'The Rock': 15 Times He Was The Most Meme-able Man On The Planet

There’s a curious thing about celebrities. Some of them are content to stay in their lane, becoming super famous in one specific field and leave it at that. You don’t hear many stories of athletes, for instance, who have carved out accomplished careers on Broadway and the West End stage. Now that would be a sight.

On the other hand, there are those who want as many pieces of the fame pie as possible. All of the pie. This is how singers/actors/entrepreneurs/clothes designers/TV hosts come about. Not many manage to ascend to Kanye West levels of celebrity, but The Rock is one of them.

He’s dabbled in football, has many high-profile acting credits to his name, and is regarded as one of the most popular and successful wrestlers in history. Naturally, the Internet has paid tribute to the great man as only the internet can: with brilliantly snarky memes aplenty.

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1- Dwayne Johnson, Human Chameleon
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15 Dwayne Johnson, Human Chameleon

1- Dwayne Johnson, Human Chameleon
Via: Imgur

Speaking of Dwayne’s high-profile acting credits, what a career it’s been so far. He started out appearing in wrestling shows, before branching out into all manner of things. There’s his snarky 'The Rock Obama' appearances on Saturday Night Live, that appearance in Cody in the House, he’s even surfaced on Star Trek for crying out loud as a wrestling alien!

Most importantly, though, The Rock has become known as a bit of an action hero. He’s appeared in such high-octane blockbusters as The Mummy, The Fast and the Furious franchise, and, most recently, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.

He’s so accustomed to these sorts of roles, apparently, he’s taken to wearing the same darn sweat-stained shirt in every one. When three different screencaps are hilariously interchangeable from one movie to the next, I think you’ve become just a smidge typecast.

14 When You Just Can't Button Your Darn Sleeve

2- When You Just Can't Button Your Darn Sleeve
Via: Twitter (@therock)

Now, as we all know darn well, The Rock is just about the most effortlessly cool person in the entire cosmos. For some, the whole cool thing takes years to achieve, and for others, it’s never going to happen. They can’t help it, it’s just that this isn’t something you can force. It’s like when Bob Hope used to dress as the Fonz.

When you’re Dwayne Johnson, you don’t need to concern yourself with that sort of thing. You just exude cool from every pore. He’s even got his own trademark Cool Guy Pose, which makes him look like he’s perpetually having trouble with his cufflinks.

To make this meme even more hilarious, the man himself personally took to Twitter to endorse it. #MyWristMusclesBreakMyCuffs, he wrote, adding #NextPoseIUnbuttonMyPants.

13 When You Have A Sneaking Suspicion About The Rock And Dwayne Johnson

3- When You Have A Sneaking Suspicion About The Rock And Dwayne Johnson
Via: me.me

The need for assumed names makes sense in all sorts of scenarios. Maybe you’re a dangerous criminal on the run from the feds, or maybe you’re just a newly-married writer or artist who keeps their maiden name professionally. Maybe you want to become a professional wrestler, but your given name, Herbert Whittington-Smythe III, won’t quite strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.

Whatever the case, there’s a certain risk you always run. You can become purely known by your assumed name, losing everything that you were. Just look what happened to The Rock. He has lost Dwayne forever. There is no Dwayne in there anymore, he is 100% rock. Dwayne Johnson is now just somebody that he used to know. What a sorry situation.

12 ...And Then The Truth Finally Comes Out

4-...And Then The Truth Finally Comes Out
Via: Reddit

Now, sure, I was being totally sarcastic in that last entry, but… well, I’m going to be totally sarcastic in this one, too. Buckle up, friends, here it comes.

Most people would surely scoff at this idea. They’d think it’s just another one of those amazing The Rock/Dwayne Johnson memes, where we’re pretending to think that they’re separate people. Let’s consider the evidence, though.

It’s the old Batman thing all over again. Have you ever seen the two guys in the same room? The one whose cooking you’re trying to smell and the one who plays with his cufflinks incessantly? No, no you haven’t. That doesn’t exactly prove anything, though. Really, I don’t have to prove that they are twins, you have to prove that they aren’t.

