How A Runner Managed To Complete The Wrong Half Marathon

Sheila Pereira recently ran the Worcester City Half Marathon. Only problem was she was in the wrong Worcester when she did it.

Running is a pastime that many people enjoy, and some people are better or more adept at it than others. No slight on those who can't run for as long or as fast as others, just a statement of fact. We often marvel at those who are such good runners they can do it non-stop over massive distances.

Half-marathons, marathons, and beyond, it takes an incredible amount of physical endurance to be able to run that far without stopping. It also requires a lot of training. Imagine going through all that training, signing up for a half marathon, and discovering that a simple mistake which anyone could have made, the rest of the runners in the race are doing their thing more than 3000 miles away.

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26 miles is one thing. 3200 of them is another matter entirely. Even if it were possible to run that far, most of that distance being covered in water would have prevented Sheila Pereira from joining her fellow runners. Sheila lives in Worcester, Massachusettes and earlier this year, she signed up for the Worcester City Half Marathon, reports BBC. Turns out, the race wasn't taking place in her Worcester.

via Sheila Pereira

It was actually being staged in the city of the same name in the UK. Since Sheila had already mistakenly signed up, she figured she would run a half marathon of her own around the Worcester she calls home on the same day. She even posted evidence of it as you can see above. The organizers of the actual marathon were so taken and impressed with Sheila that they sent her a finisher's pack, complete with medal.

When the marathon's organizers saw that someone from the US had signed up, they simply assumed it was someone who was going to be in the UK at the time. Since realizing that wasn't the case, and sending Sheila her finisher's pack, they have extended an invite to the runner to come and compete in their race one year in the future. Sheila has said she hopes to do so if she can make it to the UK.

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