Rookie Mistake: 25 Blunders That Could *Only* Be Made By The Clueless

Have you ever winced when looking at some of your old status updates and/or photos? I look back and I'm amazed that anyone ever followed my lame-arse. I've even found pre-kid status updates when I'm talking about myself in third person, thanks to Facebook's old format (if you don't know what I'm talking about, then pull up your Pampers and get the hell out of here, this here's grown-up talk). I would often write scintillating status updates like, "Dena is frying an egg." Yes, it's a tough pill to swallow, but at least "Facebook memories" are private and not everyone has to be reminded of how lame I was.

We've all made mistakes in our lives, but not many of us can say that our stupid choices have gone viral (hopefully). Can you imagine what it must be like to have your blunders splashed all over the Internet for everyone to laugh at? Unfortunately for many clueless people, their mistakes will forever live in infamy! Luckily for me, most of my stupidity happened before social media was even a thing (Praise Da Lort!), but the younger generations are all at risk. Just because it hasn't gone viral yet, doesn't mean it won't!

Here are 25 rookie mistakes made by clueless individuals who underestimated the power of the Internet (and their own stupidity).

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26 Way To Use The Interwebs, Donna

I don't know how old Donna is (she's old), but this is a seriously confused Grandma move. I guess her nephew never explained to her how public Facebook pages work! Poor Ms. Donna must have figured that this was her LOCAL Applebee's Facebook page and therefore an appropriate solution to finding her son (NOPE).

One of my favorite things about this is how patient the Applebee's admin is, as if this has happened countless times before (it probably has, confused old ladies are everywhere).  They even take the time to ask Donna what location she visited, like they had every intention of helping her track the elusive Jason down! How the hell did she lose him, anyway? It sounds like he's an adult man! I have so many questions, Donna.

The icing on this weird cake is when Donna takes the time to inform her new friend "Applebee" that her nephew has been located at Chili's (one of their main competitors). Ice cold, Donna. God knows how he ended up at Chili's when his entire family was eating at Applebee's. Is this whole family clueless? Did he just escape mid-appetizer without anyone noticing? Put a leash on him, Donna.

25 Placement Matters

Don’t dead open inside

A post shared by MEME PAPI ✡️ (@davie_dave) on

This is probably not the message they were trying to convey, so always remember that PLACEMENT MATTERS, guys. I'm sure this clueless person has a beautiful soul, but terrible mistakes don't care about your good intentions! This mistake could have easily been avoided by not putting both signs side by side, but it's too late now. How many people have read this and given up because they've been told they don't matter? I'm sure whoever stuck these signs in the ground truly believed they were changing lives for the better, so they get an A+ for good intentions (but an F for poor execution).

I wonder how effective these signs actually are, though? I guess that would depend on your level of depression or discouragement. This sign could very well help a child on their way to face the bullies at school, but I seriously doubt it's going to help someone with clinical depression (I might be totally wrong here). Recently I noticed a ton of these "feel good" signs dotted around my own town, but they never did make me feel better. They actually did the opposite. One of the signs read, "Your Worthy." The minute I saw that glaring grammatical error my day was ruined! I developed a twitch in my eye and lost sleep trying to figure out how I could rip that thing out of the ground without anyone noticing. I didn't know peace until it finally disappeared about a month later.

24 Nothing More Romantic Than A BagPipe

I'm pretty sure the only thing the band Red Hot Chili Peppers has in common with the Red Hot Chilli Pipers is their name. This is a mistake I'd probably make and live to regret. I think my husband would probably be into it, though.

In case you didn't know, the Red Hot Chilli Pipers are the "MOST FAMOUS BAGPIPE BAND ON THE PLANET" (this is according to their website, but seriously, is the competition that stiff?). The group consists of pipers, guitarists, keyboards and drummers (including an eight time world champion snare drummer) and formed in Scotland back in 2002. UK residents might remember them winning the BBC show When Will I Be Famous? back in 2007.

Honestly, I think their play on the name "Red Hot Chili Peppers" was a stroke of genius. How many people have mistakenly bought tickets to their concerts?  Probably half the concert goers!

The more I look at their website, the more I'm kind of getting into it. I actually checked to see if they are touring in my area, but apparently their North America gigs are limited to Canada and Milwaukee, Wisconsin (I don't even know). Kudos to them for creating something random and making a success out of it, though.

