25 Things That Make No Sense About The Original Sabrina TV Series

For those of us who remember the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch series, it’s time to feel very old, as the show is now over two decades old. What makes us feel even older is the fact that there are now new TV shows based on the characters from Archie Comics, and the reality is that a majority of their current audience don’t even know there used to be a sitcom based on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Now that you’ve processed how old you’ve gotten, it’s time to reminisce about a show that was a very big departure from its usual adaptation of comics. The series turned out to be a sitcom, and brought Melissa Joan Hart everlasting popularity. It lasted from 1996 to 2003, and had a similarly magical send-off. However, the show wasn’t as popular as other more adult-oriented sitcoms like Friends, and its affiliation with Archie Comics has meant that later generations haven’t been brought up watching the show. While Sabrina the Teenage Witch was undeniably a fun watch, there’s no escaping it was very much "out there." Shows like Wizards of Waverly Place had dumb moments, but those were meant to be targeted toward a young audience, while Sabrina the Teenage Witch was supposed to be for teenagers and older.

Due to the presence of many plot holes and illogical happenings, we’ve put together 25 such times the show made no sense.

25 Where Are Archie And The Gang?

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The Sabrina series has always been set in the same universe as Archie. The comics, of course, had them interact several times, and Sabrina would likewise be featured in Archie stories as well. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has the series be set in the universe of Riverdale as well, so why was Sabrina the Teenage Witch without Archie and the gang?

It doesn’t make sense that they wouldn’t exist in this universe, as the show regularly featured references towards its comic book sources. So, where are the teenagers of Riverdale?

24 Sabrina's Sudden Surname Change

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We’ve seen several shows like Friends that have changed the names of supporting or minor characters after their first appearance for seemingly no reasons, but Sabrina the Teenage Witch did this to its own central protagonist.

In the pilot movie, Sabrina’s surname was distinctly said to be Sawyer, which isn’t really a magical type name if you’ll notice. This was probably why the TV series then abruptly changed her name to Spellman – a lot more “Witchy” than the original boring one. Still, no one commented on how she was going by an entirely different name now.

23 Sabrina "Moves" From Riverdale To Westbridge

Sabrina westrbridge
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The same way her name changed, Sabrina evidently changed towns as well seeing as she was shown to be living in a place called Westbridge. This was entirely different from when she was said to be living in Riverdale (you know, the place where Archie and the gang live, too), and the sudden shift wasn’t even mentioned.

Along with the different setting, all mention of Riverdale was removed and never returned again. It was like someone had zapped Sabrina herself into a new life.

22 Power Of The Mind Or The Fingers?

Sabrina spell
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When we first saw young Sabrina, she used her magic through the power of her mind. This made things a little difficult for her, as it meant she had to focus her energy toward completing her magical tasks.

Very early on, however, this aspect of her magic was removed in favor of her using her fingers to cast spells. While this was a better option to use in a sitcom, it made no sense why she wouldn’t need her mind anymore.

21 Her Mother Was Turned Mortal From A Witch

Sabrina mother
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Sabrina’s parents were pretty much absent throughout the entire series, and her aunts served as her guardians. This helped in creating the mysterious problems that popped up every episode or so, but it also doesn’t make sense why the show decided to change her parents’ past.

In the pilot movie, it was mentioned that both of Sabrina’s parents were witches, with her carrying on these abilities due to this fact. Over on the TV series, her father told Sabrina that only he was a witch while her mother was just another regular mortal.

20 What Happened To Jenny?

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Sabrina’s friends swapped here and there every couple seasons as if they were toys you could bargain away. The first one to be guilty of this was her first best friend, Jenny. This character stuck around for the premiere season and was a constant presence around Sabrina.

Cut to the Season 2, and Jenny herself was cut from the show. It would be okay if there were an explanation as to what happened to her, but it seems as if she disappeared into the graveyard of sitcom characters.

19 Is Miles Even Alive?

sabrina the teenage witch 1996 miles
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Miles was a mortal friend of Sabrina’s who happened to be a conspiracy nut. He was none the wiser about Sabrina’s status as a witch, and unfortunately it seems as if finding that out about her might have been what ended him.

