17 Ridiculous Sony Myths Everyone Still Believes For Some Reason

Sony has been one of the biggest names in gaming since they first entered the market in the mid-90s. Over the last two decades, they've gone from a plucky rival to Nintendo to the dominant force in the industry, selling hundreds of millions of PlayStation consoles. Today they remain one of the big three gaming companies with their PlayStation 4 console.

With such a long history in video games, it should come as no surprise that there are so many urban legends and myths about their hardware and games. Many of these rumors entered into the mainstream and were widely believed by players around the world. From codes that would lead to main characters stripping off to built-in kill switches, these are the Sony myths everyone still believes.

17 Sony Has A Hardware Kill Switch In Their Consoles

Sony Has A Hardware Kill Switch In Their Consoles
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Rumors that the PlayStation had a “kill switch” have circulated since shortly after the console's release in 2006. The general myth states that Sony can remotely deactivate your console if they detect the hardware has been modded or pirated software has been installed. Similar urban legends have existed about previous Sony devices, although these have never been confirmed by any reliable source.

16 Nude Code For Tomb Raider

Nude Code For Tomb Raider
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Arguably one of the most widespread gaming urban legends in history. School playgrounds and early internet sites told of a code that would make Tomb Raider's main character appear in her birthday suit. Even official magazines printed rumors that it was possible to enter a cheat code to remove Lara Croft’s clothes. Of course, no such code existed but that didn’t stop the rumor from persisting for years.

15 Iraq Using PlayStation 2 To Launch Missiles

Iraq Using PlayStation 2 To Launch Missiles
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One of the strangest Sony myths of all time involved the dictator Saddam Hussein and the PlayStation 2. Allegedly, the former Iraqi leader had purchased thousands of consoles. The aim was to use the processors in them to develop a ballistic missile system and put the hardware to use for other military projects.

14 Aerith Can Be Revived

Aerith Can Be Revived
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The modern Final Fantasy series has always been strongly associated with the PlayStation and Final Fantasy VII led to all kind of myths about the classic PS1 title. The myth states that it is possible to revive Aerith after the character perishes during the campaign. Numerous methods of doing this have been suggested for this myth, although none of them will bring her back to life and make her playable once again.

13 The Original PlayStation Will Playback CD In Unmatched Quality

The Original PlayStation Will Playback CD In Unmatched Quality
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Audiophiles can have some strange ideas about how to get the best sound quality when listening to music. An idea that several have clung onto is that the original PlayStation console is pretty much the best CD player you could get your hands on when it released. The myth states that it had a better audio chip and processors that practically anything else on the market, which is just not true.

12 You Can Find Bigfoot In Grand Theft Auto III

You Can Find Bigfoot In Grand Theft Auto III
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The Grand Theft Auto games are so large and expansive that there are always lots of rumors and myths about them. A common one in the days of Grand Theft Auto III was that players could find and locate a Bigfoot. A similar myth circulated on the internet about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In both cases, there is no proof that a Bigfoot model is in either title.

11 Sony Would Buy Take-Two Interactive

Sony Would Buy Take-Two Interactive
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A more recent myth was that Sony was set to buy Grand Theft Auto and 2K Sports owner Take-Two Interactive. The rumor quickly spread around the internet, with many believing that the deal would go through and lead to those properties becoming PlayStation exclusives. The truth, though, is that they were based on an unconfirmed trading rumor and were never possible.

10 Turning The Console Upside To Make It Work

Turning The Console Upside To Make It Work
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For some reason, rumors spread during the original PlayStation days that putting the console upside work would make it work better. It could fix everything from long load times to scratched discs not playing. According to the myth, all you had to do was put the PlayStation on its top so that the bottom faced up in the air.

9 Squall Lost His Life In Final Fantasy VIII

Squall Died in Final Fantasy VIII
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Final Fantasy VIII is one of the best games in the franchise and has led to many fan theories. One particular urban legend is that Squall actually lost his life midway through the story and the rest of the game is just a dream, made up in the character's head during his final moments. This theory has never been confirmed but it is a myth that has certainly stuck around.

8 Loch Ness Monster In GTA

Loch Ness Monster In GTA
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A common theme with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the Grand Theft Auto series, in general, are the myths that surround them. For instance, there was a widespread urban legend claiming that it was possible to find the Loch Ness Monster within the game. It could apparently be sighted near Fisher's Lagoon but has never been proved, even though people still claim it is in the game.

7 A PSP2 Was In Development

A PSP2 Was In Development
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Following on from the PSP, there were lots of rumors that a successor handheld console would release in the form of the PSP2. Numerous leaks were posted online and discussion boards constantly referred to a PSP2. It would either be a slimmed-down version of the original or an improved edition. Instead, a completely new handheld was designed and released by Sony in the form of the PS Vita.

6 You Could Play As Akuma From Street Fighter In Resident Evil 2

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Resident Evil 2 had a huge number of myths surrounding it, largely thanks to the fact that you could unlock a large amount of content for the title. One persistent myth was that it was possible to unlock Akuma from the Street Fighter games as a playable character. You simply had to beat the game six times using just the handgun.

5 Sony Would Buy Nintendo

Sony Would Buy Nintendo
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A big rumor that has been long-running is that Sony would buy Nintendo. The two companies have been rivals since the 90s and have each spent time dominating the gaming industry. There has never been a serious attempt by either company to buy out the other, despite myths persisting that one would do so.

4 The Sony Timer That Makes Hardware Stop Working After A Set Time

The Sony Timer That Makes Hardware Stop Working After A Set Time
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The Sony timer is an urban legend that is still believed by many people all over the world. The myth holds that Sony intentionally builds timers into their hardware that will prevent them from working after a set amount of time. This will lead to users having to buy new parts and devices for them when their current hardware becomes obsolete.

3 The PS Vita Was A Failure

The PS Vita Was A Failure
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There is a regular misconception that the PS Vita was a complete failure for Sony. While it is true that it was never able to topple the dominance of Nintendo and the 3DS handhelds, it did provide some measure of success for Sony. It became a moderate success in Japan and garnered a passionate user base in other parts of the world. The fact that Sony only ended production in 2019 speaks to the success of the handheld.

2 The Bermuda Triangle In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The Bermuda Triangle In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas launched right around the time that internet access was becoming more mainstream. This led to all kinds of rumors and urban legends being passed around about the Rockstar title. A popular myth was that it was possible to fly into a kind of Bermuda Triangle if you went far enough out to sea that would crash your plane and teleport you to another location.

1 The PlayStation Division Isn’t Profitable

The PlayStation Division Isn’t Profitable
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A long-running myth about Sony is that the PlayStation division is never profitable for the company. Many believed this, especially when the PlayStation 3 struggled to compete with the Wii and Xbox 360. Some also hold onto the argument that Sony intentionally loses money on the consoles to get them into people’s home. However, even the PS3 was profitable by 2009 and the other PlayStation consoles have been huge financial successes.

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