23 Zero Amounts Of Stealth


A post shared by WIll_ENT®🌐Meme 🔥Nominated♨️ (@will_ent) on

We've all seen a super fine hottie in pubic and attempted to take a picture for our single friends (don't deny it), but most people at least TRY to put their stealth hat on before taking the pic! This lady had ZERO SHAME! He's clearly hot as balls, there's no denying it, but this lady was snapping pictures of him without even being sure of who he was!

In case you weren't aware (because I wasn't), Nyle DiMarco an American model, actor, and deaf activist.

In 2015, DiMarco was the second male winner and the first deaf winner of The CW's America's Next Top Model Cycle 22 (I didn't even know they had cycles). He also won season 22 of Dancing with the Stars, so he's kind of a big deal (if you watch those shows, anyway). I'm sure this wasn't the first time he's had a fan snap a picture of him in public, but she must have been pretty damn obvious about it if he took the time to snap some pictures of her looking like a creeper! She probably didn't even bother with silencing the camera, either. Pretty embarrassing, Loiba! At least he was nice about it, though. This could have turned out very differently.

22 Find The Mistakes

Wish I had a phone like this 😍

A post shared by Funny News Headlines (@funnyheadlines) on

How the hell did The Atlantic mess this up so bad? Seriously, The Atlantic isn't some back alley magazine with a sketchy staff and a tiny budget! The magazine was founded in 1857 as The Atlantic Monthly in Boston and published leading writers' commentary on abolition, education, and contemporary politics. Wow, they have really let themselves go. 

I'm not saying this isn't an interesting headline (or story), but who the hell came up with this image? Seriously, was it the intern? That's like a 2006 flip phone and that is clearly a panda (you don't need an app to tell you that), so they couldn't have found a more irrelevant image if they tried. I guess someone just googled "image of phone and animal" and thought yep, that'll work. BUT NO, IT DOESN'T WORK. My 9-year-old could have found a more compelling image! Or at least one that makes sense!

I don't think people realize the importance of a snazzy image these days. Nobody clicks on a headline unless it catches their eye, so you better bring your A-game, interns! You can't manage a social media account without picture finding skills! It's just baffling that someone (presumably with a degree) thought this dated mess would be good enough. You need to take a good hard look at your staff, The Atlantic. This is sub-par.

21 Nice Kitty

Definitely a house cat 🐈

A post shared by 💦🙇🏽 (@moistbuddha) on

Yes, this was a real Facebook post by a woman somewhere in Arizona, but it's not what it looks like. No, this lady didn't really bring a mountain lion into her home and bathe it and feed it tuna, but a lot of people believed she did! The hoax was such a success that the Arizona Game and Fish Department had to publish a notice on its Facebook page asking people to please stop contacting them about it. In the end, the real mistake here isn't a woman mistaking a mountain lion for a house cat- it's all the people who believed her and freaked the hell out about it.

People are gullible AF.

This isn't the first time this hoax has made the rounds, either. This prank is actually pretty common in areas where mountain lions live, and the original version of it was posted in Russia. All it takes is one Google search to confirm that this is a whole bunch of fakery, but it caused panic anyway. Did people actually think a mountain lion would just sit nicely in a tub and allow itself to be washed like a dog? Apparently so! People are dumb as bricks, man.

20 Not Too Smart


A post shared by WIll_ENT®🌐Meme 🔥Nominated♨️ (@will_ent) on

Boy, we know you aren't studying in this picture! Please thirst trap the old-fashioned way instead of pretending to be smart with your mom's day planner. We see through your lies.

It's clear that this kid thinks he's hot, but apparently he wants to fool girls into believing that he's the studious type, too. This might have actually worked had he been "studying" anything other than an empty calendar, but girls will always notice the little things. I guess he thought they'd all be too distracted by his pretty little face, but NOPE. Girls are better investigators than the FBI these days because they have to be. In this online "hook-up" culture we have to look out for each other and ourselves, so don't try to fool us with a "I'm a hot guy who just needs some help with calculus" routine. The expression on his face doesn't say "I want to study," so hopefully he never takes that handsome face to Hollywood to become an actor. I've never seen someone pose so hard (besides a Kardashian), so maybe he has a future in the modeling industry. He'll probably end up in Hollywood after all.

Next time you try to trap a smart girl, son, remember that she's actually smart. Different strategies apply.

19 Mistaken Identity

Post Malone is no stranger to being mistaken for actor Shia LaBeouf (and vice versa). You've got to admit that these two look very similar, especially when Shia hasn't taken a shower in a few days. This isn't the only clueless fan to mistakenly confuse the two, that's for sure. The internet is filled to the brim with pictures of fans who think they're scoring a photo with Post Malone or Shia LaBeouf, only to have their dreams crushed when they realize their mistake and inevitably look like the idiot they probably are. At least Post Malone tried to be gentle with this particular fan. I guess he's finally moved on from denial and reached a place of acceptance.

