10 Rules Eminem’s Chauffeurs Must Follow (And 10 Cars He Bought Himself)

Growing up in poverty had exposed Marshall Mathers to countless unpleasant experiences. He was bullied at the age of nine and had to drop out of school and find work to support his family. When Mathers met Dr. Dre, he became a superstar. Dr. Dre saw something in Mathers that most people in the music industry had overlooked.

He branded Mathers as Eminem and the rest is basically history. Eminem's affiliation with Dr. Dre launched his career and made him richer than he could imagine. Once the paychecks starting rolling in, Eminem made wise investments and bought a few cars.

Not many people are aware of his impressive collection. We dug into the history of his purchases and found a vast array of vehicles. Although Eminem has built a career from bashing people and using violent language, he acknowledges that's a persona that he purported to the public. Behind the scenes, Eminem is a different person who expects his staff to abide by his rules. His numerous performances around the world required him to be chauffeured to his appearances. We were interested in finding out what rules his chauffeurs had to follow and the cars Eminem bought, so we went behind the scenes and discovered things that most people didn't know.

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20 Rule: No Cursing

via Twitter

Every album that Eminem releases contains an explicit lyrics warning. Eminem isn't shy to voice his opinion by swearing at people. Many of his fans would be surprised to find out that he doesn't tolerate swearing in his house and prefers not to hear it when chauffeured.

He has taught his daughter not to swear and doesn't want her surrounded by people who do. His staff knows that they shouldn't swear when his daughter is with him. Considering he swears a lot on his albums, Eminem prefers not to hear it outside of the studio. Nobody dares to disrespect the boss.

19 Rule: Fill Up The Car With M&Ms

via Pinterest

Most people believe that he made up the stage name Eminem by combining the starting letters of his name and surname. Although that is true, Eminem also thought that it was ironic that his stage name was the same as his favorite sweets. He loves M&Ms and expects his staff to provide the sweets when he's traveling. Who can blame Eminem for enjoying one of the best sweets in the world?

It seems that by calling himself Eminem, he combined his name and his favorite sweet. Maybe, he came up with the name by thinking of the sweets and later agreed with fans that it was supposedly from his name.

18 Rule: Keep Cara Lewis Happy

via Page Six

Who? Eminem's staff know who she is. Lewis is Eminem's agent, and one of the most feared women in the industry. She was also involved in the Anger Management tour, which featured artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, and Ludacris.

She has made a name for herself in the music industry and expects respect. Eminem wants Lewis to be happy, especially when she's traveling with him, so he ensured that his chauffeurs treat her with respect and accommodate her demands. Chauffeurs who don't keep her happy will hear from Eminem since Lewis won't hesitate to report poor treatment to Mathers.

17 Rule: Ensure Sufficient Security Guards

via The Independent

Growing up in poverty and being bullied meant that Eminem was shy and didn't like attention. Since he rose to fame, Eminem has received a tremendous amount of attention from fans. He wrote a song called Stan, depicting a fan's obsession to meet him and to hurt anyone who stood in his way.

Eminem is aware that some of his fans will go to great lengths to meet him, so he is pedantic about having security guards around him at all times. He demands that his chauffeurs ensure that he has enough security guards who will keep fans away from the vehicle so that he can feel safe and get to his appearance on time.

16 Rule: Keep The Cars Spotless

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Not only does he like to keep it clean by not allowing cursing, but Eminem also expects his cars to be clean at all times. Although a worldwide superstar, Eminem hasn't forgotten his roots. He doesn't mind getting his hands dirty by washing his Dodge Super Bee and popping the hood to do mechanical work. Since he can do it, Eminem expects his staff to do the same for his cars.

His chauffeurs have to keep his cars in pristine condition at all times. Celebrities want to arrive in style. A dirty car won't portray that image. Eminem likes to keep his precious vehicles spotless.

15 Rule: Make Sure He Has Enough Comic Books

via MLive

Most of his fans are unaware that Eminem had a bigger dream than to be the most famous rapper in the world. Before the world found out about Slim, Eminem wanted to be a comic book artist. He grew up reading comic books and also drawing comics. Eminem is left-handed, meaning he uses the creative part of his brain to engage in daily activities.

