18 Sailor Moon Cosplays That Look Hot In The Moonlight (And The Daylight)

When an anime features a team of stylish and attractive women, it’s only natural that legions of cosplayers will emulate their looks and styles for whatever cons they choose to attend.

Sailor Moon is one such anime, and, unsurprisingly, it’s a popular pick among the cosplay crowd.

In our list of 18 Sailor Moon Cosplays That Look Hot In The Moonlight (And The Daylight), we’ll be discussing the best-of-the-best Sailor Moon cosplay in terms of accuracy and creativity. Oh, and the cosplayers all happen to be incredibly attractive.

We’re unafraid to admit that we had crushes on basically every last Sailor Scout, and if you’re in the same boat as us, we better warn you: this list will likely knock you for a romantic loop. Take our word for it: we definitely won love in daylight… and moonlight.

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18 Super Stoic Sailor Scout

via Pinterest

Juliana Pereira's take on Super Sailor Moon is proud, stoic, and powerful. Obviously, she’s gorgeous, too, but that’s not what makes this picture as awesome as it is.

This version of the character looks like she means business, and wouldn’t be afraid to beat the tar out of anyone who looks at her the wrong way.

… speaking of which, we better move on.

17 Wicked Lady Meets Punk Rock

Not only does Dee Rich nail the essentials of what makes Wicked Lady tick, she puts a unique spin on the character in more ways than one.

For starters, she updates Wicked Lady’s look to give her an edgier, more counter-culture-y feel (which is perfect for the character.)

Secondly, and arguably more interestingly, this interpretation of Wicked Lady’s personality seems less overtly menacing and more roguishly evil in a way that’s akin to Harley Quinn.

16 The Red Hot Fire Of Sailor Mars

You know how Sailor Mars would occasionally throw an ofuda at enemies to freeze them in place? Well, that’s exactly what happened to us while writing this entry, but it wasn’t from an ofuda or accompanying Buddhist chant.

This is a portrait of Jessica Nigri’s armored Sailor Mars (who we saw in a group at the start of this list), and her excellent interpretation of Rei is just as fiery on its own.

15 The Love Chain Encircles Us

We’ll admit that this isn’t the most artistically rendered shot of a cosplayer. In fact, it’s not even close, particularly due to the blasé background and use of everyone’s favorite profile-picture-taking angle. That said, we find it hard to complain when we’ve been thoroughly wrapped up by this Sailor Venus’ Love Chain.

Please help.

… on second thought, never mind. We’re good.

14 The Armored Sailor Scouts

via Pinterest

Comprised of Gladzy Kei, Andy Rae, Jessica Nigri, Vicky Lau, and Jessica Roh, this group is the perfect way to kick off this list.

Not only is the combined beauty of this quintet jaw-dropping, so are their costumes.

While the traditional Sailor Scout uniforms are iconic, these armored adaptations are absolutely awesome, and strike a perfect blend between classic and fresh.

13 A Wicked (Cute) Lady

While the actual implications of Wicked Lady are uncomfortable and creepy (she is basically a toddler turned into a grown woman, after all) we can’t help but admit this cosplayer’s take on the character has us enamored.

Not only is she accurate to how the evil Chibiusa looked in the show, Crunchytoast11 gives her own unique edge to the character and we love it.

12 Sailor V Beckons To Thee

via Pink-Hiku

This cosplayer was somehow able to create an immensely alluring atmosphere despite the seemingly simplistic set-up for this photo. It’s almost as if her eyes are looking directly into our souls!

Sailor Venus is never as hypnotically flirtatious in the series, but we’re not exactly opposed to it after seeing how well (and easily) Pink-Hiku makes it work.

11 Absolutely “Super”

Featuring an armored update to Sailor Moon’s super form, Caroline Dawe manages to look both unbelievably beautiful and totally battle-ready at once, and it’s truly awesome… especially the bows in her hair, which are a very nice touch.

Like the earlier photo of the armored Sailor Senshi, this design is an impressive update to an old favorite, and one that satisfies pre-existing fans along with new ones.

10 Sailor Mercury, Have Mercy

via ridd1e

Let’s be real: Ridd1e does little to innovate or experiment with Sailor Mercury’s design, but that’s okay. Clearly, her goal was to create the most screen-accurate Sailor Mercury cosplay possible, and she’s exceed with flying colors (almost all of which are shades of blue.)