A true fan would recognize Post Malone's tatted up face, but some people are just itching to get photographed with a celebrity, no matter who they are.

I'm willing to bet this guy has only ever heard Post Malone on the radio, but that didn't stop him from becoming a fan for the day! I sometimes wonder if Post Malone got his face tattoo (that literally reads STAY AWAY) to help distinguish himself from Shia and keep Shia's fans (or any fans) away from him. I guess that would solve the problem.

18 Public Shut Down


Before you publicly tweet a fact, please check that the fact is ACTUALLY TRUE or you will inevitably look like an idiot. Case in point: this chick.

As stupid as this is, I think I know what happened here. I'm willing to bet that Amanda got "happiness" confused with the word "busyness," or the condition of being busy. Business and busyness are two different words and are therefore spelled differently, but many people don't realize this and constantly mess it up. Maybe Amanda simply got confused and thought the same rule applied? I guess the "why" doesn't really matter anymore, because this tweet still makes her looks dumber than a bag of hammers (or your average third grader). What's done is done.

Being publicly schooled on Twitter is bad enough, but having your ignorance made into a viral meme is waaaaay worse. Unsurprisingly, her Twitter account quickly disappeared soon after the correction was made. I'm sure she thought she had a really profound tweet on her hands, too. It sucks when your deep thoughts are actually wrong thoughts and they backfire spectacularly.

A quote from Sunday school comes to mind. "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." -Proverbs 17:28

17 Super Awkward

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@blakealbert228)

A post shared by 💦🙇🏽 (@moistbuddha) on

Oh, where do I even begin! Vape pens were originally designed to help people stop smoking, believe it or not. Vaping is definitely a safer option than cigarettes (which rely on cancer-causing combustion), but vape juice still contains nicotine, which we all know is highly addictive. As a result, teens are getting addicted to a product originally intended to help kick a habit, not form a new one. As vaping has become more commonplace, it's also developed its own pseudo-culture (filled with douchebaggery). Alongside the rise of vape stores on every corner, there has always been a rise in teenage boys who treat vaping like a game. Whether it's vapor cloud competitions or stupid stunts like the one seen above, the idiocy knows no bounds. Most of these kids don't even know how to operate their vape pen properly!

All of this considered, is it any wonder that "Blake" mistook a water service vehicle for a police car?

I'm willing to bet his friends dared him to tag the police in this pic, although it probably didn't get the reaction they were hoping for. Now poor Blake just looks a fool to everyone on the Internet. I bet the police department got a good laugh, though.

16 That's Not How It Works

🤣Legendary Cr @polarsaurusrex

A post shared by WIll_ENT®🌐Meme 🔥Nominated♨️ (@will_ent) on

Ugh, why do Americans always make other Americans looks bad? Can't we just put a leash on them and keep them in check? Stay in Florida, fools!

I really hope this American sent this text as a joke, but I'm not seeing any wink or laugh emoji, so that's making me nervous.

I remember being confused by how time zones work back when I was in third grade, but I was 8-years-old! If you're old enough to form international relationships (and send texts) then you're definitely old enough to understand that this is not how time zones work. Your phone doesn't control your time zone anymore than your car does! This isn't a magic trick! If your phone translates all your websites to Mandarin, does that make you fluent in Mandarin? NOPE, IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT.

Just in case any of you are idiots (or Flat-Earthers), let me give you a little science lesson. Every 24-hours the Earth makes a complete rotation on an imaginary pole called its "axis." As the world rotates, only part of the Earth receives light from the sun while the opposite side of the globe remains dark (day and night). Depending on where you live on the Earth, this will happen at different times, creating what we call "time zones." Having different time zones means that no matter where you live on the planet, your noon is the middle of the day when the sun is highest, while midnight is the middle of the night. Your phone settings have nothing to do with it. The end.


14 Nothing But Yikes

I know this guy thought he was being the Ultimate Truth Teller by letting the world know that the movie The Lion King is overrated, but this is what happens when you copy and paste without proof-reading, kids. Nine lines of LOIN KING. This is Karma. How dare he speak that way about a Disney classic. The Disney Gods were not pleased.

If you could be remembered for one of your posts online, would you really want it to be this one?

This guy will never live this down.

