The Sarcasm Went Straight Over The Heads Of These 22 People

My therapist, after laughing hysterically at something that I said, remarked that I’ve got a quick wit and a deep, abiding love for being sarcastic. That tickled me, since I grew up learning the art of sarcasm at my father’s knee and I’ve worked hard to live up to his reputation of being snarky as all get-out to anyone and everyone.

As much as I enjoy trading witty retorts with my father and partner, I’ve noticed an unsettling trend on social media: some people have absolutely no radar when it comes to sarcasm at all, and jokes just go whizzing by over their heads.

I’ve seen some people on my friends list (like a few of the fine folks below) take someone’s Facebook status at face value and answer the snarky rhetorical question as if the original poster was serious, but I’ve also seen people fall for obviously fake (and sarcastic as heck) memes.

I know some people on Reddit and other social media websites have taken to writing “/s” to imply that they’re being sarcastic, but this hasn’t hit widespread use and people are STILL failing at reading comprehension. It’s such a shame we can’t enroll those folks in a remedial satire class so that they’ll be more quick on the uptake the next time they log onto social media.

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23 The Stupid Burns

Via: Imgur

Dear sweet flying spaghetti monster, save me from stupid, because my eyes rolled up so far in the back of my head that I looked like a zombie from a horror movie.

This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen on Facebook, and being surrounded by well-meaning—but clueless—dog owners, I’ve seen a LOT of dumb things get posted on social media. I can’t believe that two people out there in the world think a tarp plus exhaust from two trucks is a suitable tent; I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. Calgon, take me away!

22 Steve Jobs Must Be Facepalming So Hard Right Now In The Spirit World

Via: Imgur

I’m pretty sure that if I grabbed a Ouija board and performed a séance, that I’d hear Steve Job’s ghost facepalming SO DARN HARD at this brutal scammer.

Did this guy fail a basic English class or what? Did he grow up having no sarcastic friends or relatives? It boggles my mind that he can’t tell that the commenter was making fun of his terrible attempt to scam people on Facebook and I thank my lucky stars that I grew up with a snarky AF father. Instead of wasting his time with this advertisement, he’d be better off reading some satire and learning how to recognize sarcasm when he sees it.

21 Fighting Bad Guys By Moonlight, Winning Love By Daylight

Via: Imgur

Hear that? THAT is the sound of Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon appearing and smacking this person’s grandmother upside the head with the Spiral Heart Moon Rod!

No one should have fallen for such an OBVIOUS prank!

How the heck did she think the moon was going to replicate itself all over the sky? With magic or Sailor Moon and her friends playing a prank? Good grief; I hope the grandchild of this woman sit her down and explain to her about the joys of Photoshop so that she’ll quit sharing OBVIOUSLY fake memes. The poor woman's embarrassing herself on social media for all of the world to see.

20 Alexa Is Cackling Right Now

Via: Imgur

It's probably a darn good thing that neither Siri nor Alexa are sentient because if they could surf social media the way that we humans do, they’d be laughing themselves silly at the thought that some old lady tried commanding Facebook to post the pictures as if it was a robot.

There are some older folks out there that have no problems adjusting to and using the latest technology, but this chick is definitely NOT one of them. It’s such a joke that her husband didn’t film her ranting at him for trolling; now THAT would’ve been the icing on the cake for this post!

19 Stand Up, The Joke's Flying Over Your Head

Via: Imgur

I’ve side-eyed AT&T after they told my dad that either he had to move to Texas or retire because they were closing their New York office. Luckily, he found a new job, but I’ve always disliked them for totally disregarding a loyal employee of almost 30 years and making their life miserable with their sudden announcement; it was a total slap in the face.

There's nothing genuine in this tweet,

@Deathcookie13 deserves a high-five for trolling the poor fool that the got stuck monitoring the company’s Twitter account. I don’t know how he or she missed the "/s" for sarcasm, but they REALLY need to surf the Internet more often.

18 They Walked Into That Trap With Their Eyes Wide Open

Via: Imgur

When dealing with someone that uses sarcasm as a weapon, NEVER, EVER ask them if they are done being sarcastic because that’s just asking for trouble. I learned that the hard way growing up. My dad is snarky AF and I grew up learning that stupid questions get only hilarious answers in return.

This person walked right into the trap on the text message with both eyes open and they have NO ROOM to complain about their friend being snarky when they were acting like total airheads that need to relearn the definition of sarcasm and how to recognize it.