11 Just The Rock And The Pebble Chilling

5- Just The Rock And The Pebble Chilling
Via: me.me

Aw. Now this is the sort of thing that just warms my crusty soul right to the core.

A lot of the time, with these studly tough guys, it’s all about the image. In wrestling, in particular, it’s all about showboating, bravado, and huge glistening pectorals. Whether in or out of the ring, cuteness is a no-no.

In a way, I guess it’s slightly jarring to see people out of context in this way. Remember that time you met one of your teachers at the store, and was weirded out that they don’t just live at the school 24/7? It’s that sort of feeling.

But hey, it’s 2018. Away with all of that stuff. Away with expectations and the trappings of fame and all of that. It’s just a loving father playing with his pebble, and that’s a beautiful thing.

10 When You're Part Of The Most Famous Rock Formation Of All Time


Let’s be honest here, some memes just write themselves. Seriously, now, when The Rock, Chris Rock, and Kid Rock all just happen to converge on the same place at the same time, they are going to get papped. That shot’s going to instantly go viral, and when it does, you know what Internet meme-makers are going to do with it. You just can’t miss an opportunity like that.

Seeing this really makes you think about the beauty of luck and chance. The same force that makes the elevator break down just as you step inside it can also be kind to us. The encounter between this famous rock group, for instance, is a real gift to the meme world. I can’t imagine how this conversation may have been going.

9 When You're Not Getting Older, You're Just Getting Better

7- When You're Not Getting Older, You're Just Getting Better
Via: knowyourmeme.com

Now, when we’re talking about one of the world’s most prolific and beloved wrestlers, you can safely assume that the guy’s going to be a smidge on the big side. 6', 5" and 260 lbs is, we can all agree, a pretty darn big smidge, and Dwayne is not the kind of guy you want to mess with.

Even with all of that said, though, everyone’s got embarrassing home videos from the prom or appalling yearbook photos. The Rock in 1993, while no skinny weakling, is barely a patch on the Rock he would become. He looks like a Pokémon on the cusp of evolving into something much more awesome.

This begs the question: just how powerful is Dwayne going to become in the future? According to this timeline, he’s well on the way to becoming a boulder. From there, it’s just a decade until he goes full mountain on us.

8 When The Rock’s Photobombing Game Is On A Whole New Level

8- When The Rock's Photobombing Game Is On A Whole New Level
Via: memedroid.com

You know, if there’s one thing that the Internet has pretty well mastered at this point, it’s photobombing. We’ve got cheeky turtles emerging from the ocean and the pinpoint perfect moment to steal the show. We’ve got once-in-a-lifetime action shots of people leaping into the frame and getting it impossibly right.

We’ve also got a rich backlog of celebrity photobombs to enjoy. Even Queen Elizabeth II has been seen getting in on the action, candidly sneaking into a selfie at a past Commonwealth Games and utterly loving it.

In short, photobombing is a popular, noble art. Being the multi-talented renaissance man that he is, you’d better believe that Dwayne has mastered it too. Here he is, trolling a fan’s selfie in priceless fashion. Good work there.

7 That’s One Fine-Looking Rock You’ve Got There

9- That's One Fine-Looking Rock You've Found Yourself
Via: knowyourmeme.com

Now, honestly, Dwayne has nobody to blame but himself. It’s a little like parents naming their newborn child. You’ve got to think it through first, consider the consequences from all angles. It’s not just the name itself, but everything around it. The initials, for one. It’s something you might not think of at the time, but it’ll set your child up or a world of hurt if you don’t realise what their initials spell.

We all know what school children are like. They’ll take that ball and run it to the snarky endzone. So, Dwayne, how did you let this happen? Not only are there ridiculous The Wok, The Dock, and The Clock memes, but rocks are also… you know, rocks. Surely you saw this coming?

6 When The Ultimate Rock-Type Pokémon Arrives

10- When The Ultimate Rock-Type Pokémon Arrives
Via: memecenter.com

So, yes. Rock-related humour abound. At least there are all kinds of different ways you can approach it. Rocks aren’t just stones, you know. Rock is also a typing in the Pokémon games.

Every Pokémon, as you probably know, has either one or two different elemental types. These determine its weaknesses and resistances (fire is weak to water, but is resistant to grass-type attacks).