That's why he can come up with rhymes in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately for Eminem, he didn't make it as a comic book artist and had to settle for being a rap superstar. Wherever he goes, Eminem expects his chauffeurs to ensure he's got plenty of comic books in the car to keep him busy during his travels.

14 Rule: Never Take Photos Of His Daughter

via Celebrity Insider

Although he has shared almost everything about his life in his songs, Eminem keeps some things private. One of the people that he doesn't want to attract attention to is his daughter, Hailie Jade. He has censored her face in his music videos and kept her away from the limelight. To ensure that his daughter isn't in the public's eye, Eminem doesn't want his chauffeurs to take photos of her.

Although he has tried to ensure that Hailie Jade's pictures aren't on the internet, his efforts failed due to his daughter's desire to post pictures of herself on social media. Eminem is worried that she might date guys who listened to his albums.

13 Rule: No Starring At Him

via LA Times

The song My Name Is catapulted Eminem into stardom. He went from participating in underground rap battles to being one of the most aired artists on MTV. Coming from a conservative life and transitioning to superstardom was a big change for Eminem. One of the things that he was uncomfortable with during the blossoming of his career was people staring at him.

Eminem had to get used to the attention of everybody looking at him wherever he went. He felt uncomfortable but got used to it throughout the years. Although he can't tell his fans not to stare at him, he instructed his chauffeurs not to do it.

12 Rule: Have A Back-Up Car In Case Of Breakdown

via Youtube

The main responsibility of Eminem's chauffeur is to get him on time to his appearances. His chauffeur has to ensure that the car is functional, but breakdowns can happen. In case that happens, Eminem expects his chauffeur to organize another vehicle for him so that he won't be late for his appearance.

Considering Eminem has reliable cars, breakdowns don't happen often, but his chauffeur is prepared to organize him a ride in case of emergencies. Eminem prides himself on being professional. That means arriving on time is crucial for him.

11 Rule: Provide Him With Fast F00d Meals

via Mlive

His wealth has allowed him to dine at the finest restaurants in the world, but Eminem hasn't forgotten his days of struggling to feed the household. Instead of spending large amounts of money at fancy restaurants, Eminem prefers to be frugal with food by buying takeaways. Some of his favorite joints are McDonald's, Taco Bells and Denny's.

Since Eminem has relied on his chauffeurs to provide him with takeaways whenever he traveled, he put on quite a bit of weight. Eminem said that he ran every day to lose weight, especially after rehab. He said that he became obsessed with running.

10 Bought: Dodge Super Bee

via modni-auto.info

Although Eminem can afford any supercar and owns a few, he also loves vintage vehicles. His Dodge Super Bee is a 1970 model. It seems that the rapper isn't afraid of popping the hood and getting his hands dirty. He also washed the vehicle before fixing the mechanical parts. The automaker produced the Super Bee from 1968 until 1971 in the U.S. but resurrected the car in 2007 and 2012.

Classed as a muscle car, the Super Bee came with several engine variants. Consumers had options to invest in a 6.3, 7 or 7.2-liter engines. All of the engines pumped out plenty of power.

9 Bought: Cadillac Escalade

via Hip Hop Shelter

One of the cars that Eminem gets chauffeured in is the Cadillac Escalade. The car provides plenty of space in the cabin, and the engine is powerful. The only problem with the Escalade is reliability. The car has featured for several years in Consumer Reports' Least Reliable list.

Consumers who don't mind spending money on repair costs in lieu of experiencing comfort in the spacious cabin and the powerful engine will be treated to the 6.2-liter V8, capable of pumping out 420 horsepower. A 2018 model costs $75,000, and the Platinum trim will cost up to $97,000.

8 Bought: Hummer H2

via Pinterest

Numerous rappers bought the H2 when it came out in 2002. They featured it in their music videos and drove it around town while pumping the beats. When their fans saw the car in their videos, they also wanted to own it. Most H2 drivers got the surprise of their life when they discovered that the car was unreliable.

They incurred exorbitant costs to repair the car. If that wasn't bad enough, they also discovered that the car was a guzzler and impractical. Finding parking for the H2 became a nightmare for drivers. The H2's unreliability, poor fuel economy, and impracticality led to its demise.