17 Time To Stock Up On Aloe Vera For This Burn

Via: Imgur

I’ve seen some epic snarky replies over the years on social media, but this one is so bad that I think this poor woman got a third degree burn from @MaybeFritz’s quick wit.

Someone’s going to have to dial 911.

She needs to get a ton of aloe vera in order to heal from this sick burn on Twitter.

Just DANG! @MaybeFritz went in for the kill with his retort and ruined poor @Sarasamss for the entire world to see. This poor girl is going to develop a complex after this exchange, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she never asks such a question like this on Twitter ever again.

16 Stop Stanning Mediocre Pop Stars 2K18

Via: Imgur

Please, for the love of all things holy, someone enroll the Bieber fan into college ASAP because it’s horrifying that he or she believes that “swag” is all you need to survive in today’s world. NO, JUST NO.

My dude, have you not heard? The Millennials and Generation Z got the short end of the stick in today’s society. We’re all working at least three jobs to BARELY survive. Having “swag” isn’t going to help you beat out other students for that coveted internship nor will it help pay the bills when you’re out in the real world working. Swag aint ish.

15 A+ Troll Bait For The Win

Via: Imgur

Props to whoever created this hilarious meme, although I can’t help but wince at the fact that someone ACTUALLY shared it thinking that it was the astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Doesn’t ANYONE pay attention in history class anymore?

It boggles my mind that someone my age (or even younger) doesn’t know who Neil flipping Armstrong is. He’s THE FIRST MAN ON THE MOON, NOT SOME DISGRACED ATHLETE. This is proof that either the U.S. education system needs a MAJOR overhaul or more and more young people are snoozing through history class. Give them a coffee ASAP so they can stay awake and not make fools of themselves by appearing so ignorant on Facebook.

14 Pumpkins Scream In The Dead Of Night...

Via: Imgur

Oh ladies, you need to up your sarcasm game because it was SO OBVIOUS that this Lauren chick was being snarky as heck about the OBSESSION people have over pumpkin flavored ANYTHING in the fall.

I got the joke instantly, despite the fact that I’m a sucker for a good Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, but as my therapist says, I’m snarky and like showing off my keen wit to the world, so my radar for sarcasm is on point. The two ladies that replied to Lauren’s status need to get their snark radar tuned up, ‘cause the jokes are going over their heads.

13 Google Search Is Your Friend

Via: Imgur

Okay, as someone that doesn’t drive and wouldn’t know a Jeep from a minivan if my life depended upon it, I can SORT of understand why they’d fall for this prank, but good grief people:


Use it! Especially if you’re trying to impress someone. I don’t know if it's because I am a suspicious New Yorker or my PTSD from being bullied by mean tween girls that played pranks on me when I was in middle school, but I ALWAYS fact-checked statements when I was single and chatting with dudes on dating sites.

12 A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course, Of Course

Via: Reddit

I nearly passed out from laughing when I saw this Reddit post from @Dynamiteshoveled, because with my sense of humor and luck, this would play out between my mother and I over Christmas, too. You’d think being married to a dude that is the king of sarcasm and having two daughters that are also snarky would have sharpened her wit over the years, but nope. She still takes everything at face value, every single time.

@Dynamiteshoveled, let this be a lesson to you: be literal and make a Christmas list so that you don’t get stuck with another tacky gift next year.

11 Keanu Reeves Is So Done

Via: Reddit

I hope Keanu Reeves never sees @Highwayman1717’s post on Reddit, because he’d probably lose a few brain cells after facepalming SO HARD and going on a rant about how he’s sick of being a meme for people on the Internet.

“First it was that ridiculous sad Keanu memes, now people can’t tell when someone’s being sarcastic and my photo is in a hotel! When will it end?”

Poor Keanu — always the butt of the joke.

That being said, I can’t stop giggling over how the hotel workers actually went out and printed a picture of The Matrix star after reading @Highwayman1717’s suggestion. I’ve heard of hotel workers going out of their way for customers, but this is really too darn much.

10 Give 'Em A Thesaurus For Christmas

Via: Imgur

My inner literature and grammar geek groaned so hard when I saw that the entire point of the meme went flying past this person on Facebook. In order to really hammer the point home, I sincerely hope that whoever posted the original meme sends this person a thesaurus for Christmas or whatever winter holiday they celebrate.


The only explanation I could come up with for such a ridiculous is that they just skimmed the meme and thought it was neat; it’s a better explanation than thinking that this person has no sense of humor whatsoever.

