15 Strict Rules Airlines Make Celebs Follow (And 5 Who Broke Them)

Being an airplane passenger must surely be among the most simple activities human beings undertake: Get on the plane, sit down, keep sitting, before finally getting back up and off the plane. Sure, flying can be stressful, but let’s be honest: it’s not that hard.

Yet celebrities seem to be terrible at flying. Maybe it’s because famous people are so used to being pampered that they seem to think the rules of air travel do not apply to them?! They want to stand up when they’re not supposed to, play on their cell phones when they should be turned off, and have everyone around them act in accordance with their wishes. No wonder so many of them have been kicked off planes or arrested once the flight lands. Check out these strict, yet very simple rules celebs need to follow when flying.

20 Take It Easy When Consuming Alcohol

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The list of celebrities who've broken this rule is long. Having a few drinks is a fine way to pass the time, but celebs should keep themselves in check. They risk annoying everyone around them, reeking of booze, and needing to get up to use the lavatory every 20 minutes. Not a great strategy for gaining new fans.

19 Keep The Noise Level Down

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This doesn't just apply to those who've had one drink too many, but also the celebrities who travel with their children, and those who feel like striking up a conversation with the passenger next to them. Don't assume everyone is excited to talk to you just because you're famous. Many, if not most people just want to endure the flight in silence and arrive somewhat rested at their destination.

18 Don't Use Profanity

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Sticks and stones can break your bones, but curse words can get people booted off their flight. We're guessing the limit is set a little higher for famous people than the common man, but there have been several cases of foul-mouthed people being left on the ground to watch the plane take off.

17 Don't Dress Provocatively

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In airline-lingo, provocatively doesn't just mean sexy. Sure, wearing something too tight or revealing might get a celebrity booted, but also if something is too political - such as a T-shirt with profanity or a bold political opinion printed on it, or even too loose. Yes, that is right: loose. Sagging baggy pants got Billie Joe Armstrong kicked off a flight.

16 Bring Your ID, Don't Expect To Be Recognized

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Celebs get recognized all the time, right? So it's no wonder that they expect airline employees to recognize them without having to show id. Except that's not how things work in the real world. Pointing to a movie poster or their picture in a magazine isn't going to help either. Don't think anyone would do this? Ask Amanda Bynes!

15 Don't Bring Illegal Items

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Sometimes celebrities believe their fame means they're above the law, and to some extent that might be true. Still, airlines don't want to deal with their illegalities, like the time Christian Slater brought an unlicensed firearm with him to JFK, trying to bring it onto his flight. We're still wondering what he thought would happen.

14 Listen To The Flight Crew

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We know celebrities don't like to be told what to do, but on a plane, they have no choice. Whether being asked to open the window shade, buckle their seatbelt, put their phone on airplane mode, lift up the tray table, or pretty much anything else, they're expected to follow instructions. Several celebs thought this didn't apply to them, and as a result, were kicked off the plane.

13 Respect The Lavatories

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There have been situations where celebs have used the lavatories to smoke - and not just cigarettes - as well as trying to join a certain club that involves bedroom activities while flying. The airlines certainly aren't fans of celebrities doing this as they're blatantly disrespecting the rules as well as other passengers.

12 Don't Cause A Disruption

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Airline companies hate disorderly celebrities, you know, those threatening or arguing with gate agents, getting into altercations, or just annoying passengers around them by being loud and disruptive. It's rare that airline employees will revoke boarding pass privileges without a warning, but celebs shouldn't push it - some have been denied boarding the plane in the past.

11 No Illegal Substances

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You'd think this one was a no-brainer, yet there are several celebrities who've been caught with illegal substances when flying. Due to their celebrity status, most of them get away with a slap on the wrist and having to pay a fine. However, there's always the chance of being caught after the flight and literally landing themselves in some serious trouble.

10 Don't Have Too Many Demands

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Three Arab princesses started a 3 hour-long argument over seating arrangements on a plane. Apparently, they weren’t able to sit next to men who they were related to, but they didn’t alert anyone to the situation until after takeoff! The pilot forced the trio of women to leave. We know celebs can be demanding, but certain demands must be dealt with beforehand.

9 Don't Make Passengers Or Crew Members Uncomfortable

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In short, this just means don't be a jerk. Don't say things like "Do you know who I am?", don't argue and cause problems. And definitely don't be like Paris Hilton's brother, Conrad, who had too much alcohol mixed with other substances, referred to everyone in the economy section as “peasants,” and woke up handcuffed to his seat.

8 Personal Hygiene Is Important

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Obviously, airline companies don't want any of their passengers to suffer from someone's bad body odor. There are certain method actors and rock band members out there who have questionable hygiene at best. Here's the thing though, it can sometimes be too much of a good thing as well - overly strong cologne or perfume can be as unpleasant as BO in close quarters.

7 Stop Texting Or Talking On The Phone

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Using electronic devices during takeoff and landing is not allowed, but that hasn't stopped several celebs from trying to use their phones and blackberries anyway. Actor Josh Duhamel was removed from a New York-to-Kentucky flight when he would not turn off his BlackBerry after being asked to do so by flight attendants three separate times.

6 Don't Be Too Large

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This might sound a bit silly, yet it's true. Airplane seats are small to begin with, and safety measures mandate that everyone must be able to buckle themselves in during takeoff and landing. Even Hollywood folks have to abide by this rule. Take the case of famous writer and director Kevin Smith, who had to exit a Southwest flight because he was too fat for the seat.

5 Broke The Rules: Paul McCartney

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The former Beatles member managed to land himself in jail when visiting Japan. What Paul did is something we might've expected from Snoop Dogg or Willie Nelson. He brought half a pound of marijuana onto a flight from London to Japan with him. After being held for a week in jail, he was deported back to England.

4 Broke The Rules: Blac Chyna

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Blac Chyna was arrested at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in January 2016 after getting into a drunken argument with a flight attendant. She was arrested that night for public intoxication, and Rob Kardashian ended up bailing her out. Seems like these celebrities are incapable of behaving themselves when they're out in public.

3 Broke The Rules: Amanda Bynes

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In May 2013, the troubled star was kicked off a flight when she didn't have a valid I.D. She told the airline employees to "Google her," but things exactly didn't work in her favor. It would've been kinda scary if that tactic did work, imagine if all the celebrity look-alikes started doing it.

2 Broke The Rules: David Hasselhoff

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Back in 2006, the actor was banned from a British Airways flight at Heathrow airport that was bound for Los Angeles for being too intoxicated. That doesn't sound like anything out of the ordinary when it comes to celebrities. However, the flight was at 7 a.m., so the Hoff must've been up early to get the party started.

1 Broke The Rules: Alec Baldwin

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Alec really doesn't like it when anyone tells him to stop playing Words With Friends. Flying from NYC to LA in 2011, the actor was asked to hold off playing the game while the plane took off. Instead of following flight protocol, he began tweeting about the audacity of the flight attendants and was kicked off the plane... and rightfully so.

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