Riverdale: The Characters And Their Myers-Briggs® Personality Types

According to the Black Hood, “Riverdale is not innocent. It’s a town of hypocrites, degenerates, criminals.” Although the Black Hood paints an extremely dark and grim view of the town, he isn’t completely wrong.

The people of Riverdale are constantly battling against the town’s past and the evil lurking within its community. However, it isn’t all bad. As the town tackles its flaws, some amazing personalities also shine through.

These characters and personalities are what make the town relatable, real, and ultimately a better place. So, let's pull out the therapist chair and get ready to dive into the psyche of the town because here is Riverdale: The Characters and Their MyersBriggs® Personality Types.

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10 Archie Andrews – ESFJ “The Consul”

Consuls typically possess all the qualities of a stereotypical popular high school student. They’re very sociable, love to take care of their friends, and tend to take the spotlight, organize social gatherings, and lead their school teams. Sound familiar?

Archie Andrews is on the football team at Riverdale High and was even in the running for team captain. He is also extremely loyal to his friends and would do absolutely anything for the people he loves. However, just like other consuls, Archie can be too selfless, to the point of recklessness. He makes an extremely rash and risky decision when he starts the Red Circle and when he covers up his relationship with Ms. Grundy.

9 Betty Cooper – ISFJ “The Defender”

Betty Cooper is a defender. She is always ready to defend the ones she loves and is dedicated to protecting her family, friends, and Riverdale. As a defender, Betty has an innate desire to do good and is loyal, hardworking, and highly observant. This is why she’s able to figure out the clues from the Black Hood and is constantly drawn into the fight.

However, as a defender, Betty has a very distinctive weakness that haunts her throughout the show. Defenders tend to internalize and repress their feelings which ultimately ends in unhealthy emotional expression. For Betty, this manifests as Dark Betty and can be seen when she takes down Chuck or when she grips her hands so hard that it cuts her palms.

8 Veronica Lodge – ENTP “The Debater”

As the debater, Veronica Lodge is always calm, cool, and collected. She dominates her life through thinking and perception, which allows her to think through high-intensity situations with ease and stand her ground against her father.

Although debaters are charismatic and quick thinkers, their lifestyle does come with a stipulation – an emotional detachment and a tendency towards insensitivity. This is why Veronica sometimes makes decisions without considering all the consequences. For example, she makes out with Archie during the first season without any regard for how Betty will feel.

7 Jughead Jones – INTJ “The Architect”

With his imaginative and strategic mind, Jughead Jones would definitely be categorized as an Architect. Cole Sprouse himself has even confirmed this on Reddit.

Architects are extremely rare, and therefore, tend to be misunderstood, alone, independent, and divisive. However, their exquisite minds also allow them to be imaginative, ambitious, curious, and very goal-oriented.

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You can clearly see all of these qualities in Jughead as he follows the Black Hood’s story and leads the Serpents. He always has a thorough plan and works to challenge social expectations and the “man”. Architects can also be arrogant, judgmental, and overly analytical, which forces Jughead to alienate his friends at times and turn his back on his relationship with Betty, Archie, and his father.

6 Toni Topaz – INFP “The Mediator”

Toni Topaz is a true idealist, always looking for ways to mediate the situation and make things better. Just like any mediator, she can be seen as shy; however, deep within her, there is an inner flame and a passion that allows her to stand out and shine when she’s needed the most.

Despite the Serpents' hatred for Riverdale High, Toni still showed Jughead the ropes when he was forced to move to Southside High. She also always comes to the rescue when her friends and the Serpents are in trouble. When Veronica and Kevin needed help freeing Cheryl from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, it was Toni that broke out of her character and fought to save the one she loves.

5 Cheryl Blossom – ENFJ “The Protagonist”

Cheryl is a fiery and passionate woman that is also charismatic, inspiring, and emotional. This allows her to stand up as the protagonist and lead her friends and the community against anything that comes their way.

Protagonists tend to be tolerant, reliable, and natural leaders, which is clearly evident through everything Cheryl has been through. Despite the death of her brother and her family situation, Cheryl is always able to bounce back and end up right back on the top of Riverdale High’s social ladder.

4 Kevin Keller – ESFP “The Entertainer”

Life is never boring with an entertainer, and that’s certainly true about Kevin Keller. Despite being the sheriff’s son, Kevin is spontaneous, outgoing, and simply the star of his own stage. He has excellent people skills and is therefore always “in the know” about Riverdale’s social scene and is friends with just about everyone.

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As an entertainer, Kevin also gets bored easily and therefore may take risks just for the thrill and the excitement of the moment. Therefore, he pretends to jog in the woods to find his next hookup, even though there’s a serial killer on the loose.

3 Hiram Lodge – INTJ “The Architect”

Much like Jughead, Hiram Lodge is an architect that always has a plan. He approaches life like a chess game and is constantly maneuvering to win and put himself on top. Hiram is quick-witted, intelligent, and determined, which are all great qualities for any villain.

Hiram uses these skills to further himself and his own career despite hurting his family and his town. This is the complete opposite of Jughead, which is why the two are the perfect arch rivals. Despite having very similar personality traits, the two have different morals which guide their strategic decisions and pit them against each other at every turn.

2 Fred Andrews – ENFP “The Campaigner”

Even if you don’t know much about Fred Andrews, you can immediately sense his love for family and community. He is a care-free spirit that has the ability to change the world with just an idea. He believes in Riverdale and sees the good in everyone, which is why he gives FP Jones many opportunities and why he feels the need to run for Mayor and protect his community.

Campaigners tend to be excellent communicators, friendly, and very popular leaders, just like Fred. However, they also tend to overthink things, are easily stressed, and are highly emotional. This is why Fred constantly feels betrayed when Archie hides things from him.

1 FP Jones – ESTP “The Entrepreneur”

To be an entrepreneur, you need to live life on the edge, and that’s exactly how FP Jones lives. FP makes a lifestyle out of risky behavior and tends to be in the center of every conflict. He is the eye of the storm and gravitates towards drama and danger.

For entrepreneurs, this need for risk isn’t actually because they enjoy the emotional thrill. Instead, they actually need risky situations to stimulate their mind and thrive. Throughout the series, we learn just how calculating FP really is, and that he isn’t simply living life on the edge. He makes each of his decisions strategically, based his love for Jughead, the hopeful reunion of his family, and his respect for the Serpents.


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