Rules Are Meant To Be Broken (15 Photos)

In a world dictated by rules, some people just want to live a little. If that means breaking the rules a little, then that’s what they’ll do. Now, we’re not talking about major rule breaking actions like committing a crime or something. Nothing illegal. We’re talking about sarcastic digs at the system. In a time where stress is an inevitable part of life, sometimes it’s nice just to kick off our shoes and unleash our playful side. Letting loose doesn’t have to mean breaking the law. It’s just about caring a little less.

Fifteen people who definitely do not care are the people below. We’ve found the most hilarious photos of people living by their own rules. They’re just smart little ways of showing the world they don’t care. These real-life anarchists may be miniature daredevils, but in reality, they're just having fun. So readers are not going to get mad seeing these photos. They're just plain funny. From the person who gives their stapler a trip of a lifetime to the guy who found an alternative to a conventional garage door, these anarchists are absolutely hilarious and some of them are actually pretty smart tricks too. We can learn something here for sure.

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15 This person has given this stapler the trip of a lifetime

Via: imgur.com

We’ve all seen those office staplers marked with a 'do not remove' label. Well, this person thought they’d give this stapler the freedom it deserves by taking it on a world tour to see all the sights it’s missed being stuck in that office all the time. This stapler has seen more of the world than we have! Maybe this person is part of the stapler rights group or something. Well, we can say for sure that he’s one lucky stapler. Wow...now we’re humanizing a stationary item. Maybe we’ll be part of the stapler rights group soon too.

This person has taken this stapler to Disneyland, a football match, somewhere in Italy (Rome?) and what appears to be New York. Either way, we’d be more than happy if someone took us on an inventory trip of the world like this person did for their stapler. They couldn’t care less that they’ve kidnapped the stapler from floor 4. That fact is a million miles away in both of their minds right now. They’re too busy living their life and seeing everything they can. They don’t care that the stapler from floor four is missing. This person knows where it is. That’s all that matters.

14 This person’s just going to do what they want

Via: reddit.com

We can all see that this person dressed in what appears to be their Halloween costume didn’t read the safety sign. If they did, then they would know that they are now allowed to do fancy routines on the pole. The pole is for their safety, not for their routines. They may disagree but this person seems to think the subway car is the perfect place for show time. And to be perfectly honest, we’re impressed by what we can see. This person looks awesome doing their tricks on the subway pole. Some people would pay to see such a thing.

Clearly, they don’t care one little bit about the rules. The rules are there loud and clear, but this person has chosen to ignore them and do their own thing. We can see why this kind of behaviour wouldn’t be tolerated but to be fair, this person isn’t causing any danger to anyone. Okay, so maybe they should lower their kick a little and slide down the pole a little. Other than that, we don’t see the big deal with it. On the other hand, if everyone was doing this on the subway, we think we’d avoid that method of public transport at all costs.

13 They didn’t like ''Wisely'' for a name

We take it this person wasn’t a fan of the name ''Wisely,'' so they chose ''Changed Later'' instead. Being the rebel that this person obviously is, they decided to mess around with the rules. By the looks of it, they were signing up for a game of something which required them to type in a character name. With some of these games, the name you pick has to be the name you stick with because you won’t be able to change it later.

This person wanted to get sarcastic and decided to write in ''changed later,'' just to get snarky with the admin.

Clearly, they were trying to make a point by seemingly following the instructions literally. And they did it well. Very well indeed. We just love these funny people opposing the rules on here. It really does the make the world a lot more fun and enjoyable. It’s probably not much fun for the admin mind you. They probably don’t find the funny side to it so much as we do. But we’re on this person’s side. We don’t like the name ''Wisely'' much either. Then again, we’re not a big fan of ''Changed Later'' either, are you?

12 This guy refuses to let a sign tell him what to do

Glued to his laptop, a coffee beside him, this guy doesn’t care that the spot in which he is sitting is meant to be for teenagers. Who cares that it’s a teen spot? Well, definitely not this guy. If he genuinely cared, he wouldn’t be sitting there looking so relaxed and focused on whatever he’s doing on the laptop in front of him. He’d be looking for a seat elsewhere instead. The fact is, there are people in this world who don’t worry too much about the rules. And it’s not like he’s hurting anybody by sitting in the youth spot.

While you could say rules are there to be followed (that’s true!), this could also be a genuine mistake on his part or maybe there were no more available spaces so he took the teen spot. Frankly, we have nothing against this guy for what he’s doing. He is just there to do his work and he’s not causing any problems, so let’s just let him off the hook. There is another possibility, however. Maybe he is a teenager and he’s just not aged well. Some teenagers look old for their age these days so it could be right.

