The Royal Wedding Was As Cute As Could Be

The big day has come and gone and the British Royal Family is one Duchess richer with the addition of Meghan Markle as the Duchess of Sussex. Markle's love story with her literal Prince is the kind of stuff that romantic comedies and thousands of romance books are made of... finding true love with a Royal. No arranged marriages or marriages of convenience here. If you have ever seen an interview with the couple, you know how cute they are together. It really does seem as though they both are head over heels for one another!

So it wouldn't come as a surprise then that many of their royal wedding photos are tender  and heartwarming. When Harry saw his bride walking down the aisle, it seemed as if he had to take a moment to catch his breath. When she finally reached him, he ever so gently lifted her veil and brushed it back. After the wedding, as the couple made their way outside, the couple held hands (as they did throughout most of the ceremony) and Harry leaned in for a sweet kiss which had onlookers cheering with delight.


William and Kate's wedding, just seven years ago, was a very different affair than Harry and Meghan's. It was extremely traditional and "by the book" while this wedding had a choir singing Stand By MeExperts say that the relaxed nature of Harry and Meghan's wedding was partly due to the passage the time and the eventual change that is inevitable in the modern world we are living in today. But another factor is that since Harry is the second born child to Prince Charles, he is not a future King which means that he pretty much has a green light to be less tied to traditions and customs than his older brother, William.


The relaxed vibe was certainly evident as Harry and Meghan left as man and wife. Harry smiled and laughed with the crowd as Meghan looked on, all smiles. While in the carriage, the two held hands and looked as close and happy as ever.


Meghan's arrival to St. George's Chapel (she was officially four seconds late to her own wedding!) was completely adorable as she waved to the onlookers from the backseat along with the Mulroney twins, her maid of honor, Jessica Mulroney's sons who acted as her pageboys. Meghan's excitement and happiness as she arrived said everything about her love for Prince Harry.

After the ceremony, Harry and Meghan emerged wearing different outfits. This time, Harry donned a traditional yet comfortable-looking tuxedo while Meghan wore a stunning but lighter white sleeveless gown. We have to imagine there was a lot of dancing going down at Frogmore House last night in these move-able outfits!

From everyone at TheThings, our warmest congratulations go out to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!


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