20 Rules Bugatti Owners Must Follow To Keep Their Cars

A Bugatti is not a car. It is a technical masterpiece that is capable of traveling at one-third of the speed of sound. Owning a piece of machinery that powerful is a serious responsibility, so Bugatti is equally serious about who they allow to buy one.

The company itself views each of its cars as a work of art. Each Bugatti must be a masterpiece that is personalized to each customer's unique lifestyle. To achieve this, Bugatti engages regularly with each one of their customers, as has been known to treat them like family.

Owners too, have to live up to their end of the bargain as well. Although Bugatti isn’t as stifling as Ferrari, there are conditions that Bugatti owners are required to meet. Bugatti is clearly striving for automotive perfection, and have made it clear they expect no less from their customers as well.

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20 No Tinkering

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A Bugatti is akin to a piece of forbidden fruit. Under no circumstances should you tinker with the engine. In fact, Bugatti is so insistent on this, they’ve made it impossible to be accessed by anyone who isn’t a Bugatti employee. If you want to see exactly what your $3,000,000 has bought, there’s always Google Image.

19 You Must Spend A Fortune On Purchase Tax

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Purchase or sales tax on a $3 million car is more than most peoples salary. In the state of California, the tax bill alone is an eye-watering $320,000. A common trick that people with expensive cars do is register the car out of state which can dramatically reduce the amount of tax paid.

18 New Tires Every 2,500 Miles

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Thankfully the cost of tires for Bugatti has dropped dramatically recently. The company no longer uses Michelin Pilot Sport 2s that went for $30,000 a set. Instead, they favor a standard rim geometry. Nonetheless, Bugatti still insists that tires are replaced every 2,500 miles under standard road use – more on that later.

17 They Can’t Drive At Top Speed Whenever They Like

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After Veyron owners have shelled out millions of dollars to buy one of the fastest cars in the world, driving at top speed is not as simple as just mashing the throttle. A special key needs to be inserted to unlock the top speed. Once this happens, it will go through a series of checks to make sure it’s mechanically up to the task.

16 And If You Do Drive It At Top Speed..

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When the car is driven at top speed, the maintenance costs stack up even more. At top speed, the tires need to be replaced after 15 minutes. It’s not really a problem though because you can change them at the same time you’re refueling the car, which at top speed will be after 8 minutes.

15 If A Bugatti Isn’t Driven, Tire Change Is Done Every 5 Years

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You may think you’re safe from paying out tens of thousands of dollars every year if you’re the type who likes to collect cars and stare at them instead of driving them. That isn’t the case though, Bugatti will still call you every 5 years to insist that the tires are changed.

14 An Oil Change Will Cost $20,000

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When Bugatti makes it impossible to work on your own car, it almost guarantees you have to use their service. To carry out an oil change on their Veyron costs a little over $20,000 and takes 27 hours to complete. This allows time to undo the 16 oil drain plugs and practically disassemble half the car so the engine can be accessed.

13 New Wheels Every Third Tire Change

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If you’re lucky enough to own a Veyron, Bugatti specifies that after every third tire change the wheels must also be replaced. This is to ensure the split seal is not damaged and it's actually pretty important in a car with a top speed of 267 mph. The cost of those new Oz Racing wheels? A mere $120,000 (plus shipping).

12 The Bugatti Lifestyle Must Be Maintained

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When a Bugatti is purchased that is only the start of a lifelong journey for the owner. The marketing boss of Bugatti has stated before that owners are treated like family. Owners are regularly invited to the Bugatti factory in Molshiem, treated to private concerts, and flown to glamorous locations to drive their cars.

11 They Can’t Say No To Data Sharing

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Bugatti is fiercely protective of their image, perhaps even more so than Ferrari. As such, they are committed to ensuring every single one of their cars is operating at its optimal level. This means they can dial into any Bugatti anywhere in the world and find out if the oil needs changing. There was one documented instance where they contacted an owner to let him know the tire was going flat as he was driving.

10 Owners Must Answer When Bugatti Calls

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With the amount of data Bugatti pulls off the car, they can detect the moment that something goes wrong. Their first step is to call the owner and inform them that they have detected an issue. The owner must make themselves available to answer the call, otherwise, they risk losing their place in the Bugatti lifestyle program.

9 Owners Must Pay $40,000 For Delivery

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To be fair, if you have enough money to buy a Bugatti and maintain it, you probably won’t blink an eye at the mandatory $40,000 delivery fee. As you’d imagine, the Bugatti arrives wrapped to perfection and upon arrival, a Bugatti dealer then spends 12 hours inspecting it and noting down every detail.

8 They Can’t Keep Their Cars In Factory Trim

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Bugatti goes to great lengths to ensure every car is the best car Bugatti has ever built, even after it leaves the factory. If a new feature has been released, or some part of the production process updated, Bugatti will carry out the work to update every Bugatti already sold.

7 Oil Must Be Purchased From Bugatti

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The one thing Bugatti owners are allowed to do mechanically is checking, and topping up the oil. A quad turbocharged car like the Veyron will burn through oil quickly so this is essential maintenance. Bugatti however, insists that oil is purchased directly from them. In case you’re wondering though, the grade it takes is 10W-60, the same as BMW recommends.

6 The Wheel Design Must Never Be Changed

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If you’ve ever been tempted to put a set of Volk TE 37 rims on your Bugatti for a chuckle, forget it, you can’t. The wheels on each Bugatti have been carefully designed to draw warm air out and allow maximum airflow and brake cooling. And Bugatti will know if you do

5 Owners Must Refuel Carefully

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Besides the Bugatti emptying its fuel tank as fast as you can blink, owners have to be super careful when they refuel. The Bugatti usually takes 93 or 100 octane fuel. Because 93 octane can be difficult to find, it can be filled up with 91 octane, but Bugatti has to make adjustments to the engine first, to prevent damage.

4 Hosting A Flying Doctor

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The system that Bugatti uses to monitor their cars keeps uses over 10,000 different sensors. If they detect a problem that needs immediate attention, they will dispatch one of their flying doctors who will get the parts needed for the repair, track the owner down and fix their vehicle in person.

3 Extensive Background Checks

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Bugattis aren’t bought, they are applied for. And when somebody applies to own a Bugatti, the company will submit the potential new owner's name to a security firm who run an extensive background check. This is mandatory for everybody who applies to the Bugatti ownership program so if you want to own one of these cars, your background had better be squeaky clean.

2 Don’t Even Think About Flipping It

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One thing the above vetting process does, is prevent people buying Bugattis just to sell them for a tidy profit. The waiting process to own a new Bugatti can take years and production runs are extremely limited. If anyone is caught reselling their Bugatti for profit, they receive an instant lifetime ban.

1 The Must Pay A Substantial Deposit

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After your background has been vetted by an international security team and Bugatti is thinking about letting you own one of their cars, a $250,000 deposit must be paid before they will start building it. If for some reason you can’t afford it, Bugatti might lease you the vehicle instead but they will limit the distance it’s driven to just 2,500 miles annually.

Sources: Bugatti, Business Insider and Bloomberg.

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