'Riverdale': 15 Hilarious Twitter Reactions About The Finale

Last night was the Riverdale season two finale and woah boy was it something else. This show from the very first episode has been a wild ride and I don't know if my sanity can take this much longer.

Season one was really good with the whole mystery of the town but season two really came in hot and stayed that way until the very end. There was so much happening throughout this season that I honestly didn't know if it was going to all make sense by the end. To my surprise, everything came together pretty nicely and with a great big twist that everyone is going to have to deal with once season three rolls around.

I feel like there's no way to properly watch Riverdale without having someone to talk about it right after each episode. So many things happen and there's always at least like three uncomfortable scenes I have to power through every episode that not talking about it with someone is going to make me crazy. This season finale was a doozy and it seems as though everyone who watched it needed to release their thoughts about it in one way or another just so they can finally feel at peace after watching this crazy show.

15 The Council Of Villains

When I saw Hiram walking into his newly purchased White Worm only to see all of the town baddies sitting there waiting for him, the first thing I thought of was some sort of council of villains, just like a Death Eater meeting. Not only did it confirm everyone's suspicions that Hiram Lodge is smarter than he looks, and is using all of the other people of dubious character in Riverdale to be a part of his master plan, but it also just looked a bit ridiculous and cartoony.

Riverdale is such a weird show because it has the format of any other thrilling teen drama but there's the added fact that it came from a set of comic books. Since everyone is at least kind of familiar with Archie Comics, the idea that a real person could be called "Jughead" is only a little weird, but in the context of the story it seems to make enough sense. The same is with Hiram — nobody in real life is as much of a cartoon villain as he is, but since the source material is a cartoon, the level of villainy makes a lot of sense. I can't wait to see what kind of horrible plots they come up with for next season, even though I'll hate all of it.

14 We Got What We Wanted

There have been a lot of ups and downs when it comes to the relationships on this show, and while the pairing of Toni and Cheryl may have been totally unexpected in the beginning of the season, this duo is quite a pleasant surprise. I feel like this shows a lot of character development on Cheryl's part, considering the fact that she used to call the Serpents "South Side scum" and now she is fully embracing it and becoming one herself. It's also very nice to see all of the Serpents being very supportive of Cheryl and Toni with open arms and taking Cheryl as one of their own without question.

I also want to address the red jacket itself. Of course, everyone in the town knows that Cheryl loves to stand out and loves wearing red, which just makes the fact that they made her Serpent jacket out of red leather even more special. They really went out of their way to include her into the Serpents, to give her a place that can finally be home to her while her actual home life is still extremely hostile. I know that season three is going to include a lot of emotional turmoil but I can tell that at least Choni will be forever.

13 Polly Is Up To Something

Polly is one of those characters who I thought were just forgotten by the writers, but I underestimated the writers — it seems like she's coming back. I thought that her going to the farm was just a way to quietly say that Polly had more or less been written off the show, but how wrong I was to think that way. Now that Alice has been emotionally torn apart by the loss of her first child and the fact that her husband was the Black Hood, it's the opportune time for Polly to roll on up with her two adorable babies and try to go through with whatever plan she's scheming up.

How do I know that Polly's scheming something you may ask? Well, nobody gives that kind of dark look after telling their mom that they've got someone that could help her.

Whoever that person is on the farm that "helped" Polly is probably a bad dude. I mean, there's nothing good that ever happens in the town of Riverdale, so why would it start with Polly? I know Hal is saying that Betty has the darkness passed down from him to her, but I think Hal forgets he has two daughters sometimes and maybe the darkness is actually within Polly.

12 Really, Who Is He?

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While some of the season finale was a little slow and boring for me, the last few minutes of it were definitely not. I was all happy for Archie becoming Student Council President and everything, and I was hoping that the season would end on some kind of happy note but Riverdale just isn't that kind of show. I knew that Archie threatening Hiram wasn't the smartest idea (and I mean, when does Archie ever do anything smart?) but I didn't think that he would take his revenge right away.

The thing is, I feel like Archie's arrest would have had more punch if the person he was accused of slaying was someone of some importance to the story. Sure, it's a bit hard to keep having murder mysteries that matter when you also want to keep all of the main cast on the show, but still. The sheriff said the name "Cassidy Bullock" and I, along with everyone else, was like, "Who is that?"

With a little bit of research–or looking at the replies to tweets—I found out that we've met Cassidy before. He's the guy who tried robbing the cabin that one time that was swiftly taken care of by Andre. You thought that part of the story was all said and done with, but you'd be wrong.

11 We Were Lied To

All of the characters have grown (or in Hiram's case, became worse) and I feel like Alice is one of the characters that has grown the most, or at least has opened up the most. I remember seeing her back in the early days and wholeheartedly disliking her; she was this controlling mom who had significant prejudices for the South Side and just seemed like a relentless helicopter parent. We learn later that she's this way because she's afraid and she didn't want Betty to make the same mistakes that she did.