11 This person is just like, I’ll open the door however I want

And if they get 500 upvotes, they’ll open the door mediumly. Is ''mediumly'' even a word? Whatever...this person doesn’t care and we love how sarcastic they are about it. Then again, how many times do you see a sign on a door telling you to open the door slowly? We’re not sure what the point of it is really. Maybe the door opens up inside the room and they want you to be careful you don’t hit someone or something. We’re just taking a wild guess but it sounds like that could be right to us. Say what you will about this person, but when people stick signs like that on the door, what reaction can they expect?

They can only really expect sarcastic reactions like that.

No doubt this person posted this on social media and we’re guessing it got a lot of likes and shares. This probably prompted them to actually go ahead and do it. We just hope they didn’t get in too much trouble for opening the door ‘’mediumly.’’ We guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens and hopefully they’ll give us an update on social media. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the next one.

10 If he can’t install a garage door, he’ll install a garage window instead

If the government forbid you from installing a garage door, what would you do? Most of us would probably just refrain from installing one altogether. Others, like this guy, would find an alternative and there’s no better or funnier alternative than this one. He was told by the government that he wasn’t allowed to have a garage door, so he got himself a large window that served as a garage door instead. And he’s taken a selfie with his invention just to prove a point.

As you can see in the photo, that huge window opens up just like a garage door would. All he has to do is open it and the car can come right through. How smart is that? Still, we don’t know how long he’ll get away with it. As believable as the window looks, the fact that there’s a car visible behind it might be a sign that he’s using it for a garage. But we’ve got to say, we love the thought he’s put into it and for sharing it with us. He could put a curtain up to hide the car. That would hide things nicely. This guy obviously isn’t afraid to bend the rules. He’ll find a way.

9 This woman won’t let anything stand in the way of beauty sleep

Via: boredpanda.com

There may be a sign at the table urging customers to not sleep at this restaurant’s tables, but this woman is too old to care what a sign says. She’s been around too long to let a sign dictate what she can and cannot do. We actually love the sign. It’s really smart and funny. We’re not sure whether or not this woman read the sign, but clearly she doesn’t care. Nothing is going to stand between her and beauty sleep. While there are a lot of people out there anyway who don’t care about following the rules, you often find the elderly people care a lot less than us youngsters.

How many times have you heard someone 50 or 60+ repeating that same old phrase, ''I’ve been around too long to care?''

We have heard it too many times to count. This woman appears to be one of them and we bet if we spoke to here and confronted her about sleeping at this table, she’d reply with the same phrase. Frankly, she doesn’t look too concerned about napping at this restaurant table. In fact, she looks pretty peaceful. She obviously can’t hear someone taking a snap of her.

8 This person isn’t going to let a toaster tell them what to do

This toaster may be for bagels only but this person isn’t going to abide by a toaster’s rules. They’re going to cook waffles in the toaster and they don’t care what anybody says about it. It’s their world, they can do what they like and now they’re taking a stance. Who says toasters are just for bagels? This person isn’t having any of it. Right now, they’re in the mood for waffles and waffles are what they are going to have. From what we’re seeing, it doesn’t look like this is the kind of person to stick to the rules. Actually, they look like they enjoy going against the grain.

We think it’s hilarious how this person wanted to prove a point and they even took a snap to show us. Now we’re wondering what else one can do with a toaster. Maybe we can put sliced bread in it too? Well, that’s kind of obvious. Wasn’t that what a toaster was designed for in the first place? Anyway, at least they’ve had their point heard now. We’re all aware now that we can be brave and use waffles instead of bagels alone in our toaster. We dare you to do it!

7 Daredevil!

This person obviously took the whole ''after eight'' concept literally. That’s why they’re trying to show us their daredevil ways by posting a picture of a half-eaten After Eight mint in front of a digital clock that reads: 7:59. Right before the clock turns 8, this person has taken a bite out of their thin mint. Maybe someone should show this person that you’re not actually obliged to eat the mints after 8.

Obviously this person took it literally or, more likely, they want to play a joke with us.

As a matter of fact, the name is more of a general concept of them being a perfect choice of sweet in the evening. Whether you eat them at 8 or after 8 really doesn’t matter. But we love it how this person writes their own rules. We love it even more that they made it into a joke and shared it with the world. We get the impression this person is the sarcastic type. They probably do these things all the time. Maybe not everyone will find the funny side to this, but you’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty great joke. Although we can’t help wondering how much free time this person has on their hands.

6 He’ll think if he wants to

Some people love to make jokes. And some people love to make a joke out of everything. This guy, we suspect, is one of those people. He saw this sign and, having the naturally witty brain that he has, instantly found another meaning in this sign. As we all know, what the sign actually means is that nobody should park in front of that tree. When you read the sign and take it in literally, it is actually complying that we shouldn’t think of parking in front of the tree. This guy interpreted it that way (not intentionally though) and decided to mock the sign in this hilarious photo.

