20 Roles These Famous Actors Want Everyone To Forget

Every actor/actress, even Academy Award winners, have a few flops throughout their career. A lot of the time, these roles are predicted to be huge hits, but once released, some end up not doing as well as they thought they would.

For example, the movie suicide squad or Independence Day 2. Both movies that everyone was excited for but ended up being terrible.

These are the roles that the actors/actresses wish they could forget. They wish they had never done them in the first place and as much as they try and move on, they can’t because the flops are the roles fans remember the most.

Here are 20 big-time actors/actresses who wish they never did these roles and could just forget about them.

20 Jennifer Lawrence In House At The End Of The Street

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When Jennifer Lawrence was just starting out, she was hired for a few different roles, some which were massive hits and some that were massive flops.

According to Metacritic.com, her biggest critical flop was as Elissa in the movie, House on the End of the Street.

In fact, Slant Magazine’s Chris Cabin even called her toothless.

19 Ben Affleck In Gigli


The early 2000s were not very nice to Ben Affleck at all.

According to Metacritic.com, Ben starred in many flops, but it was his role in the movie Gigli that was his worst-reviewed movie ever.

In fact, at the 24th Golden Raspberry Awards, the movie Gigli broke the record when it became the first-ever movie to sweep six major categories, including the worst actor.

18 Halle Berry In Catwoman


Halle Berry is known for her many successful box-office films.

According to Metacritic.com though, her portrayal as the thief Catwoman did not do so well among the critics. The film ended up winning four Razzies, including worst actress.

Halle didn’t let it get to her though and accepted the award, Oscar in hand.

17 Will Smith In The Wild Wild West


According to Metacritic.com, there are two reasons why Will Smith regrets this movie, one being how it flopped, and the other being because he turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix to do this movie.

The Matrix was a movie that redefined cinema, making Will Smith’s role as Captain James West just that more painful.

16 Keanu Reeves In 47 Ronin

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It’s only fitting that we add Keanu Reeves under Will Smith.

According to Metacritic.com, Keanu’s role as Kai in the samurai movie 47 Ronin was one movie, he did that was heavily criticized.

In fact, this movie will always go down as being Hollywood’s biggest box office bombs of 2013.

15 Natalie Portman In Your Highness


When Natalie Portman signed up to do the role of Isabel in the movie Your Highness, she had no idea it would flop so badly.

According to Metacritic.com, Natalie is best known in that movie for her bikini scene, everything else in that movie though, according to Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers, did not work.

14 Ryan Reynolds In Green Lantern

Entertainment Weekly

Ryan Reynolds is an amazing Deadpool. He truly engulfs his role and brings it alive. Unfortunately, this isn’t his first attempt as a superhero though.

According to Metacritic.com, Ryan’s first superhero movie role was as Green Lantern, which is the actor’s lowest-rated film.

Although, Slate’s Dana Stevens did admit that the film does stand out thanks to its egregious shoddiness.

13 Chris Pratt In Bride Wars

Bride Wars

Before Chris Pratt was extremely well defined, running with dinosaurs and saving the galaxy from destruction, he took part in a few movies that didn’t do so well.

According to Metacritic.com, one, in particular, was back in 2009 Chris called Bride Wars, which The New York Post actually criticized as being “exceedingly lame.”

12 George Clooney In Batman And Robin


When it comes to playing such an iconic character as Batman, not many actors would regret it. George Clooney is not just any actor though.

According to Metacritic.com, George admitted that his biggest regret while playing the cape vigilante was the batsuit.

To be more specific, he hated how the armor had nipples…

11 Johnny Depp In The Lone Ranger


When it comes to Disney films, Johnny Depp is known for his incredible performance as the eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean series.

According to Metacritic.com though, his role as Tonto in the 2013 film, The Long Ranger, fell a little flat.

San Francisco Chronicle’s Mick LaSalle even called it a film that the whole family is better off avoiding.

10 Amy Adams In Leap Year


When it comes to favorite actresses, Hollywood’s fav is the beautiful Amy Adams. Unfortunately, just like many other big-time actresses, Amy has her fair share of failed films.

According to Metacritic.com, Amy’s 2010 film Leap year was one of her worst films to date. Boston Globe’s Wesley Morris even wrote: “It’s unclear what Amy did to deserve this, but all that’s missing is a set of jailhouse bars over her scenes.”

9 Michael B. Jordan In The Fantastic Four


Michael B. Jordan has had some epically acclaimed films in his short career such as Black Panther.

According to Metacritic.com though, like Ryan Reynolds, Michael’s first superhero role as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four was also one of his worst films.

In fact, Tamp Bay Times’ Steve Persall went so far as to call it “so mediocre that its title is in violation of truth in advertising laws.”

8 Ryan Gosling In Only God Forgives


After the critically acclaimed release of the film Drive, Ryan Gosling, and director Nicholas Winding Refn decided to try their luck with a follow-up film called Only God Forgives.

According to Metacritic.com, the Austin Chronicle’s Marjorie Baumgarten called the film, “an artistic misfire that will forever be knocking on heaven’s door.”

7 Mark Wahlberg In Max Payne


When Mark Wahlberg first read the script for the movie based on the video game Max Payne, he had a gut feeling that something was off about it. He should have followed that gut feeling.

According to Metacritic.com, the movie Max Payne was lucky enough to receive a one-star and Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune even commented that “Max Payne offers max pain.”

6 Chris Hemsworth In Red Dawn


Chris Hemsworth is best known for his role as the God of Thunder Thor, which he is truly thankful for.

According to Metacritic.com, Chris is happy that no one remembers him as Jed Eckert in the 2012 remake of Red Dawn. Although the movie was delayed for many years before finally being released, some think a few years wasn’t long enough.

5 Bradley Cooper In All About Steve

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Bradley Cooper’s career really took off thanks to his role in the film series The Hangover.

Unfortunately, according to Metacritic.com, he followed the first film of the series with one of his worst movies to date, All About Steve.

Critic Peter Travers even went so far as to call the film an “unbearably unfunny farce.”

4 Zac Efron In Dirty Grandpa

New York Daily News

In the decade or so, Zac Efron has stared in at least five movies that were blockbuster fails, including his role as Jason Kelly in the 2015 comedy, Dirty Grandpa.

According to Metacritic.com, New York Daily News’ Stephen Whitty called the film “flat out gross,” a review that many other critics agreed with.

3 Zoe Saldana In Nina

Time Magazine

As soon as word got out about the film Nina, critics became outraged.

According to Metacritic.com, the movie was plagued from the beginning with not only production problems but also casting problems due to the character of Simone being played by Zoe Saldana, who was a poor fit due to her age, voice, and appearance.

Once the film was released, Zoe proved critics right with her performance.

2 Adam Sanders In Jack And Jill


According to Metacritic.com, Jack and Jill was such a big fail that even Peter Travers from Rolling Stone magazine wrote, “on a scale of 1 to 10 on the laugh meter, Jack and Jill is a negative 10.”

We are curious to know though which role Adam regrets doing most, Jack or his twin sister Jill?

1 Matthew McConaughey In Fool's Gold


When Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson starred in the romantic comedy, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, it went so well that they decided to team up again for a second romantic comedy.

According to Metacritic.com though, it didn’t go so well and Rolling Stones’ Peter Travers wrote, “I defy any 2008 comedy to be as stupid, slack and sexless as Fool’s Gold.”

Source: metacritic.com

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