Once she learned that things like appearances didn't matter, she started to embrace her South Side roots as well as listening more to her daughter instead of controlling her.

She has been through a lot: losing her son that she's never met, having an impostor pretend to be said son, having her daughter in a cult, and finding out her husband had been the Black Hood this entire time, but she's still trying her best.

In the last episode before the finale, when Hal did his reveal, I absolutely loved how she handled it, mocking Hal for his failures instead of being scared of him. Of course, all of this stuff is very hard to process so it only makes sense that Alice is feeling very lost at the moment. I just wish that we're able to see more of her later since she didn't end up having a big episode here at all.

10 How Easy Things Used To Be

When I first started watching Riverdale, I thought it was this cute and kinda campy show that also had a mystery to be solved. Everything was so simple: Pop's diner was a constant and stable force, everyone was friends, there was only one manslaughter in the town, and all Archie had to really deal with was if he could manage doing football and doing music. Of course, the show started out with the mystery of Jason Blossom, but so much of that was forgotten by all the characters, except for Cheryl, and the whole show had more of a "but you just don't understand me, dad!" vibe to it.

Season one was still a bit gritty at times, and the mystery was compelling but it was in no way as crazy and out of control as season two. There was so much going on this season I thought that they weren't going to manage keeping all of it together. With every episode there's someone new in town that's scheming up something. Archie looks like he's aged 20 years in like, six months ever since he stopped sleeping to try and catch the Black Hood.

I haven't seen Archie's dog in a while, come to think of it... Where did he go?

9 Do It For Consistency

If it was this easy for Cheryl to become one of the Serpents, then why in the world did we all have to suffer through that unbelievably uncomfortable Serpent dance that Betty did back in the first half of the season (to an acapella version of "Mad World" if you have forgotten), only for Betty to not even be a Serpent herself at the moment?

If the dance is how the women are able to become Serpents, then either both Cheryl and Betty have to do it or they can just remove Betty's scene from the DVD cut so we can all try and forget that ever happened.

I'm hoping for the latter because while Cheryl is a star, I also just don't want to ever go through the trauma of watching a Serpent dance ever again in my life.

It also doesn't make sense why Jughead asked Betty if she's okay with becoming one of the Serpents to be his "queen" since she already has technically joined months ago. FP gave her a leather jacket for crying out loud! Maybe they all just forgot that she did the dance in front of her mom and her significant other's dad because if I had the opportunity to, I would do the same thing.

8 FP What Are You Thinking?

FP may not have been Dad of the Year or anything by a long shot, you know since he was convicted of covering up a crime scene and is the leader of a notorious gang, but I did have some hope that he had some good sense of judgment. Literally any time Jughead did anything rash to help save the Serpents FP would get upset, and for good reason. We tend to forget that the characters in teen shows are teenagers, and while the teenagers are doing adult things and not going to school anymore, they are still teens and think like teens.

No matter how much Jughead cares about the Serpents, and even though he's done a lot for them it just makes absolutely no sense to make him the leader. He's still a child. He can't even vote yet so how is he supposed to be able to handle the weight of running an entire organization? He's only in his junior year of high school. I mean, that doesn't matter since I don't think anyone at Riverdale High actually does any studying anymore but still, there's just no reason for some 16 or 17-year-old to run a biker gang. Especially not one that's trying to get demolished by an evil tycoon.

7 Archie, Please Stop

The only thing that has remained consistent in this whole show is that Archie is still quite dense of a boy. At first his problem was trying to handle sports and music, which he thought was impossible but I can attest that it is very much a possible thing to do. Then he created the Red Circle to try and find the Black Hood but it really just looked like the football team wearing masks and vandalizing things. He's rash and never thinks things through and ended up becoming a capo for Hiram, even though he never actually wanted to do that.

When he gets taken by Nick Sinclair, who he beat up previously, he hears Nick say that he wants to "make his bones," which is a pretty lame phrase but Archie thinks it's cool and starts saying it all over the place.

I know that Archie is just trying his best to be cool while he gets himself put in the middle of some nasty stuff, but he really needs to learn better lines. And also to maybe not go after rich guys who run the town with threats he can't keep. Jail is a hard place for one to make their bones so he'll need to try and think of something.

6 Just Not The One Polly Wants

There's a lot of messed up stuff happening in the town of Riverdale and it would probably shake up even the most minor of characters. Normal people aren't able to handle this much trauma and would probably need the services of some sort of therapist or group to try and just figure things out. Apparently, though, there is no such thing as a therapist within Riverdale and instead people are just supposed to go through their stuff while talking to other teens and drinking milkshakes.