He probably posted this over two years ago and this thing is still making the rounds on the Internet! I'm just hoping this really WAS a spelling mistake, because if not...then we're not talking about Disney anymore.

I make spelling mistakes like this all the time, which is why I always go over my work a few times (and so does my Editor). Sometimes I type a little too fast and the words get mixed up, but luckily my mess-ups have never become Internet gold and I've been able to live them down. Alas, not everyone is so lucky. This guy will be forever be known as the man who attempted to trash talk Disney but ended up typing LOIN KING instead. Like I said...karma.

13 What Would You Have Done?

I love how the people watching across the road are not immediately letting these poor guys know about their (pretty large) mistake. In the not-so-famous words of Gayle Waters-Waters, "WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE?"

I do think I would say something to these guys (after I took a picture and posted it online, of course). I don't know how hard it is to take those letters down and put them back up again, but I really doubt that their boss is going to be happy with this outcome. You would think that they would have noticed such a glaring mistake (especially since there's THREE of them), but maybe they simply don't know how to spell "applied?" They might not even know what "applied technology" means!

Applied technology usually refers to the education and training of students who wish to combine apprenticeships and work experience with a degree program, but I guess these guys never got the memo. Maybe they thought that "appiled" was just some fancy technology term? I'm actually scared to know the truth in this case. Let's hope it was just a simple letter mix-up and nothing more (it was something more).

I wonder if anyone ever told them?

12 Believe In Yourself

The Internet just loves to bring out all the "intelligent" people to the yard.

Where to begin?

Dear random man on the Internet, the correct past-tense in this sentence is "drank." Also, I'm pretty sure the word you're looking for is "expired," meaning out-of-date. In other words, this sentence should read "I just drank some expired milk."

Even if he really did just drink some expired milk, why the hell is he telling the Internet about it? I'll sometimes eat food that I dropped on the floor, but you're not going to find me tweeting about my nasty ways! Drinking "inspired" milk sounds a lot nicer. Wouldn't it be nice if your milk inspired you? What if your gallon of milk was always there for you, building you up?

I see these kinds of mistakes on the Internet all the time. Once I saw a woman spell "Portuguese" like "porch of geese." Then there was the guy who spelled hygiene like "high jean," and the woman who bragged about making homemade "synonym rolls." I could seriously go on and on. Whenever I'm unsure about spelling I always utilize something called a a free online DICTIONARY, but to each their own. Just don't come crying to me when the Internet makes fun of your dumb ass.

11 Girls Losing Their Versionities Like

Why stop at terrible spelling when you can make up a new word entirely?

Like I said in the previous post, people can't spell these days. Even more disappointing, people no longer seem capable of consulting a free online dictionary. I think the word this person is looking for is also known as the v-card, but you know, close enough.

Not everyone judging this person lost their versionities in middle school. I'm judging their horrific spelling and lack of common sense right now, and the only thing I slept with in middle school was my stuffed animals. I guess people who haven't slept with anyone would be called "versions," right? I was a version all the way through high school and I didn't lose my versionities until I met my husband, but I'm still judgmental as hell (at least toward people who deserve it). I will judge your grammar all day long and make no apologies for it, so help me God.

I think it's pretty ironic that they're complaining about being judged by other people when they're clearly busy judging other people. They wouldn't understand the irony in their own post because that would require knowing what the word irony means, and you know they're not going to look it up.

10 'Murica

Okay, I'm not sure what in the 'Murican hell is going on here. Did their grandkids make this poster? Could they not fit "Remember" on the sign and just decided that "Rember" was close enough?

There are at least two grown-ups in this picture who could have said, "that ain't right," but NOPE.

I guess they were too busy trying to look sufficiently American to worry about a little thing called spelling.

I don't know what these two American heroes want us to remember, but it probably has something to do with who the hell cares, they can't even spell. Do they really expect us to get past the fact that they're matching from the waist down and have the spelling skills of a 7-year-old? No one can take them seriously! They even have four American flags between the two of them (including her shirt), because clearly one isn't enough! How did they "Rember" all those flags, anyway?

This lady might be looking straight into the camera, but she had no idea that she was about to become an internet sensation. She probably thought that they were simply inspired by her activism! The only thing inspirational about this is the fact that someone took a picture for posterity so we would always rember their stupidity.

9 Here We Go Again

These kind of mistakes never get old, especially when they're paired with a picture. This girl clearly doesn't know the difference between plane and plain, but the Internet sure does. I bet McDonald's does too. The irony in this tweet is simply delightful.