7 Bought: Ford Mustang GT

via Motor Authority

Once the checks started rolling in, Eminem wanted to spoil himself with a few toys. One of the cars that he purchased after he rose to fame with his single 'My Name Is' was a 1999 Ford Mustang GT. Eminem opted for a convertible that was red when he purchased it but changed the color to purple. He kept the car until 2003, then decided to put it eBay, according to Motor Authority.

The winning bidder was a 12-years old Courtney Wittenberg, an heiress to a multi-million dollar empire. When Courtney got tired of the car, she followed the same steps to selling it like Eminem.

6 Bought: Porsche 911 Turbo

via Porsche

Who said that you needed to buy a Lamborghini or a Bugatti to reach 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds? Porsche has proven many critics wrong who believed that the automaker's cars couldn't match up to the speed of Italian supercars. According to Car and Driver, the 2017 911 Turbo S is capable of reaching 0 to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds, and the regular Turbo needs only three seconds.

The 911 Turbo has a top speed of 198 mph and produces 540 horsepower. Consumers who are interested in experiencing that massive power from Porsche's engine shouldn't be surprised to pay over $163,000 for the car.

5 Bought: Ferrari 575M

via RM Sotheby's

Any car connoisseur will want to get their hands on a rare supercar. One of the cars that Eminem couldn't restrain himself from owning was the Ferrari 575. The Italian manufacturer produced the car for five years from 2002 and limited the production to 2,056 examples. The car is an updated 550 Maranello that features minor styling changes from Pininfarina.

Besides the car's dashing looks, the 575M offered a 5.7-liter V12 engine, capable of pumping out 508 horsepower and cost $247,000, according to Car and Driver. I don't doubt that the 575M will be worth a lot at an auction in a few years.

4 Bought: Ford GT

via Wikipedia

Ford started producing the GT in 2004 and ceased production in 2006 but resurrected the car in 2016. The GT is a tribute to the GT 40, a four-time winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. During the initial three year production, Ford produced just over 4,000 examples and fitted the car with a 5.4-liter V8 engine, as well as a 6-speed manual transmission.

Ford built the GT to celebrate the company's 100th-anniversary celebration, so the automaker designed the left headlight cluster to read 100. The car needed 3.8 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph and combined fuel consumption of 19mpg. The second generation had a Twin-turbocharged Ford EcoBoost V6, capable of producing 647 horsepower.

3 Bought: Audi R8

via NY Daily News

German automakers tried to compete with their Italian counterparts in the supercar market and succeeded. Not only has BMW manufactured the i8 and Mercedes produced the AMG GT, but Audi has also produced a supercar known as the R8. The German automaker started producing the car in 2006 and has kept it in production since. The European market likes the car more than those in the US since sales in Europe are almost double than in America.

Jacky Ickx, 6-time 24 Hours of Le Mans winner, said that the R8 was the best handling road car. The car was also Tony Stark's car during the six films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2 Bought: Porsche 911 GT3 RS

via Car Magazine

In my opinion, Porsche is one of the automakers that deserves more credit than its gotten. The German manufacturer has produced some of the best sports cars on the road. The 911 series has been in production since 1963. That speaks volumes about the car's quality. Porsche introduced GT3 RS in 2003. The car was a more track-focused version of the 996 GT3.

The RS is short for Renn Sport, German for racing sport. According to Porsche, the GT3 RS had a 4-liter engine, capable of pumping out 520 horsepower. The car needed 3.2 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph and could propel to a maximum speed of 193 mph.

1 Bought: Ferrari 599 GTO

via Pinterest

Tamara Ecclestone isn't the only celebrity who owns the 599 GTO. It seems that Eminem enjoyed the 575M so much that he wanted to see why people made a fuss about the 599 GTO. According to Top Speed, Ferrari described the car as "an extreme V12 Berlinetta developed to a specific performance-oriented brief."

The V12 engine delivers 670 horsepower and maximum torque of 620 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The car needs only 3.35 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph and can reach a top speed of 208 horsepower. The car's lap time on the Fiorano test track is 1 minute and 24 seconds. That's faster than the Ferrari Enzo's time.

Sources - Motor Authority, Top Speed & Porsche

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