Ryan Sickler's New Album Asks Listeners To Get A Hold Of Themselves

Baltimore native Ryan Sickler, known for his appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience, Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening, and Viceland’s Party Legends, as well as co-hosting The CrabFeast podcast with Jay Larson, will release his second comedy album, Get a Hold of Yourself, on November 20.

Featuring his unique wit and humor, the comedian explores new territory, discussing, among other things, growing up in a single parent household and being a single dad himself. Considered one of comedy’s premier storytellers, on Get a Hold of Yourself, he regales the audience with stories about the first time he saw his dad cry, how he cheated the phone company on collect calls and his account of perhaps the wildest college party of all time.

Sickler’s television appearances include TBS’s The Pete Holmes Show, Comedy Central’s Tosh.O, Live At Gotham, Cutman and CBS’s The Late Late Show, and he has been a regular contributor on Fox Sports. In Am I in the Morgue?, a 2016 episode of Viceland’s Party Legends, he appeared alongside SNL-alum Fred Armisen, Bushwick Bill, and Bridget Everett. He recounts his experience at a party where vast amounts of drugs were consumed – though not by Sickler – where he saw a huge man on cocaine get bitten in the face by an alligator. The story, of course, is accompanied by hilarious animation. Also, his appearance in Tosh.O includes a hilarious accidentally racist moment in which Sickler attempts to dig himself out of an awkward encounter, only to further dig himself in.

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Recently, Sickler and Larson, after nine years and more than 330 episodes, decided to pull the plug on The Crabfeast. The show will end in December and the hosts are asking fans for input on who they’d like to see as the final guests. Guests can email ideas to crabfeastpodcast@gmail.com. Though they haven’t given an exact reason for ending their run, their career and parental commitments seem to have influenced their decision. They have promised though to work together again in the future. It is good to see that Sickler is doing well considering his tales of growing up lower middle class can be heartbreaking yet nonetheless funny as heck.

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