As you can see, he’s standing there in front of the tree with his finger to his temple, as if to imply that he's thinking about parking there. It’s his funny way of breaking the rules. If the neighbours look out their front window, they’ll wonder who is standing on their front yard pulling faces. Don’t you just love that serious, brooding facial expression? He’s pulling this joke off well! Not everyone would find that meaning it this sign, so it’s pretty smart that this guy did and shared a snap with us.

5 This guy isn’t bothered about gender restrictions

He doesn’t care if anyone sees him reading a book for women only. He’s probably just intrigued what he’ll find inside a woman’s book. Maybe he’ll learn a few secrets of the female psyche. There are people in this world who care a great deal about what others think of them. But there are also people who couldn’t care less. These are the people who live for themselves. And this guy is living for himself, totally oblivious to anyone else’s opinions of him.

He actually looks like he’s really engrossed in the book.

When you think about all the other kinds of books he could be reading, we don’t think it’s so bad that he’d read a book for women only. It’s only for marketing purposes that it has that name. Anyone is entitled to read it and this guy already feels entitled to stick his nose in it. He didn’t need anyone’s permission. Why? Because he’s a badass who writes his own rules that’s why. And he’s not going to let the mere title of a book prevent him from reading it. When we think about it, it’s probably a marketing tragedy to get men to read it. Smart!

4 Cultural norms? What are they?

Via: reddit.com

The Eiffel Tower is a major tourist sight. People from all over the world travel miles to see it not just because of its appearance, but because of what it represents. However, these tourists were only too happy to brandish their heart Berlin shirts in front of the famous tower. Most people would be wearing heart Paris shirts but these guys obviously wanted to stand out from the crowd and live by their own rules. Just because you’re in Paris, doesn’t mean you have to be a Paris lover or wear a heart Paris t-shirt. Maybe these guys came here and realized they didn’t like it so they bought heart Berlin shirts to prove a point.

Well, all we can say is they’re accomplishing their goals. They certainly stand out from the crowd and grab your attention, don’t they? Everyone’s probably expecting to see Paris underneath the heart, but are surprised when they find it to be another city. Anyway, these guys look pretty impressed with themselves in their photo in front of the Eiffel Tower. They’re just living by their own rules in this world and they don’t care what people think about them. Cultural norms are not going to stop these guys.

3 Nobody can tell this person what to do!

Via: imgur.com

At the end of the day, we all have so many rules to follow on a daily basis. It feels like we always have to abide by rules. So in many ways, it’s no surprise that the people on here are choosing to go against the grain and write up their own rules. We only live once and, as long as we’re not hurting anybody or causing major damage, it’s no big deal if people want to live by their own rules from time to time. And you can see on here that some of the things these people have done are downright hilarious.

Take this person. The black marker thief.

They must have a lot of fun joking around and breaking the rules. But in their defense, they’re not causing any major concerns. They’re just having a little fun. Okay, so maybe it’s not so fun if someone stole your black marker, but we have a stronger feeling the person who wrote this wasn’t actually the culprit. He just wanted to joke around, so he used his own marker. That’s our theory anyway. We’ll leave you to come up with your own. Frankly, we think it’s hysterical. We bet you do too.

2 This person couldn’t care less about lines

Via: imgur.com

We all have a special way of cutting cake. Well, on a conventional scale, it is special. But what’s so special about cutting up cake in equal lines? Where’s the fun in that? This person obviously didn’t find it much fun, because they wanted to drink something different by cutting it this way. Perfectionists look away because you are not going to like seeing this picture. The cake-cutter, on the other hand, could not care less about cutting the cake in a conventional way. They want to break the rules and do it their own way.

Who knew cutting cake could be such an exhilarating experience? Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly exhilarating but this person proves that it can be if you go a little wild and do something out of the ordinary. Why don’t you give it a try for yourself and see what you think? It’s kind of funny when you think about it. We all think we know how to cut cake the right way. But is it the right way? Who said so? Nobody did, so we can cut it any way we like, as this person demonstrates for us. Have fun with it and go wild!

1 This person isn’t here to do things conventionally

Via: imgur.com

This person could be like every other person on the planet and drink their Capri Sun the usual way, with a straw through the hole at the top. But they don’t want to be like everyone else. They want to do things differently and be unique. That’s why they decided to stick their straw through the middle of the Capri Sun packet and drink it that way.

It sort of reminds us of the tricks people did as kids, when they were bored and trying to figure out ways to eat and drink things in a more interesting way.

In their own little way, this person is trying to tell the world they don’t care how you’re supposed to drink a Capri Sun, because they are going to drink it their way anyway. Although they’re not proving anything really or making a really important point, we do love the ways these people try to be different and do things their own way. In reality, it’s actually a lot harder drinking it the way this person is than if they were to do it the conventional way. But if you haven’t realized it by now, this person doesn’t do conventional. They do it their way.

References: reddit.com, boredpanda.com

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