Ryan Gosling's Mom Urges Him To Visit Fans At Toronto Cafe After Internet Campaign Goes Viral

Canadian sweetheart Ryan Gosling made a Toronto coffee shop owner’s dream come true when he made a surprise visit to her indie establishment during the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival.

Joelle Murray, the owner of Grinder Coffee in Toronto had waged a relentless fan campaign to get the Canadian heartthrob to visit her cafe. For 10 days, she had posed with a cardboard cut-out of the The Notebook star  — and allowed her customers to do the same — in the hopes of having Gosling visit the shop while in town for TIFF. Each tweet was accompanied by a message to Gosling, explaining why he should stop by Grinder Coffee. She even promised him 15 percent off if he showed up.

On the 10th day of the social media campaign, lo and behold, she received the surprise of her life. Joelle Murray said the London, Ontario-born movie star turned up mid-afternoon to say hello and greet patrons, despite the fact that her east-end cafe is a 20-minute drive from the main festival strip. The actor, in town promoting his film First Man, in which he plays astronaut Neil Armstrong, showed up for coffee. Joelle, over the moon, told Yahoo Entertainment that she was astounded to see him.


Murray had decided on which celeb to pick via a customer poll back in July, and that's how they ended up choosing 'the Gos'. In late August, the life-size cardboard version of Gosling arrived, and by early September, she started her online campaign, which was timed to coincide with the film festival.

Murray told Yahoo News that she could not believe her eyes when she saw Gosling pull up outside her shop. She was excited beyond words and she jumped up and thanked him profusely for coming. The actor said that the campaign had caught his attention and that he thought it was funny.

She also told Canada’s CBC that Gosling admitted that it was actually his mom who urged him to pay the visit. Although it was a quick call, just about two minutes, the beloved actor posed for a photo with Joelle and was given a free coffee by the owner of the indie place.

Murray added that the actor made it seem like he enjoyed meeting her as much as she enjoyed meeting him. She sang the praises of the Hollywood celebrity to Canoe.com"And it was a lovely feeling. He was very well-spoken, a wonderful Canadian boy with very good manners."

Thank you, Mama Gosling, for raising such a sweet boy!


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