Which Sabrina Familiar Would You Have Based On Your MBTI?

Fans of Sabrina Spellman, both new and old, rejoiced over the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina when it premiered on Netflix. The binge-watching became and the viewer response has been so overwhelming, that we couldn't help but write about it. Well, we couldn't help but write about a small part of it, anyway -- familiars!

What is a familiar, exactly? In ancient times, back when witchcraft was viewed far differently than it is today, it was believed that witches would have familiars, or 'spirits' who would follow them. These animals would essentially be conduits, companions, and lifelong helpers when it came to casting magic. So what familiars would each MBTI personality have based on their attributes? We're about to divulge it all.

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10 ESFJ And Their Cat Crave Structure


By far the most common familiar is the cat, portrayed as the black cat known as Salem in series (both old and new). Cats have a long history with human interaction that goes far beyond witchcraft and dates back to Egyptian times.

Similar to ESFJs, cats are devoted to their emotions but also concerned with how they appear to others and their overall environment. Eager to please, ESFJs are loyal to their family and friends, just as a cat familiar would be to his or her chosen witch. They'd easily bond over their ability to bring about order and organization, sticking to the same routine.

9 ENTP Will Share Creativity With A Rat


While not the most precious of creature, rats are quite adorable and don't deserve their rotten reputation. A rat would undoubtedly bond with an ENTP due to their intellectual nature.

Remarkably intelligent animals by nature, this is a trait they would share with their ENTP as they focus together to find the most logical solution to any problems that might arise. They both enjoy a challenge quite a bit and are social by nature, also being naturally curious. An ENTP is usually quick-witted and enjoys a good back and forth with another, something that resonates with the playful nature of a rat.

8 ESTP And Their Dog Will Have The Same Energy Level


Also known as The Dynamo, ESTPs are known for their limitless energy and ability to exhibit interest in virtually anything and are quite thick-skinned. They're rarely overemotional and prefer a light-hearted tone rather than one that's serious and down to earth. This personality type is nearly spot-on with a dogs', which is also quite playful and fun-centered rather than serious and one-note.

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They do have a short attention span but are great when it comes to solving problems, two things they and their dog familiars would undoubtedly have in common. The two would be able to bond over everything, from outdoor adventures to learning new skills.

7 ISTP And Ferrets, Both Quick On Their Feet


A bit of spontaneity and fun never hurt anyone and that's exactly how an ISTP will feel when they're around their ferret familiar. Incredibly smart creatures yet daring in a sense, a ferret would be a great pairing for a personality that thrives when experiencing all that life has to offer.

While ferrets and ISTP isn't one for overdoing it on emotion, they do thoroughly enjoy crafting and creating, something their ferret friends would likely have no issue standing by their side through. Their practicality makes them great at solving problems while their tenacity to live life at their own pace makes them independent as well.

6 ISTJ Is Precise And Meticulous Like A Lizard


ISTPs are known for being somewhat introverted, similar to a lizard, who likely prefers their own company over that of others much of the time. These two will be quite the pair in their meticulous nature, as an ISTP is methodical and having high standards for themselves. If anyone has ever watched a lizard in actions, each motion is precise and carefully thought-out, just as an ISTP carries out methods for problem-solving.

These two will be a dynamic duo together, each formulating their next move before actually executing it, and executing it well, at that. Their mutual predictability makes them almost mirror images of each other.

5 ENFP And Frogs, Both Explorative And Agile


Creative by nature, ENFPs are known for being agile and great with others. Frogs are known for following their instincts and using intelligent methods to ward off enemies and catch prey.

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Using their colorful exteriors and smart thinking, they're very similar to ENFPs in the sense that they'll bond over pursuing the things that make them happy -- whether it's a promotion at work or catching the fly that's been buzzing around the window for a week straight. The idea of self-expression is one that ENFPs hold near and dear and this is why they'll likely be attracted to the bright and colorful appearance of a frog.

4 INTP Is Philosophical And Deep Just Like The Toad


INTPs are known as being architects in a sense, which is dually fitting for that which is the mind of a toad as well. They're intelligent animals who are constantly watching their surroundings and awaiting their moment. They have natural-born instincts which allow them to survive among other species, similar to how an INTP strives to understand the world as well as their place in it.

This personality type is known for having the drive to examine anything and everything, filling their deep need for understanding. Their focus is mainly internal, focusing on themselves, much in the way a toad will always be a solitary creature.

3 INFP, A Healer And An Individualist Much Like The Hare


A hare might seem like a strange choice for a familiar but the connection between this animal and an INFP is quite undeniable. If one studies a hare closely, they'll notice that they're always a step ahead. Concern and thought for the future are always on their mind, as it is with an INFP.

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Somewhat solitary in their pursuit of life, an INFP is also fairly intuitive when it comes to others as well. Just as a hare startles when someone gets too close to it, and INFP will always show concern for those around them. They're known for being individualists, following their own drive and passions.

2 INFJ And Their Owl Will Share An Intuitive Nature


It's no secret that INFJs are highly intuitive and excellent at observing the world around them. Just an owl will spook and fly away at the slightest hint of danger, an INFJ is usually intuitive to the pointing of knowing a bad situation before it becomes obvious to those around them.

Owls resonate with this in their symbolism, which most commonly points to the fact that they're a wise woodland creature. INFJs are also rooted in emotion but are prone to protecting themselves, similar to how an owl practices self-preservation but also follows its instincts when it comes to intuition.

1 INTJ And A Crow Will Lead With Logic


Crows are an interesting species in the sense that they're shrouded in mystery, yet seem to come out of nowhere. An INTJ would likely find themselves connecting with this familiar simply because of their shared intellect. Crows are highly intelligent, using their wits and instincts to survive.

Their ability to adapt and deal with danger is what makes them such agile and quick-thinking creatures, similar to how an INTJ uses their logic to solve a problem in no time at all. Crows are likely to be a solitary bunch, bonding well with an INTJ, who chooses to surround themselves with only those of a high-caliber intellect.

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