This Rooster Runs To Greet His Person When She Gets Home

Chickens have long suffered a bad reputation for being "dumb" animals, but the truth is that chickens are very intelligent, caring creatures and can be lovely pets. Chickens can feel empathy, can recognize human faces, are capable of problem solving, can develop complex friendships with other chickens, other animals and humans. They even dream when they sleep! One family found this to be especially true with Frog, the rooster.


"We raised Frog from a hatchling" Holley Burns, Frog's human said. "He quickly became much different from the other chicks. He was more attentive and had interest in everyday things and everything my daughter did. He 'hopped' like a frog more than he walked, hence why we named him Frog. At first, we thought Frog was a hen, till he grew older. Then we realized our sweet hen was a rooster!".


Burns decided to document some of Frog's everyday adorable human-like antics for everyone to see. She pulled out her phone and hit record as soon as she knew that Savannah's school bus would be pulling up. Like clockwork, Frog started getting excited and began to run up the family's long dirt path drive way in search of his most favorite human being. Frog patiently (or somewhat, impatiently) waited until Savannah exited the bus before running right up to her. Savannah scooped up the bird in her arms and Frog graciously accepted by cuddling her. Savannah carries Frog in her arms all the way to the front door where she realizes that her mother has been recording the cute exchange. True to form, Frog makes a cute face for the camera.

Burns has said that Frog loves everyone he meets (humans and animals alike) but his true soulmate is her high school-aged daughter, Savannah, who is growing up with Frog. The two are inseparable and apart only when Savannah is at school. They even go shopping together! Frog even knows what time Savannah comes home every day and will start clucking if Burns doesn't open the door quickly enough. Like a caring friend, Frog likes to be there waiting for Savannah when she gets off the bus. If other kids get in the way and Savannah doesn't exit the bus quickly enough, feathered Frog will hop on the bus and go searching for her!


"He spends his cuddle time with my daughter every day and will do anything for her" Burns posted on Frog's very own Facebook fan page. "He has a best friend, Casper, who is a rescue pup we found abandoned. Frog and Casper bonded one night during an extremely bad storm. Casper was terrified hiding in our laundry room, so Frog went up and cuddled him till it was over. Ever since then they have been best friends. Frog is a bit of a camera hog, and loves his photo taken, as you can tell".

When Savannah said that she loved Frog more than she loved her brother, her mother said that was going too far. But a smiling Savannah stuck to her guns and said, "That's mean but still...".

Way to hop and cluck into our hearts, Frog! You're the best!


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