s into scooters now... he was spotted riding around in one not too long ago. Not a good trade-off, Hulk.

2 Still Has - “Groot”

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That’s right, the Hulkster did, in fact, name his boat, Groot. Hulk has kept this boat for quite some time and why wouldn’t he living by the water in Clearwater, Florida... Seems like a match made in heaven.

Hulk had several guests on the boat, most of which tend to be close family members. He also invited close friend Pauly Shore for a spin on the water.

1 Got Rid Of - ’69 Road Runner

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He recently repurchased the ride, though Hulk did admit that he had the ride in the past. Here’s what he had to say about the ride from the past via Twitter;

“ ‘69 Runner has always been my dream car, I had 2Roadrunners in high school, an automatic with air, bucket seats and a 4speed with a little 383, now I’m going to build my dream car totally correct my way, stay tuned brother.” To his credit, he definitely did.

Sources – Twitter, IG & YouTube

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