20 Rules Kid Rock Follows When He Buys A Car

A car aficionado might not be the first thing that comes to mind when describing Kid Rock. In reality, though, even that title fails to adequately reflect the rock star’s affinity for automobiles; it’s an appreciation that runs deep.

His father owned a car dealership, thus introducing cars into his life at an early age. In contrast with the trailer trash image from his song lyrics, the site Songfacts notes his family was actually well off growing up. On top of the money his dad brought home thanks to his job, Kid Rock must’ve learned a lot about cars on top of that.

While many hail Kid Rock as one of the greatest performers around today, his car collection too often gets overlooked. He’s got custom built cars, big modern 4x4s, and US muscle cars that affirm his deep patriotism.

To amass a collection as vast and as valuable as Kid Rock’s fleet of cars, however, takes more than just piles of cash. It also requires discipline, knowing what one likes and most importantly, a set of rules to follow.

We spent time examining Kid Rock’s car collection and the plan he adheres to whenever he decides to add another car to his garage. Every vehicle goes through a carefully thought-out process that has to check off several boxes on his list. Even those who care little for Kid Rock or his music will be able to appreciate the cars he has and how he attained them.

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20 He Drives Cars In Movies He’d Own Off-Screen

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When it comes to Hollywood, Kid Rock hasn’t been in tons of films. While one can bet his music shows up in movies all the times, he’s only acted in a handful. In the movie Joe Dirt, he plays the role of Robby and made sure he drove not just any car, but one that screamed American: a 10th Anniversary 1979 Trans Am.

According to Street Muscle Magazine, he would go on to actually restore the same type of car. It must have taken a lot of work for Kid Rock to bring that car back to life, but his love for automobiles was the driving force.

19 Wants To Mess With People With His Car Choices

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Unlike other famous celebs out there, Kid Rock isn’t a prima donna. He seems to have a good grasp on reality and acknowledges that not everyone likes him. While sitting down with West Coast Customs—as per their YouTube channel—he discussed the kind of work they were going to be doing on his Cadillac limo and expressed his wishes for the mods.

“What I’d really like to do is the people that don’t like me, I would like to piss them off and make them hate me even more,” Kid Rock said. Part of what makes him an appealing artist is that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

18 Gets Brash Mods

via Hemmings Motor News

Kid Rock has a reputation for being loud and brazen. It’s only appropriate that his cars reflect that same image he’s worked to earn over the years. If there’s a car that perfectly encompasses Kid Rock’s style and larger than life attitude, it’s his 1964 Bonneville. He made sure to deck this car out with ridiculous mods, such as Texas Longhorns and an interior covered with silver dollars.

It may look strange to passersby, but once they find out it belongs to Kid Rock, it all makes sense. The car shows off the artist’s interest in oddball mods, even if it turned off others.

17 Goes To Custom Builders

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While Kid Rock probably knows all about buying from car dealerships, he’s supplemented his collection with cars from custom shops too. For one, he has an Impala that Jesse James worked on. Even more, he’s got a penchant for adding mods to his cars and bikes, which in turn require the handiwork of a true professional.

One reason Jesse James seems like a logical choice to work on his cars is because of their similar tastes. West Coast Customs also worked on a Cadillac for him, as per Speed Society. If Kid Rock buys a car, it’s likely he’s already thinking about getting custom work done on it.

16 Puts The Latest Features In Classic Cars

via Twitter user Kid Rock

One thing that gives Kid Rock credibility in the auto world is that he knows exactly what he likes and wants in an automobile. In a sit down with West Coast Customs, as per a YouTube clip, Kid Rock expressed an interest in having his Cadillac be a vehicle for hosting guests when they visit him.

“It would just be nice to have something that’s kind of for me,” Kid Rock said. “Something crazy old school, but still have the, you know, kind of the new amenities but not look all new and flashy just have a little bit of flair to it.”

15 He Restores Cars

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It doesn’t matter if a car is already in bad shape, Kid Rock proved he’ll restore a car to its former glory. Not only does he have the money to do it, but the passion for automobiles to see it through to the end. So many restorations start but never reach the finish line. Not in Kid Rock’s case.