After seeing so many of these mistakes online, I do wonder if the educational system is failing our kids. I actually tried to look it up, but the answer varies depending on who you ask. Some people claim that it's the parents, not the schools, who are failing the kids. Others have written countless articles about how the current education system is responsible. Then there are those who say that there have always been dumb kids, but now it's just easier to find them (thanks to the Internet).

I think I tend to agree with the latter. This girl might not know the difference between "plain" and "plane,"  but those middle-aged adults in the previous entry couldn't spell either! Dumb people have been entertaining us since the dawn of time! I bet before people could read or write there were always those idiots who couldn't tell the difference between a chicken and a duck. This girl is probably their direct descendant.

8 Straight In A Blanket And Turn Up The Heat

OMG, y'all, I'm still laughing at this. Just give me a minute to compose myself.

I don't know what newspaper or magazine this was taken from, but clearly someone made a mistake when they were typing this out.

It's pretty much the best mistake ever made, though. It even kind of makes sense.

If you feel cold, crapping yourself in a blanket really will help warm you up. In fact, 9/10 physicians recommend it! This would be funny no matter who it was referring to, but the fact that the audience is "older adults" makes it even better. The elderly really do crap their pants on occasion, so I don't know why they shouldn't benefit from it!

I bet the person who wrote this was absolutely horrified by their mistake, but this beautiful blunder will have me laughing all damn day. It's one of those mistakes that makes you wonder if it was a mistake at all. What if someone was just hilariously trolling old people? If so, then I can 100% get behind it. If I was an old person I'd still be laughing. Just because you're old doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of humor.

7 Punctuation Can Change Lives

We've all seen examples of how punctuation can change everything, right? For example,  "Let's eat Grandma!" sounds a lot more ominous than "Let's eat, Grandma!" Don't be mistaken for a cannibal, guys.

This poor guy will forever be known as the guy who loves man boobs simply because he didn't use the comma like he was supposed to. REGRETS. The only thing more cringe-worthy than forgetting a comma is when people use too many of them. I still remember proof-reading my college roommate's essay and the, entire, thing, read like, this. There wasn't enough red ink in the world, y'all. I almost had a nervous breakdown. According to The Penguin Guide to Punctuation, "The problem with poor punctuation is that it makes life difficult for the reader who needs to read and understand what you've written."

In addition to making life difficult for the reader, not using proper punctuation also makes you look like an idiot. Saying that, lack of punctuation also makes for some good laughs. Take these sentences from Buzzfeed, for example.

"Hey Jessica, how are you sexy?" instead of "Hey Jessica. How are you, sexy?"

"Don't wear black people," instead of "Don't wear black, people."

And finally, "No one under 21 must have ID," instead of "No one under 21. Must have ID."

6 I'm Not Mad At It

This might have some conservative Christians clutching their pearls, but this little mistake just made me smile. I do wonder if someone "messed this up" on purpose, though. Either way, it's funny. A lot of sheriff's offices put their trust in doggos! Police departments trust dogs to search for drugs and explosives, locate missing people, find crime scene evidence, and protect fellow policemen! Police dogs are trained to remember verbal cues and hand gestures from the time they're puppies!

Believe it or not, this particular rug actually has a super interesting story behind it.

According to CNN, when the Pinellas County Sheriff's office (in Florida) first noticed the funny typo, they simply had the rug manufacturer replace it with a new one. Although many people suggested that the sheriff's office sell it, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri had a different idea. Instead of selling it, he decided to auction off what became known as "the doggone rug" and donate the proceeds to a local rescue. Unbelievably, the $500 mistake was sold for $9,650. The money went to Jane Sidwell, the founder of Canine Estates, Inc.

"I knew that the sheriff's office paid $500 for it," she told CNN affiliate Bay News 9. "So I thought well, that's great. We'll get $500. But we had no idea it would escalate into what it has."

Apparently all $9,650 is going to cover vet bills. Awesome.


This girl's EXTREME duck face immediately told me everything I needed to know about her. Confusing the words "dyed" and "died" wasn't even necessary.

I don't understand how she could have typed the word "died" and thought...huh. Maybe that's not the right word. The lack of common sense is WAY more disturbing than the misspelling! I guess she just thought "died" had a double meaning, but it doesn't, honey. You literally just told all your followers that you had your hair cut and then you died. May you rest in peace and find more common sense in the afterlife.

