This Runaway Cow Is A Deer Wannabe

The animal kingdom is full of stories about creatures that just don't seem to belong. Rudolph was barred from playing reindeer games until some guy in a red suit offered him a chance to lead an international tour every year. The Ugly Duckling found refuge with swans. And Babe the pig escaped the slaughterhouse by taking up the animal herding trade.

This one, however, is a true story about a cow named Bonnie living in upstate New York who managed to escape the fate of the killing floor by running away into a forest near the town of Holland. There, she managed to start a peaceful life with some deer who let her into their herd. For a year, they grazed, pranced about in the wilderness, slept under the stars and probably even traded a few beauty secrets.

Then the locals stumbled upon Bonnie hanging with her chums, which to residents of Holland, would rank as one of the area's more unusual sightings. Unusual, especially since the town of 3,000 doesn't have much in terms of attractions other than a slew of tulips surrounding the municipality's "Welcome" sign and a short track occasionally used by NASCAR. It got to the point where Bonnie got the full Kardashian treatment, with paparazzi invading the woods to catch a few shots of her, but a fleet of foot, and Bonnie and her pals would usually be able to elude them.


But over time, it became quite apparent that Bonnie wasn't going to stay a calf forever, and was definitely maturing into a cow, which raised the concern of Becky Bartels, whose patch of land happened to be where Bonnie and her buddies hung out. It was also getting colder with the onset of winter, so Bartels decided to help out.

It started by the Bartels pulling a sled towards Bonnie territory loaded with bedding and food until the cow mustered enough courage to bond with her human provider. Eventually, there was enough trust built between them, that she was able to lead the celebrity bovine out of the forest and into fresh lodging at Farm Sanctuary, whose staff pitched in to help.

And that's where Bonnie resides, getting access to all the food and accommodations she needs, and without the possibility of a meat packer ending that lifestyle. What's unknown, however, is whether any of her antlered friends from the past have paid her a visit.


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