He managed to bring back a 10th Anniversary 1979 Pontiac Trans Am from the dead. Perhaps the same can happen someday for Detroit, which is a city that’s fallen on hard times, and one that’s important to the rock star.

14 Accepts Cars Personally Made For Him

via Maxim

People love Kid Rock, so much so in fact, that they’re willing to make custom cars for him. One such vehicle was the GMC Sierra 1500. According to Maxim, Rocky Ridge Trucks shop made the 4x4 truck for the rock star. It seems as if the shop thought Kid Rock was worthy of this truck considering his love for all things automobiles. Kid Rock even posed with the truck to show it off.

It seems impossible for anyone to turn down a truck capable of 577 horsepower. In building up his car collection, Kid Rock has no problem accepting cars as gifts.

13 Spends Lavishly

via q1065.fm

The amount of money Kid Rock spends on cars is surprising. Arguably the crowning jewel of his collection is the 1964 Pontiac Bonneville; it came at a steep cost, however. The site CMT reports that it cost Kid Rock an astounding $225,000 to own this car. The reason for the car’s high price tag may have something to do with its many mods and distinct style.

According to the same source, he got it back in March 2010. To find out what legendary musician the Pontiac Bonneville pays homage to, you’ll have to keep reading for the answer below.

12 Puts His Cars In Music Videos

via Detroit Free press

“I didn’t come from a trailer park,” Kid Rock said. “I grew up middle class and my dad had money and my mom made my lunch. I got a car when I was sixteen. I’m proud of that” (City of Quotes). Something tells us when Kid Rock bought his first car, he never imagined the life he’d have today.

That life involves putting his cars in front of the cameras while they film music videos to his hit songs. Street Muscle Magazine reports he even put Steve Grebeck’s Pro 5.0 car in his “Forever” video, which informs his appreciation for drag racing too.

11 Pays Homage To Detroit

via Rocky Ridge Trucks

The city of Detroit holds a special place in Kid Rock’s heart. It’s also a major reason he’s such a fan of US automobiles, considering Detroit has a long history tied to the industry. It’s only fitting then that he’d pay homage to the city and his roots with the cars he owns.

His GMC Sierra truck, as per Maxim, has “Detroit Cowboy” branded on it. He also had “Made in Detroit” stickers put on his Cadillac, which West Coast Customs highlighted in a YouTube video. No matter how popular Kid Rock gets, he never forgets to give his roots a shout out.

10 Kid Rock’s Logos Are All Over

via Rocky Ridge Trucks

If cars are like cattle, then Kid Rock’s logos represent the brands. There can’t be any confusion about who the cars belong to, which is why his logos cover not just the exterior, but the interior as well. In a YouTube clip on West Coast Customs’ channel, they included his logo which features an eagle with spread wings. People familiar with Kid Rock’s iconography who notice this logo will immediately recognize it as his car.

Whenever he buys a car, the artist probably imagines where the logos will look best, serving as a final and important touch for his rides.

9 Has To Be Amenities-Friendly

via Men's Journal

West Coast Customs didn’t hold back when it came to upgrading Kid Rock’s lavish Cadillac. One of the many features to make it in the final product catered to one of Kid Rock’s hobbies. In the back of the seats, as per West Coast Customs’ YouTube channel, there’s a filtration system that’s constantly cleaning out the air. If that wasn’t enough, they even put a 32-inch TV in there.

While cars aren’t the most practical space to enjoy this, Kid Rock made sure it was something he could do even while on the road.

8 Puts Cars On Album Covers

via Just A Car Guy

Kid Rock has got cars, and he’s proud to show them off. The Pontiac Bonneville is full of imagery that reflects the west, which is right up his alley. It was a no-brainer when he included the car on one of his album covers.

The site CMT reports that the car appears on the cover of his Born Free album, which shows Kid Rock lounging on a seat while striking a pose, staring off into the distance. When Kid Rock gets a car, he’s already thinking about how he can feature it more prominently, and the album cover was the perfect place for the Bonneville.