Last we saw of this guy, he found out Salem wasn’t an actual cat, following which we never saw Miles ever again. It gets even more eerie when a Season 7 episode had a news reporter claim that someone with Miles’ surname had been shot. Yikes!

18 The Actress Wasn't A Teenager

Sabrina spellman
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Maybe Melissa Joan Hart was a teenager for the teensiest bit of time when she played Sabrina, but when the series began, she was already all of 20-years-old. This isn’t an old age, but it’s certainly older than 16.

After that, the actress was 27 by the time the show ended, when Sabrina herself was implied to only be in her early twenties. After the first couple of seasons, it became very clear the actress was blatantly older than the character she was playing. Plus, the “teenage witch” part was basically a lie.

17 That Freaky Robot Cat

Sabrina salem
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Anybody with a quarter of a brain will know that Salem wasn’t a real cat, but did they have to make him so frightening? What doesn’t make sense with this point is how the creators thought anybody could believe the robot could possibly look like a real cat.

Kids watching the show must have been scared out of their minds the first time they saw Salem speak. And the cat became even more bizarre by appearances as the show went on.

16 Sabrina's Not A Nice Person

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Throughout the show’s run, we were made to believe as if the main character fit the trope of the nice girl. However, she was anything but based on her personality. She had a snide, sarcastic attitude and would cast spells on people who didn’t know she was a witch.

She frequently manipulated events to her advantage using magic, and wasn't exactly the most present or attentive girlfriend. Her antics cost Salem big (read on further below for more on this), and she never displayed any kind of regret.

15 What Happened To Valerie And Libby?

Sabrina valerie
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Both these girls had contrasting roles to play, and both were shipped off without another mention. Valerie was the mean girl on the show and would be a thorn in Sabrina’s side; Libby was a shy girl who just wanted friends.

The end of Season 4 saw bizarrely abrupt endings for them as Valerie went to boarding school for some reason and Libby reneged on moving in with Sabrina to go to Alaska. Our question is, what happened to these two and why would they be shipped off out of nowhere? We never found out what became of them either.

14 Was It A Happy Or Maybe Ever After Ending?

Sabrina wedding.
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If you didn’t think Sabrina was a bad person till now, then get ready to find out she left her fiance at the altar to run away with Harvey. Sabrina abruptly dumped nice guy Aaron in favor of her “soul mate” and the two rode off into the sunset.

But if we know one thing after watching this show, it’s that things never remained the same. In this way, the ending was pretty much a huge cliffhanger we still don’t know the ending of. Did they live Happily Ever After? Or was it just a Maybe forever?

13 Harvey's Nonsensical Break-Up

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Sure, Sabrina did manipulate Harvey with her magic for years before he found out she was a witch, but that doesn’t mean one would throw away all their feelings after finding out this fact. As it happened, Harvey dumped Sabrina immediately after he found out the truth.

This was classic sitcom nonsense where characters broke up instantly without having one simple conversation that would clear things up. Harvey was shown to be in love with Sabrina. Why would he dump her and disappear?

12 Sabrina’s Vanishing Career

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After graduating from college, Sabrina’s next phase in her life was shown to be getting a job in Scorchmagazine. This was a setting where she was shown coming across and working with famous, crazy personalities, and a lot of the newer episodes focused on this thread.

However, the entire aspect of her career was dropped midway through the season and Sabrina was never shown at work again. It was like she’d zapped her career away and couldn’t care less. All storylines related to her work were dropped; as if the magazine got…scorched.

11 The Seasons Don't Make Sense Chronologically

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Generally, TV seasons go chronologically with the real-world timeline. This way, things stay up-to-date and the show doesn’t need to explain any gaps. However, Sabrina the Teenage Witch kept things in real-world terms, but didn’t age the protagonist up accordingly.

In more than a couple of seasons, her age was mentioned to be the same (as if the show was trying to keep her a “teenage witch”), while the years were progressing just like in the real-world. We can never gauge which seasons aren’t supposed to span a whole year, and which ones were longer.

10 The Animated Series Contradicts Everything

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The animated series accompanying this show was meant to supplement what we saw on the sitcom. It was basically supposed to work in additional adventures that couldn’t be fit into the sitcom’s schedule.