9 Generation Z Is Doomed

Via: Imgur

If Media and the Technical Boy from American Gods spotted this Facebook post, those two would roll their eyes SO HARD and think to themselves “Man, I hope the rest of Generation Z isn’t as clueless as this chick, otherwise they are doomed.”

Jokes aside, if this chick was so amazed about the lack of Google searches back in her mother’s era, why didn’t she look up when the Internet was created?

Maybe she's too busy chilling on Facebook in the library?

I’m also facepalming at the guy that seriously wanted to know how this teen’s mother looked up the Spark Notes book before the era of the Internet. These sweet summer children will never know the hardships ‘90s kids and all those who came before had to go through in research.

8 High Quality And Walmart Is An Oxymoron

Via: Imgur

As a fellow snarky practical joker, I want to give this seller a high-five for creating one of the funniest faux advertisements I have ever seen on Facebook. They inadvertently created COMEDY GOLD.

I get that the person that is genuinely interested in buying this hunk of junk’s first language probably isn’t English, which is why they didn’t recognize the fact that this entire post is a joke. But man, I feel bad that they got strung along.

Even if their English language skills are a bit rusty, I’m a bit surprised they didn’t take one look at the obviously broken headphones and be like “Yea no, hard pass” but I suppose they got lured in by the idea of a “Beats logo.”

7 Learn To Take A Hint, My Dude

Did anyone else besides from me lose it at the reply “three is a crowd?” My dude, you can’t take a hint because you are too dense.


She literally tells him she's taken and that doesn't register for him.

If I were friends with this woman, I would have told her to ditch the snark and straight-up tell him "thanks, but no thanks," since it's clear that he’s either too desperate or too dumb to read in between the lines. Give it up, my dude. Find someone else, you’re barking up the wrong tree with this lady.

6 The Lack Of Subtlety Is Strong With This One

I'm not going to lie, I giggled while reading this text message because this guy’s clueless response—and the fact that he doesn’t get that she was trying to be subtle about the fact that she isn’t interested in him romantically—reminds me of when I was single and using dating sites.

Before I met my partner, there were some dudes that could NOT take a hint.

I remember one guy just kept going ON AND ON when we were chatting on AIM (yes, I’m old) and didn’t realize I was trying to let him down gently because I was starting to lose interest. I wound up blocking that one because he got on my nerves and I had no patience for his antics. Bye!

5 No One Wants To Go To Your Party

Via: Imgur

If there is one thing I dislike, it's seeing those ridiculous party promoters on social media. I don't want to break it to people like @Flawlessoz, but you REALLY need to up your game when it comes to promoting your club. It's time to take some marketing 101 classes and actually learn how to use social media for your benefit.

Not that I know too many people at my age that like to go clubbing still, but no one is going to take her seriously if she keeps typing in all capital letters AND has no notion of what sarcasm entails.

4 Fix Photo Don't Stick Your Nose Where You Don't Belong, Pal

Oh dude, it’s never a good idea to stick your nose into a conversation where you don’t belong. It is SO OBVIOUS that @JoshKnight98 was trying to pull a fast one on @Tesco, but he chickened out at the last moment because he KNEW he’d get caught in a lie and that the self-service machine didn’t malfunction.

Do better next time, sir.

And then you have this rando busting in and cheering on @JoshKnight98. Bro, PLEASE go back and reread the thread because even my dog Zoe could tell that this kid was just trying to con some money out of a big corporation for the lulz.

3 The Writers Of The Onion Are Flipping Tables

Via: Imgur

Listen closely my friends, so that you can hear the writers of The Onion flipping tables over the fact that someone actually believed that one of their articles was real. Humanity is doomed y’all and this is why the aliens refuse to talk to us.

I’ve seen plenty of dumb comments online, but this one is definitely one of the worst. For goodness sake, the entire summary screams “parody of Generation Z”! Girl, your reading comprehension is for the birds and someone needs to follow you around screeching insults until you learn how to read and recognize satire. Do better next time and maybe understand what The Onion is all about.

2 Some People Shouldn't Be On Social Media

Via: Reddit

I give the trolls an A on their hilarious meme that sounds oh-so-official, but I’m side-eying the person that shared it. How much do y’all want to bet that it's someone in the Baby Boomer generation that hasn’t QUITE gotten the hang of the “newfangled” invention that we call Facebook?

I'll put all my money on it.

Because let me tell you, this is something my mother would TOTALLY believe, then share on Facebook, and then text me frantically to ask if I could tell if her account had been hacked by some kind of super spy that wants to steal her credit card information or something.


Sources: Imgur, Reddit, Instagram

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