20 Ridiculous Rules Celebs Made Their Drivers Follow

Almost every celebrity has some sort of reputation, for better or worse. Whether they’re known for being a jerk or for being as humble as can be, we rarely ever get glimpses into the truth behind those personas.

Some folks who do get those rare looks into the real personalities of the rich and famous are the chauffeurs who drive them from one place to another. Yet, rarely do we ever hear any juicy celebrity stories being leaked by the drivers. Probably because celebs have enough money to pay their staff well, so they'll put up with doing the kinds of things that we can’t imagine are actually part of the job description.

Here are some of the ridiculous rules celebs made their drivers follow.

20 Careful, I'm Shaving

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A chauffeur should expect Vince McMahon to keep his face clean and shave on the fly - even if he didn't have any stubble. Chauffeurs also used to drive McMahon to his favorite salon back in the day in New York. He would go at least once a week spending $100 on a haircut.

19 Go Faster

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According to Jim Ross on the Sam Roberts podcast, McMahon loves to go fast. Ross recalled stories of riding with McMahon from back in the day – Vince wasn’t afraid to step on the gas pedal. Vince expects quick rides from his chauffeurs as well. Being on the move 24/7, the speed limit likely doesn’t cut it. Whoever’s driving him around better be focused on getting from A to B quickly.

18 Fill The Car With M&Ms

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Eminem wants the car to be filled with M&Ms, perhaps because he likes the name? He actually made up the stage name Eminem by combining the starting letters of his name and surname, but is it possible that he came up with the name by thinking of the sweets and later agreed with fans that it was supposedly from his name?

17 Ensure There Are Plenty Of Comic Books Available

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There are a few chauffeurs out there who've said having Eminem in their car was a quiet and pleasurable experience. As long as he was alone that is. He prefers relaxing and winding down with comic books - which he's been a life-long fan of. When his career peaked, there was no time for this, maybe that's why he enjoys it now?!

16 Stop For Cigars

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Arnie is a man who enjoys his cigars. He once told the whole motorcade - about 15 cars, including police and motorcycles - to stop by some tobacco store. So there were a bunch of cars with lights flashing, standing in front of a tobacco store in the middle of downtown with hundreds of people watching while the Terminator sent his driver to get cigars.

15 Avoid The Freeways

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Michael Jackson preferred to avoid freeways at all costs. His mother Katherine Jackson once revealed this is because the singer believed they were too dangerous. However, when the star got his license at age 23, he began getting over his anxiety - mainly because he realized how long it took to get around Los Angeles without using them.

14 Have To Know How To Drive All The Cars

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To say Michael Jackson liked collecting cars would be an understatement. According to Mercedes Blog, at the time of his passing, the celebrity had come to own 75 cars, even though he rarely ever took them for a spin himself. Thus, his drivers had to be prepared to drive whatever car the singer was in the mood to be seen in.

13 Pull Over For The Homeless

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According to one of Michael Jackson’s former bodyguards, the singer had a fascination with homeless people and couldn’t understand how they had no place to live. If he ever passed one while driving, he would instruct his drivers to pull over so he could talk to them and would sometimes give them hundreds of dollars before driving off.

12 No Questions Asked

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One of the many rules a lot of celebrities have for their staff, drivers included, is to do whatever they're told without asking any questions. No asking why they have to go somewhere at weird hours or how long they'll be. Needless to say, a lot of stars want to maintain a certain level of privacy.

11 Stay Behind The Wheel At All Times

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Being a chauffeur means spending a lot of time behind the wheel of a car, so they need to take any opportunities they get to take care of business when nature calls. Except if you're Katy Perry's driver, then you have to stay behind the wheel of the car until you're done working for the day. Better keep some empty water bottles handy.

10 Don't Speak

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In order to be Katy Perry's driver, you must enjoy long periods of time without opening your mouth. Part of the 45-page contract her driver has to adhere to involves not talking. Ever. Not to Perry herself, nor to any of the members of her entourage. We're wondering how he knows where to drive them.

9 Never Assume – Ask If In Doubt

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We've already covered how Katy Perry's driver isn't allowed to talk to her, the funny thing is that he's also not allowed to ever assume anything. The chauffeur has to ask her or someone in the entourage if he's in doubt about something. But how? By using sign language? We really don't want this poor guy's job.

8 No Eye Contact

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There are several stars who instruct their staff to avoid eye contact with them. J Lo, the diva from the block, is well-known for her bratty behavior towards staff, but she's not the only one with this demand. Eminem, Katy Perry, and Michael Jackson are just some of the celebs who chose a weird profession if they don't want people to look at them.

7 Only Cotton

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Kanye West's drivers have to adhere to a strict dress code of only wearing 100% cotton – absolutely no man-made materials. While it's a "uniform" that has got to be pretty comfortable, we're asking ourselves so many questions. Like, why is it that only his drivers have to wear cotton? Does this request include sweats, cause we're totally curious as to what kind of pants they can get away with wearing?

6 Have A Backup Car Available

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Some celebs expect their driver to always have another car available in case the one they're using breaks down. This is especially weird since they often drive the celeb's car in the first place. Eminem's chauffeur has to ensure that the car is functional, but in case of breakdowns, Eminem expects his chauffeur to organize another vehicle for him so that he won't be late for his appearance.

5 Stop For Fast Food

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Several celebs send their drivers to pick up take away fast food for them. Adelle once ordered pizza from another town 140 miles away. Eminem is another star who likes his junk food - some of his favorite joints are McDonald's, Taco Bells and Denny's, and he relies on his chauffeurs to provide him with takeaways whenever he travels.

4 Sign Here!

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Most celebrities make all their employees sign a non-disclosure agreement when they're hired. This means staff can't tell anyone - and particularly the media - what they've witnessed in the presence of said celeb. It does make sense that they want to keep certain aspects of their lives private though, and what better way to make sure people keep quiet than threaten them with a lawsuit if the contract is broken.

3 Available 24/7 – 365

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There are plenty of drivers who've shared stories of how their superstar employers expect them to be available 24 hours of the day for the period they've hired them. This also happens to be the number one reason many chauffeurs wouldn't recommend the job to others. Then again, one driver was tipped over $5,000 by an Indian billionaire for his impeccable service during the week he drove him around.

2 Order Food

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While several celebs send their drivers to pick up fast food for them, Vince McMahon sends his driver to order food for him at fancy restaurants. Vince doesn’t have the easiest orders either, usually opting for a healthy meal and a complicated one at that. We're not sure what happens if he doesn't like the food and wants to send it back.

1 Alkaline Water

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Vince McMahon drinks Alkaline water and his crew better have this ready for the boss – that also includes his personal chauffeurs. As Jim Cornette stated on his podcast, McMahon views food and drink as nothing but fuel for his system. Alkaline water certainly accomplishes that – the water aids in metabolizing nutrients, something McMahon is definitely fond of.

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