However, not one thing was the same in the animated series, and the whole show was one giant contradiction. For one, Sabrina was clearly much younger than 16 here, and every other character had a change in personality. It would’ve made sense had the animated series been marketed as separate, but it was specifically promoted as being the same as the sitcom.

9 Aunt Hilda Became Dumber

Aunt Hilda
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Aunts Hilda and Zelda’s characterization saw the latter play the older, smarter one, and the former being the funny and ditzy one. Yet, when you first watch the show, Hilda clearly isn’t that much of a dim personality.

She was slower than Zelda, but she was nowhere near the ditz she was made into in later seasons. It was like she had turned into someone else entirely with her constant slowness in mentality. If you watch the first season and then skip to the later ones, Hilda doesn’t come across anything like the same person.

8 Salem's Complete Personality Change

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Among one of the many things we’ve already listed as being wrong from the TV film pilot, Salem’s change in personality was also quite striking. He had an altogether different attitude, with him being quieter and a source of wisdom.

This is why you might think you switched to the wrong show when in Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s series, the cat is not even close to being wise. He’s a walking sarcasm machine and never fails to be loud and brash. It’s like the original Salem got swapped with his evil twin.

7 Sabrina’s Unmentioned Love Interest

Sabrina Rome
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You might be inclined to argue that the TV film pilot was in a different canon, but it can’t hold up since the films that were released alongside the ongoing series also suffered from these impossible-to-understand contradictions.

The first of these, titled Sabrina Goes to Rome, had her ignore he love angle with Harvey and gain a new love interest in Italy. Not only did she romance him, he too was forgotten when she returned to the show. There was never one mention of this guy ever having existed.

6 The Same Actress Playing Different Characters

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It seems as if the actress herself was deemed as forgettable by the showrunners, seeing as she was used as a different character the same year she appeared as Valerie. That’s right, after being let go as Valerie, the actress played a character called Fin in the third film for the series called Sabrina Goes Down Under.

There’s no mention of a Valerie having existed in Sabrina’s life, as Fin plays a supporting role with Sabrina never mentioning how closely she resembles her friend.

5 Salem Gets Punished For Sabrina's Mistake

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We won’t get into what Sabrina did that ended in Salem being punished, but the main problem here is the fact that Sabrina let someone who didn’t deserve it get 75 years added to their prison sentence.

Poor Salem had already been a cat for his past actions for decades, and he had another three quarters of a century added for Sabrina’ mistakes. Where’s the justice in that? Moreover, why were we still made to believe Sabrina was a nice person?

4 Why Is Everyone Chummy With Salem?

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On the other hand, the show might have been banking on us not feeling bad for Salem since he’s supposed to have been a warmonger. The character is the funniest one on the show, but that comedy is used to gloss over how he was a very sinister man in his time.

If everyone around him knows of his past, why in the heck are they so chummy with him? Surely, they should be treating him as someone who deserves to be punished rather than a member of the family, right?

3 What's Sabrina Doing On Boy Meets World?

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In an episode of Boy Meets World, Salem used another one of his sinister antics and sent the characters of that show into the past. The entire episode went without referencing Sabrina, only for her to show up at the stinger.

This appearance made zero sense, since Sabrina was shown to be the love interest of Boy Meets World’s main character’s brother. At this time, she was supposed to be with Harvey, then why was she romancing someone in an entirely different city?

2 Did Salem Take Mr. Kraft's Life And Joke About It?

Mr. Kaft
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Mr. Kraft was quite the player, who dated both sisters Hilda and Zelda during the course of the first four seasons. He met with a rather sticky end when he apparently was taken out by Salem driving a car.

This was played for laughs when it happened, but has eerie consequences once you realize that we never saw Mr. Kraft ever again. So, did Salem go ahead and take Mr. Kraft’s life in the end? If so, why the heck does the show think this would be funny?

1 There Was No Point To The Brad Storyline

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One very odd storyline that showed up from time to time was the appearance of the witch hunter called Brad. He apparently could smell witches when in their presence, and Sabrina had some difficulty hiding herself from him seeing as he could turn her into a ferret if caught.

However, this thing was completely nonsensical, as Brad’s character was dropped from the show and never seen again. It’s bizarre as to what the point of Brad was at all. He didn’t fill any purpose, and vanished without a trace.

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