Salem The Cat Makes First Adorable Red Carpet Appearance

Salem The Cat Makes First Adorable Red Carpet Appearance

Salem the cat has made his first red carpet appearance at Netflix’s premiere party for the upcoming show, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Any ‘90s kid remembers Sabrina the Teenage Witch and her lovable kitty companion. Salem is actually a witch himself but was turned into a cat by other witches after he tried to take over the world 500 years ago. Since then, he remained with the Spellman family as the sarcastically witty black cat.

The '90s Salem was mostly an animatronic puppet. Occasionally they’d have a scene where a real cat would walk or jump from one place to the next in order to imply that Salem could indeed move, but otherwise he was a pretty obvious fake.

Not the new Salem. The new black cat is all real, and he surprised everyone by daintily strutting down the red carpet at the show’s premiere party.

Although The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina starts streaming on Netflix October 26, the company held a premiere party to celebrate the upcoming launch. While stars Kiernan Shipka and Jaz Sinclair walked down the red carpet (which was actually black, in keeping with the whole witch theme) they were followed up by a little black fur ball completely without trainer, harness, or leash.

He even posed for several photos, which the paparazzi were all too happy to oblige.

It’s incredibly difficult to train a cat, so Salem’s ability to dazzle at an event like this is absolutely astounding.


And it wasn’t just entertainment circles talking about Salem. Twitter was abuzz with the black cat’s impeccable form and adorable whiskers. “For the next week, please only talk to me about Salem walking the red carpet for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” wrote one Twitter user, while others started suggesting Emmy nominations are just around the corner.

However, one mystery remains. According to Vulture, Salem is to be played by no less than 5 cats, and we’re not sure which one was at the premiere. Either Shaq, Boomer, Edward, Trevor, or Bobby could be in these photos, and we have no idea how to tell them apart.

Apparently the new Salem is not going to be much of a talker, in comparison to the ‘90s animatronic version. A bit of a shame, but it looks like the new series is going for a darker mood that a wisecracking feline just doesn’t fit.


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