Rock is an interesting typing. It’s primarily offensive, being weak to, and super effective on, several types. Naturally, Rock-type Pokémon tend to be large, rugged creatures, like the Rock/Fairy type The Rock In A Sparkly Dress we see here.

In actual Poké-fact, this is a very rare typing, seen only in Diancie and Carbink. Neither of which are professional wrestlers.

5 When You've Got Vincent Kompany Living On The Back Of Your Head

11- When You've Got Vincent Kompany Living On The Back Of Your Head
Via: 9gag.com

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Time out for a minute here. I’m not sure I can condone this sort of thing.

In my family, male pattern baldness is rife. At family events, we look like a birds-eye view of an egg box when we’re sitting together. As such, I’m a little touchy about the whole thing, and the old classic make fun of the bald guy jokes don’t sit all that well with me.

Even so, I’m not going to try and deny that this is hilarious. And totally unsettling. Ever since the big Voldemort reveal near the end of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I’ve been a little creeped out by this sort of thing. Still, it’s only a Belgian professional soccer player, and not the Dark Lord.

4 Learn To Love Yourself Like The Rock Loves This Rock

12- Learn To Love Yourself Like The Rock Loves This Rock
Via: justanothergirl.net

You know how it is. These days, we hear all kinds of societal crapola about the importance of relationships. There’s a real taboo around being a singleton these days, as though there’s something wrong with you if you aren’t happily paired up and married by a certain age. This idea sucks for a whole range of varied and exciting reasons, in my eyes.

We’ve all had our dating disasters, and we all know that we can be infinitely happier by ourselves than with the wrong person. As a wise person once said (Oprah or Jerry Springer probably), you’ve got to learn to love yourself before you can love another.

Take a lesson from The Rock, then. Here he is, totally committed to… himself. And that is, I guess you could say, the greatest commitment of all.

3 When You Pull Your Angry Rock Face And They Know The Joke's Over

13- When You Pull Your Angry Rock Face And They Know The Joke's Over
Via: humorhub.net

As I’ve already said, nobody can maintain their super tough images all the time. I don’t care who you are, there are times when you just got to take a break from all of that. This is why Marvel movies have those super tense emotional moments as well (see Captain America: Civil War), to prove that even superheroes can’t be superheroes 24/7. Because they’re also human.

So, yes. I see you there, Dwayne, with your nobody-screws-with-me face firmly on. That’s the image you want to project to the world, as you accrued wrestling titles and action movie parts.

You’ve also proven, again and again, to be a huge softy. That says it all.

While we’re on the subject, you’d better believe that people need to stop putting more plates in the sink while I’m doing the dishes.

2 When You're Aging In Reverse, Because You're The Rock

14- When You're Aging In Reverse, Because You're The Rock
Via: me.me

Now, I don’t know what kind of arcane witchcraft it is, but some people just don’t seem to age. There are all kinds of factors to this, such as diet, exercise and beauty regimes, but Father Time really does seem to be crueler to more than others.

Generally, celebrities have a better time than most. This is because they have the cash to flash for expensive treatments and such. They’re not really defying time, they’re just vainly trying to fight against it.

There are always exceptions, though. Take Will Smith. The man doesn’t seem to have aged a day since The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ended, and I’m starting to get genuinely concerned about that. Then The Rock came along and went one better: he’s physically getting younger.

1 When The Rock Finally Reveals His Secret Recipe

15- When The Rock Finally Reveals His Secret Recipe
Via: Pinterest (@versace_tamagotchi)

If there’s one thing we know about TV and film stars, it’s that they have to have a catchphrase. These buzzwords seem to work in the same way that commercials do: they implant themselves in our brains and we can never quite forget.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day is regarded as one of the best action movies of all time, but let’s be honest: it’s all about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s one liners. Those are what really cemented the movie’s place in pop culture forever. Heck, he built a whole career on the phrase "I’ll be back."

Meanwhile, when it comes to The Rock, he could never quite get over what he was cookin’. I don’t know if he suffers from amnesia or something, but he didn’t seem to know, and he was desperate for us to tell him if we could smell it.

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