These Two Russian Police Officers Fought A Fire With Snowballs

In the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk, two traffic police officers were recently commended for managing to avert a terrible tragedy, by helping put out a fire in a garage, just by using snowballs.

The First Lieutenant Yevgeny Lunin and Lieutenant Pavel Istomin were both on patrol around the village Kuragino when they suddenly noticed a very heavy smoke that was coming out of a garage that was located right next to a house. They then immediately notified the local fire department and the residents of the house and helped everyone in the surrounding area evacuate before the fire could start spreading.

But then, instead of just mindlessly waiting around for the firefighters to show up, these two quick-thinking officers, along with some of the bystanders from the surrounding street managed to improvise the situation. They all made a bunch of snowballs and started throwing them in the fire until the firemen were able to show up.

The fire in question was started after a car that was parked in the smoking garage short-circuited. It burst into flames, which then managed to engulf a wooden fence that was separating the different buildings, and, according to the officers, it looked like the fire was going to completely engulf the next door house.

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After the fire was put out, and everyone was safe, the Krasnoyarsk regional branch of the Interior Ministry was notified. In a statement he made later, he said that the regional branch of the Ministry was trying to find a way to reward the two traffic police officers. Because it was thanks to them, and in part to the rest of the people in the neighborhood that managed to help them, that any tragic consequences were completely avoided.

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And next time you’re looking at a fire and you’re surrounded by a bunch of snow, you might as well do the same thing, because as it turns out, snow is much better at putting out a fire than regular water is. This is because snow is just a solidified form of water that gives the water itself an extra cooling dimension, and the fact that it needs more heat to melt, thereby, extinguishing the fire.

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