The reason there are so many embarrassing posts to talk about is because people simply don't think before they post. It's like an epidemic. People don't take the time to proof read their words, use a dictionary, or asks themselves, "should I post this?" They just say whatever the hell is on their mind with no thought to how stupid they sound. Believe it or not, it is absolutely possible to get your hair dyed without posting about it online. This entire situation could have been avoided had she just kept her duck face and her hair status to herself (or just by using a dictionary). Crazy, I know.

4 Foot In Mouth

The fact that this guy mistook Christina Aguilera for a man in drag is pretty funny, but the fact that he honestly thinks cross-dressing is a new phenomenon is even funnier. Men have been dressing in drag FOR YEARS, guys. Don't believe me? Let me hit you with some cold hard FACTS.

Although "drag culture" is bigger and more acceptable than it's ever been, (RuPaul's Drag Race has just had its most successful season yet), drag queens are nothing new.

Not many people realize that the earliest forms of cross-dressing are actually rooted in religious rites. In his book Drag Diaries, author Jonathan David specifically discusses ancient ceremonies (Native American, indigenous South American, and Ancient Egyptian) and Japanese theater. According to David, "cross-dressing was widely documented among the Aztecs, Incas, and Egyptians, among other great civilizations of the past, and exists today in tribal ceremonies around the world." Cross-dressing was used for initiations, invocations, rain-dancing, warding off evil spirits, etc.

As many of you also know, cross-dressing was also an important part of Shakespeare's theater. In a world where women were forbidden to act,  many young men had no choice but to dress (and act) as women. In the book Drag: A History of Female Impersonation in the Performing Arts, author Roger Baker says, "If he (a young male actor) had a suitable face and a slim body, then his first assignments would be in female roles," he says. Sounds a lot like RuPaul's Drag Race to me!

3 Keepin' It Sanitary

If this bagel shop's goal was to keep everything nice and sanitary, then they failed pretty hard with this sign. Nothing like picking out a bagel with your tongue! Or tongs. Details.

People with terrible spelling skills do NOT need to be put in charge of public signage. Seriously, there should be some kind of spelling test required before tasks like these are assigned. I see this kind of thing in the grocery store all the time. Just the other day someone had posted a sign that said "cakes on sail" in the bakery at Kroger. The cakes were on SAIL, guys. They were wearing Vineyard Vines shirts, boating shoes, white pants, the whole nine yards. They thought they were better than everyone, the uppity bastards.

I don't know why someone would make the word "tong" so complicated. It's spelled exactly how it sounds! "Tongue" is actually the harder word to spell, but yet they used it anyway! Do you think that someone did this on purpose? It's possible, I guess. Most teenagers aren't that devastated when they lose their part-time job at the local bagel shop, so I wouldn't put these kind of antics past them.

The real question is, did anyone ever use their tongue?

2 Watch the BMUP

Was the person who painted this dyslexic, stupid, or just not paid enough to care? I'm going with "just not paid enough to care." That's pretty much everyone who works for the government (I can say this, I used to be a government employee).

"Bump" is a pretty easy word, so there must be more to this story.

I'm pretty sure the word "bump" was on my kid's spelling list back in first grade, actually. I bet whoever was responsible for painting this accidentally misplaced the M, noticed it, and then though "too late now. I need to get home for dinner." I know that's exactly what happened, deep in my bones. Personally, I couldn't leave it like this. This is messing with my OCD and I don't even have OCD. I would have to start over no matter what the cost. I couldn't have an entire town thinking I didn't know how to spell the word "bump," for God's sake. If only everyone had that kind of self respect.

Honestly, it doesn't really matter too much. Regardless of how it's misspelled, people are going to notice it and slow down. Saying that, I bet there were a ton of jokes about dumb town employees. They were asking for it, really.

1 Yes, This Actually Happened

Guys, this is an actual tweet that some unfortunate soul posted on Twitter for the entire world to see.

This isn't just embarrassing, this is straight-up awful in every kind of way. You would think that in this day and age most people would understand that being "HIV Positive" means that you do, infect, have HIV, but I guess people are dumber than I thought. Didn't her doctor explain her test results to her? Even if the results came back negative, why would anyone announce their medical results to the world on social media? Your medical information should ALWAYS remain private! There's a reason doctors make you sign a medical information release form every time you go in the office. I wouldn't want anyone to know I was being tested for HIV in the first place! I know this girl lived to regret this tweet, but I honestly do hope she's getting the treatment she needs. I hope and pray that she's also no longer on Twitter (and that someone broke the news to her gently). Despite what we know about HIV, there is still a major stigma attached to it. May this girl's mistake be a lesson to all of you who over-share on the Internet.

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