Sailor Moon: 20 Facts About The Sailor Scouts' Anatomy

The Sailor Scouts are strong and beautiful ladies who fight evil by moonlight and win love by daylight. Some have elemental powers like Sailors Mercury and Mars while others have unique ones like Sailors Saturn and Pluto. It's not only powers that make the Sailor Scouts strong but how their anatomy works in civilian form as well.

These traits can range from being able to use powers in civilian form, to boasting enhanced endurance in a fight, or the ability to age slowly. Being a Sailor Scout must be one of the coolest aspects in the girls' lives, even if they risk theirs to save the planet. This list will feature all of the main characters with two facts about their interesting anatomy.

Here are twenty facts about the Sailor Scouts' anatomy!

20 Another Chance At Living

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Despite using her powers to save Chibiusa and sacrificing herself in the process, Sailor Pluto got another chance at life through reincarnation. She would become Setsuna Meiou and be a college student in the science field. She had no memory of being Sailor Pluto at first, but would eventually remember and transform into the Sailor Scout of space and time.

19 Silent Scream

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Sailor Pluto is quite a scary opponent. What makes her an intimidating Sailor Scout is her way of using her powers. She is able to whisper one of them called Dead Scream, giving the attack a suspenseful and terrifying effect. Compared to other Sailor Scouts, this is certainly one way to release one of her attacks.

18 No Need For Assistance

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Sailor Neptune, also known as Michiru Kaiou, stands out among the Sailor Scouts in how she was able to transform. While others needed the help of Luna, Artemis, or the involvement of other Sailor Scouts, Michiru was able to transform by herself. This was due to having dreams where she recalled her memory as Sailor Neptune.

17 Possessing Psychic Abilities

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Like another Sailor Scout, Neptune has psychic abilities. They alert her when danger is near, as she would say something like, "The sea is stormy." This makes her unique compared to the other Outer Sailor Scouts and arguably one of the most powerful of all Sailor Scouts.

16 Best Of Both Genders

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Sailor Uranus is born female and identifies herself as such, but has masculine traits that basically make her genderfluid. As described by her lover Sailor Neptune, she possesses the skills of a man and woman. The creator of Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi, even stated that she has the heart of a man.

15 Tallest Of All

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Haruka Tenoh is the tallest out of the Sailor Scouts at a whopping 180cm, or 5'11. Sailor Pluto/Setsuna comes close at just 178cm/5'10. This gives Haruka more of a masculine appearance and it's no wonder that the Inner Sailor Scouts assume that she was a man at first.

14 Sickly Girl

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Poor Hotaru Tomoe had to endure a traumatic event, leading her to have the need for cybernetic body parts. Alongside this, she gets sick easily, making her a frail girl growing up. However, once she reincarnated after defeating Pharaoh 90, she would become fully human.

13 Able To Heal

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Despite being a sickly girl, Hotaru does have the ability to heal others to coincide with her role as the Sailor Scout of rebirth. When Chibiusa had a cut on her elbow, Hotaru healed it in secret. She doesn't even need to transform as Sailor Saturn in order to use that power, which is pretty impressive!

12 Pretty Old Despite Her Looks

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Chibiusa is an interesting character in the Sailor Moon universe. Her physical appearance makes her look around seven or eight years old. In actuality, she is over nine hundred years old. Considering she's from the 30th century, time is definitely different when it comes to aging.

11 Late Bloomer

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The hinderance of Chibiusa's slow aging can also refer to not developing her powers sooner. Despite being nearly a thousand years old, she has not fully awakened her powers. Chibiusa is definitely training to become a Sailor Scout, so it is possible that once she fully awakens her powers, she will grow up to look like her mother.

10 Resembling Another Scout

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Do you ever wonder why Minako Aino looks strangely similar to Usagi Tsukino despite not being related? As Sailor Venus, it is her duty to protect her from danger, therefore, if Sailor Moon were to be held somewhere in captivity, then Venus would take her place to ensure her safety.

9 Woozy On Some Thoughts

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In anime and manga, a nosebleed is a way of getting "excited." It is ironic but funny considering Sailor Venus is the Sailor Scout of love. In the 90s anime, Minako has a crush on Yaten Kou, Sailor Star Healer's male civilian form. She has thought of herself as a cat being taken care of by Kou, which causes her to get a nosebleed.

8 Intimidating Appearance

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While she is not the tallest Sailor Scout overall, Makoto Kino is the tallest out of the Inner Sailor Scouts. Along with her height, Makoto has an intimidating appearance that can make her look threatening around students at her school. This is due to Naoko having Makoto be inspired by a gang member.

7 Amazing Superhuman Strength

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As Sailor Jupiter, Makoto also has some perks while she is in her civilian form. Regardless of form, she has amazing superhuman strength that gives her the role of being the muscles of the group. With unmatched strength like that, Sailor Jupiter shows that she's not to be messed with - neither should Makoto, as a matter of fact.

6 She's So Psychic

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Just like Michiru, Rei Hino also possesses psychic abilities. This is showcased when in the 90s anime of Sailor Moon S, she foresees an apocalypse. With her psychic powers, she can sense impending danger and fire-readings. As for what else she's capable of, well...

5 Dispelling Evil Spirits

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One of Sailor Mars' notable powers definitely involves fire, but as a shrine priestess as well, Rei has the unique and helpful ability to subdue evil spirits. Those abilities are a little stronger when she chooses to transform, but it is still a respectable trait on its own without needing to transform.

4 Dowse Without Any Trouble

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Sadly, Ami Mizuno does not have much to do in her civilian form when it comes to her powers. She can dowse without any trouble, which can be situational when needed as mentioned in Act 16 in the manga. While it might not seem much, Sailor Mercury is still an important part of the Sailor Scouts.

3 Allergic To Love?

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To give Ami more love, an anime special/manga side story "Ami's First Love," was made. During this special, Ami gets a rival who scores higher than her in exam scores. She eventually becomes infatuated with the idea of having a rival and in the form of a love letter, she gets physically weak.

2 Strange Way Of Passing Genetics

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Many fans have been confused as to why despite being Usagi's future daughter, Chibiusa does not have any genetics related to her or Mamoru Chiba. This is because Usagi originally had pink hair in concept art. When she would have blonde hair instead, Chibiusa would have pink hair as an easter egg.

1 Enduring Sailor Scout

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In the battles throughout the Sailor Moon story, Usagi is usually the last to survive. This is due to the other Sailor Scouts needing to protect her, but Usagi's will to save the villain helps her remain strong. She would almost die at times, but in the end, Sailor Moon would eventually save the day.

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