Then again, since this is Riverdale after all, even if there was a therapist in town trying to help people make sense of what's going on, they would be a therapist with bad intentions. Normally there are confidentiality laws that protect patients, but there are also laws preventing relationships between music teachers and students and it seems like nobody in town cared about that at all. If someone started talking about their problems, there's a sure way that that information would be leaked and used against someone in some way. It feels like besides these highly traumatized teens, there's nobody good left in town.

Let's just remember Polly; whoever it is that "helped" her is probably not a good person one bit.

5 Yasss Girl

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At the start of the show I never really liked Veronica, not because of her New York rich girl vibe and more because she would quote classic literature way too much. Even kids who enjoy reading classic literature in high school don't mention it as much as she does — and I would know.

When she first arrived to the town I thought she was just an alien or something pretending to be a real person since literally nobody talks the way she does ever. But as of recent, I've found that Veronica fits more comfortably with the rest of her friends.

I was also worried throughout this whole season as she started learning more about the "family business" that she would turn into the bad guy and there would be a big rift in the friend group. She definitely was starting to become her father's daughter, and tagging Archie along as a lackey, but soon learned the real details of what her dad is planning and rebelled as much as she could in her power. She even accepted the fact that she's now totally cut off from her dad, showing that morality and friendship is more important than wealth. It's going to be a hard road for her in the next season, but stopping her father is the right thing to do.

4 He's Up To No Good

It's pretty obvious that the new sheriff in town is no good, being a Hiram appointee but now we can all be assured that this guy is bad news based on how he eats his apples. I'm a reckless individual who always eats apples by just biting into them like a crazy person but I feel like eating an apple off the knife is a lot worse. I mean, if you're going to peel and slice your apple and waste precious eating time, at least put the slices on a plate or something.

Also, don't just be eating apples when someone is talking about a very scary home invasion that they just had to go through.

This guy is just trying so hard to act like he doesn't care, and that's because he doesn't. I don't even know if this guy is a real cop. Sure, in the age of 2018 you would think that it would be hard to put a fake cop in as the sheriff, but Hiram Lodge isn't a normal guy and can make anything happen. I just want to know more of this evil cop's story to find out who he really is and why he's doing all this bad stuff for Hiram to ruin Riverdale completely.

3 We're All Feeling It

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Maybe I'm wrong but I feel like a more impactful season finale would have been last week's episode. Sure, it would be a lot crueler to leave the audience hanging for five months to wonder if Jughead is alive or not, but isn't it the point of a season finale to make you suffer while you wait for the next part of the story? Sure, Archie getting arrested at the end was quite a shock, but they could have waited until season three for that. We all know that Archie is going to be fine because he's the main character, and while I feel like Jughead is too popular to get rid of, at this point it would have made sense and be quite the effect.

I also think that they should have waited for the next season to know if Jughead is fine or not just for practicality reasons.

There's no way that someone beat up that badly is going to spend like a week or two in the hospital and get out fine the next day after waking up.

That just doesn't happen. Ribs are going to be broken, faces will be totally smashed — that's a lot of time to fully recover. This kid is literally in a coma and then like, two days later he's named the Serpent King. That just doesn't make any sense, but then again, nothing in Riverdale really makes sense anymore.

2 Honestly

This show, despite it having so much going on in the plot now, is still a mystery at its very core. As the show is rearing for a third season, and since a whole lot of people died in season two, there are very few people left that the show can afford to get rid of for the sake of the plot. To avoid this problem, the writers have gone back into the depths of season two to make people care about Cassidy Bullock, whoever he is, but I think that they could have found a new victim that nobody in the audience would care if they were gone for good: Hiram Lodge.

Sure, that wouldn't necessarily work because he's kind of the guy running everything that is bad in Riverdale so it would be too easy to just get rid of him, but at the same time, I really wish he would go away.

At the start of the season I lumped him in with all of the other attractive dads like Fred Andrews, FP, and Sheriff Keller, but now Hiram is just so annoyingly villainous that I can't stand his face. And honestly, having Hermione run the show would be so much more interesting because she has some sense of a moral dilemma and a heart.

1 The Wait Begins

For all that I have to say criticizing Riverdale, I have to admit that I am totally hooked on the show. While a lot of it makes me want to shy away a little bit (and by that, I mean a lot) I can't deny that they know how to write a good mystery that keeps me on my toes this week. I thought I wouldn't even be able to get through season one, but here we are months later and I'm sitting here wondering what I'm going to do for the next five months while I wait for season three.

Sure there are discussion boards and places where we can speculate what will happen next, but that only works for a little while.

I know that the writers are saying that big things are about to happen in season three and I just hope that they're right. In a town as small as this, there's going to have to be a bigger mystery than ever before. I wonder how long this show can go before everything has been done and the town is just flattened to nothing. There's only so much land development and murder that can happen until there's nothing left to do. Whatever the case, I'm excited to see what's going to happen next and season three really can't come out soon enough.

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