The mood of this shot is fantastic, too, conjuring up the misty aesthetic of Mercury Bubbles.

9 A Playful Pretty Guardian

Even if you’re looking at this picture of SockenCosplay's Sailor Moon for the first time, its genuine playfulness is immediately noticeable.

She perfectly captures the mischievous and playful side of the character, along with her inherent cuteness (which enraptured us as kids.)

Best of all, the color scheme and balloon-filled frame is an excellent representation of the series’ dreamlike visuals.

8 Sultry Sailor Mars

via Lie-chee

Rei is one of the coolest Sailor Scouts and is a long-time fan favorite.

Whether its her fiery temper, cool-as-heck transformation sequence or the fact that she shoots fireballs from her hands, there’s a lot to love about the character… and Lie-chee captures all of it.

Eerily screen-accurate, this Rei has an aura of sultry flirtation that the in-universe character rarely emits, and we love it.

7 Jupiter Thunder Strikes

Sailor Jupiter is far and away our favorite Sailor Scout. While we may have had a crush on Sailor Moon, we were in love with Sailor Jupiter.

With that said, it’s no wonder that Katie's take on our beloved character has gotten our heart pounding after stirring up all these confusing feelings from our youth.

Not only is Katie’s look ridiculously accurate, she manages to emit an attitude that’s so powerful, it may as well be tangible.

6 Seductive Sailor Senshi

via Kotaku

Sailor Moon’s great, as are the rest of the Sailor Senshi, but they’re far better as one unit, and this amazing picture shows exactly that.

The entire team of Inner Scouts are assembled in this artfully assembled shot, and the cosplayers are all playing their roles perfectly.

With each Scout’s costume given a lingerie-style makeover, and with all of their eyes meeting yours, those of us who had crushes on the animated versions of these characters might need to take a break from the computer, lest they lose their grasp on reality (like us.)

5 Fighting For Lace And Justice

The first thing you’ll probably notice about Glimmerwood’s Sailor Moon is just how exuberant she looks. Her smile and charm are so infectious that you might be too distracted to notice how unique and intricate her version of Super Sailor Moon’s costume is (which would be a shame!)

Covered in intricate lace patterns to the point at which it almost comes across as a “Wild West” version of the character, this Sailor Moon stands unique among the crowd.

From the pearly whites to the pearly barrettes, every aspect of this cosplay shines.

4 Definitely Not Your "Cousin"

via Leo Bane

In the original dub of the anime, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were portrayed as "cousins" instead of a same-sex couple. It seems absurd now, and it basically was back then, too, but it was still a thing. Regardless, we can say with certainty that THIS Sailor Neptune is not Uranus' cousin, and DEFINITELY not her lover.

Leo Bane’s surreal gender-bend of Sailor Neptune might not be everyone, but we have to admit that we love how bold he was by not modifying the costume in the slightest.

3 Steampunk Sailor P

via Koteg

Sailor Pluto, otherwise known as “Sailor P,” is one of the more mysterious and powerful Sailor Senshi, and has captivated fans since her first appearance.

Koteg's steampunk/Rococo-styled interpretation of the stoic warrior is as mesmerizing as it is gorgeous.

For whatever reason, this look is a perfect fit for Sailor Pluto, and this cosplayer proves it.

2 Space Cadet Sailor Moon

via comicsalliance.com

In some alternate universe, there’s a Sailor Moon who isn’t a reincarnated princess from the moon, but a cross between 80s aesthetics and a vintage sci-fi, resulting in a retro-styled space cadet, complete with ray gun.

That sounds kind of weird, but this cosplayer shows us how cool the concept really is.

Oh, and you just gotta love the helmet!

1 In The Name Of The Moon, She’ll Punish You

via Pinterest

Despite the gorgeous, angelic appearance of this cosplayer's Eternal Sailor Moon, there’s an aura of menace that’s hard to ignore.

She looks like a paladin who adheres to a very strict code of good and evil, and isn’t afraid to dole out the necessary justice at a moment’s notice.

Fortunately, this heavenly figure has already smitten us.

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