20 Pics Of Russian Daredevils That'll Make You Squirm

Most of the world knows that Russians are tough. They have some of the strongest people in the world, and their people survive every year one of the coldest winters in the world.

The latest epidemic to come out of Russia is daredevils. Some people call them stupid, while others call them brave. Say whatever you want about the Russian stuntmen who are taking selfies from the highest skyscrapers in the world, but they have a tremendous amount of courage.

Young Russians have taken the world by storm by posting photos and videos of them traveling the world and sitting on the edge of skyscrapers or hanging from a building ledge. We wanted to see the daredevils in action, so we compiled a list of photos that will make you squirm.

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20 Tipping Point

via 5 Things I learned today

What was he thinking when he did this? Well, he might not have been. The first thing I thought about is how he got into that position. He's hanging for dear life with the tips of his fingers, and it's not even with both hands.

That takes a tremendous amount of courage to do. Some people might feel that it takes stupidity. Either way, the sight is frightening.

19 Cleaning Assistant

via Blaze Press

This daredevil has figured out how to make numerous income streams. Not only can he make money from YouTube views for this stunt, but he can also get a job to clean the pinnacle of bridges if he doesn't succeed at anything else in life.

I wonder which is more difficult: getting up there or getting down. He deserves lots of credit for doing either.

18 Cliffhanger

via Channel 4

If you want to be on the edge of your seat, all you have to do is watch this gentleman's stunts. He doesn't seem to have a problem at risking his life to entertain others. Imagine playing hide and seek with this guy on top of a building.

He doesn't seem to have a problem with exposing himself to death and looks like he's enjoying himself.

17 Sleepy Time

via China Plus

For most of us, resting in the comfort of our beds is much more appealing than lying on scaffolding that's in between the rooftop of two buildings.

The lady in the picture not only walked to the middle of the danger zone, but she thought that it was a good idea to get some rest while she was up there. Some people have the strangest hobbies.

16 One-Handed

via Daily Mail

I would be terrified to look over the edge of that building, never mind hang over it. To make the stunt more alluring, this daredevil thought that he would let go of the edge and hang with one hand.

I often wonder how they got into this sport and managed to do their first stunt. Who did they hang out with that influenced them to do this?

15 Queen Of The World

via Deccanchronicle

Jack Dawson yelled, "I'm the king of the world," in the movie Titanic when he stood on the railing of the ship, but he's got nothing on this lady.

No, there's no safety net behind her or a ledge. Behind her is pure air that will gravitate her toward the street's concrete if she falls back. This Russian lady is a hot contender for the bravest stunt ever performed.

14 Chilling

via Metro

It seems that the latest fad amongst Russian daredevils is that it's not enough to walk on the edge of a building or hang on the edge with your fingertips, rather it's taking a nap when you've walked to the last inch of the platform.

That is exactly what the pictured daredevil decided to do after he showed that he's not afraid of heights.

13 Selfie

via Mpora

How in the world did she get up there? A better question to ask is how she hasn't fainted from being at that altitude. It seems that Russian daredevils have gotten used to being at high altitude that they can breathe the same way up there as they can on the ground.

This lady didn't forget to bring her selfie-stick to the top so that she could capture the special occasion.

12 Another Day At The Office

via News Asian Town

Not only would most people not perform the stunt that this gentleman performed, but they also wouldn't show a thumbs-up if they managed to do it. He wasn't only capable of performing the stunt successfully, but he also enjoyed it.

At least, he's having fun with his hobby or should I say his professional career?

11 Taking It Easy

via One Big Photo

After his friend tried the stunt and succeeded, the gentleman in the picture thought that he would give it a shot. Although he didn't take a nap like his friend, he still deserves credit for splaying his arms to prove that he could do the stunt without holding onto the platform for dear life.

I wonder if he flipped over to take a photo with the camera that's on his chest.

10 One Step At A Time

via Pinterest

Any girl who doesn't like heights shouldn't date this guy because he's likely to suggest that the two of you go for a hike on the first date. The only problem with that hike is that you won't be hiking a mountain, rather a contraption that is vertical hundreds of feet.

He took a break on his way up to get a photo so that he could show everyone his courage.

9 Don't Look Down

via Scoopnest

She wouldn't have listened to me if I told her not to look down. Then again, she wouldn't have listened to me if I had said that she shouldn't stand anywhere near the edge.

I wonder if she would flinch is somebody had snuck up behind her to frighten her, or she is used that as well, and it doesn't bother her at all?

8 Mother Russia

via Slavorum

Instead of standing in front of the St. Basil's Cathedral at the Red Square to get a good look at the building, this lady decided to get as close to the edge of the building for a closer look.

She didn't have a problem with standing on an electrical box that was big enough to support her feet. She flailed her arms and had the time of her life when she stood up.

7 The Green Mile

via The Calvert Journal

Many people are curious about where the end of the world is and if that even exists. For the gentleman in the picture, one more step would mean the end of his world.

The verdant valleys spanned for miles, and he wanted to see what it would be like to hover over it. He got his wish. I wonder if he walked back or if he turned around on the platform?

6 This Corner

via Traigan Post RE

This gentleman should've sung Jamiroquai's lyrics, "This corner of the Earth is like me in many ways." The sight is heart-ranching, but it seems that he doesn't mind living on the edge, literally.

These stunts might seem fun, but it's no longer entertainment when somebody gets hurt. That's when the fun and games stop and things get real.

5 Fantasy

via Twister Sifter

I wouldn't blame you if you thought that the above picture was from a fantasy movie. It doesn't look real, but the stunts that Russian daredevils perform are difficult to fathom.

Not only does that stunt look surreal, but the image of the city below the daredevil looks mesmerizing. This picture should get a nomination for one of the most electrifying photos award.

4 Rope Walking

via Video Elephant

Who said that it was only Russian men who were hardcore? Russian women aren't letting their male counterparts get all the attention for performing surreal stunts, so they have taken to the sky to risk their lives in favor of entertainment.

Well, they also get massive bragging rights for doing something that most men wouldn't expect them to do.

3 Handstand

via Youtube

Hanging from the edge of a building might've gotten old amongst Russian daredevils, so they decided to incorporate gymnastics. One daredevil decided to do a handstand on the edge of a building.

His stunt took the game to a whole new level. What's next? Perhaps a daredevil who's going to do a handstand with one hand on the edge of a building.

2 Jumping Around

via Youtube

Handstands and hanging from the building by the tips of your fingers might be entertaining to most of us but not to the pictured gentleman. He wanted to make his stunts more challenging, so he decided to jump from one ledge of a building to another.

He also stood on a BMX when he jumped to the other side. That's incredible.

1 Another Chiller

via Zapiski Pozitiv Ru

The Moscow Times reported that Russian women might not be into foreign men as much as those men would like to believe. Is that such a bad thing? This lady chills on the edge of a building and enjoys it.

Can you imagine what her idea of a good time would be? It might require you to risk your life to make her have fun.

Sources - Pinterest, YouTube & Moscow Times

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