7 Doesn’t Hold Back On Sprucing Up The Interior

via AXS.com

When it comes to modifying his cars, Kid Rock goes all out. Ryan Friedlinghaus with West Coast Customs took the time to meet Kid Rock while he was on tour in the lead up to the build. He wanted to get an idea on what Kid Rock was looking for when it came to his Cadillac limo. Despite what people think of West Coast Customs, they did not disappoint with Kid Rock's ride.

As The News Wheel highlights, the car’s interior had velour seats and shag carpeting, which probably makes Kid Rock feel like royalty whenever he goes for a ride in it.

6 Has To Have A Killer Stereo System

via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

It goes without saying that if Kid Rock puts down money on a car, it better have an awesome stereo system. The Cadillac Limo was in need of an upgrade in this regard, and West Coast Customs did what any musical artist today requires: two subwoofers. These weren’t just any old subwoofers though, but what The News Wheel confirms were 8-inch ones.

That’s enough bass to upset anyone driving around Kid Rock when he’s cruising around town, which we suspect is exactly what the artist wanted. If it doesn’t have a great audio system, the car just isn’t up to Kid Rock’s standards.

5 Makes Car Customizers Come To Him

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By this point, Kid Rock has earned himself the privilege of having car professionals come to him (instead of the other way around). After all, he’s a busy man with a full-time job. One of his responsibilities includes going on tour, which demands his complete time and energy.

With that being the case, he had West Coast Customs come to him while he was on tour to discuss work on his Cadillac. All Kid Rock needed to do was take a quick break from practicing for an upcoming show to give Ryan Friedlinghaus with West Coast Customs some of his precious time.

4 Gets Cars Worthy Of Museums

via Hemmings Motor News

As the owner of so many fine automobiles and bikes, Kid Rock has a burden. He’s tasked with being a steward over rare cars that have history and value. His Pontiac Bonneville is one such car that actually came from a museum.

According to CMT, the car originally came from the Smoky Mountain Car Museum. There’s even a leather interior reminiscent of a horse saddle, which adds to its cowboy-esque theme. A lot of attention and money went into transforming the car’s interior and we think it’s safe to say Kid Rock is the ideal owner to end up with it.

3 Hits Up Car Auctions

via AutoNXT

Kid Rock gets his cars from varying sources, with one being car auctions. CMT reports that he got his legendary 1964 Pontiac Bonneville by paying RM Auctions a visit. The car had already had a few owners up to that time before arriving at the auction when Kid Rock couldn’t resist bidding on this beauty.

As per the same source, someone at the auction that year claimed that the car was perfect for Kid Rock to own. Instead of getting his cars from one source, Kid Rock is open-minded about where to go, as long as they have cars that interest him.

2 Shows Them Off At Car Shows

via Flickr user Tony DeFrank

Kid Rock isn’t like most celebrities with a deep car collection. Instead of hoarding his cars away, he shares his with the rest of the world. Back in 2013, according to Street Muscle Magazine, Kid Rock took his cars to the Detroit Autorama. Cars like his 1962 Chevy Impala showed up, which Jesse James worked on.

He even has fun cars like a small Yamaha Banshee, which has eye-popping flames painted on the outside. He also brought a couple of his bikes too. If he’s buying a new vehicle, chances are he’s thinking about whether it’s good enough to show off at car shows.

1 Goes To West Coast Customs For Mods

via Pinterest

Being a rock star like Kid Rock has its perks. He makes connections with auto shops and has them work on his cars. Take his 1975 Cadillac Limousine, for example. According to The News Wheel, West Coast Customs featured the build on one of their web episodes. The exterior got a whole new paint job that makes it look like a limo fit for a king—or in this case, a rock star.

They did even more to the interior, which we highlight elsewhere on the list. It ultimately led Kid Rock to pay the shop some high compliments for the work they ultimately did on it.

Sources: Songfacts, Street Muscle Magazine, City of Quotes, CMT, The News Wheel, YouTube, Maxim, Speed Society

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