Russian Scientists Discover Bacteria A New Bacteria To Handle Nuclear Waste Concerns

Some Russian researchers from the Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry, along with the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Federal Research Center for Biotechnology recently isolated some microorganisms that can actually be used to neutralize the environment from any liquid nuclear waste.

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The researchers in question were doing a microbiological study on the water at the deep radiation burial site in Seversk, named Seversky, in Siberia when they came across this new discovery. This site has liquid nuclear waste that comes from the Siberian Chemical Combine, where the low enriched uranium that’s used for nuclear fuel is stored, supplied and reprocessed. The scientists also recently published their discovery in a Russian scientific journal named Radioactive Waste. According to them, this bacteria can easily convert the radionuclide ions, even the ones that are found in uranium and plutonium, and turn it into sedentary forms. This way, it prevents the spreading of any dangerous radiation to any surrounding environment, and therefore, neutralizing it. And thanks to plenty of experiments in the lab, these scientists were also able to find out the exact conditions that the bacteria needs to do its magic.

This is the very first step that scientists have found in their way of making a biogeochemical barrier for radionuclides, that can be then used in deep burial locations that contain liquid nuclear waste. Research of this type has been done since the 1980s, with scientists all over the world trying to find ways to limit the effects that nuclear waste has on the environment. This discovery, along with a method that would be able to generate nuclear power in a safe manner, there would be absolutely no need for wars about who is going to control the sources for fossil fuels.

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And with all of these scientific announcements, that could potentially cause a major economic disruption all over the globe, Russia is clearly showing that they are more than capable of ending the economic system which is based on scarcity, in the western world. Additionally, the alliance between Russia, India, and China, also known as the RIC Alliance, has already moved away from the fiat dollar, and now are rapidly unloading large amounts of US treasury bonds.

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