Sashay Away: Off-Stage Drama Between The Cast Of 'RuPaul' (15 Moments)

You've probably heard about the legendary RuPaul and his iconic reality competition show RuPaul's Drag Race, but you've probably always been too ashamed to ask what it's about, right?

Well, don't worry, I got ya!

RuPaul's Drag Race is a competition show where RuPaul, who is a very known drag queen, is searching for America's next drag superstar. Basically, Drag Race is like the gay version of  America's Next Top Model, but way better, way funnier, and more exciting. This show has EVERYTHING fans need to be entertained; drama, shade, tears, laughter, you name it. Most of the beefs, feuds, and dramas happen during the show, but there are some, less known, that happened off stage, and they're just as interesting as the ones that happened on the show.

So, without further ado, here are 15 off stage feuds between RuPaul's drag queens that most of us forgot about.

15 Everybody vs. Robbie Turner

We were all shook when we heard that Robbie Turner, who we know from season eight of Drag Race, barely survived a car crash. You see, just a  few days ago, this queen claimed that her Uber was in a car accident and that the Uber driver has died. She also added that the sole reason she survived was because of her seat belt.

She tweeted about the alleged incident, saying:

However, both Uber and the police issued statements denying any incidents like the one described happened. In other words, Robbie lied. Of course, fans and other queens immediately started tweeting about it — shading, and mocking her. And poor Robbie even lost her main gig in her hometown of Seattle because of the inconsistencies with the story.

14 Tatianna vs. Tyra Sanchez

Tatianna and Tyra Sanchez were both contestants on season two of RuPaul's Drag Race, with the latter being the winner of the season. If you've seen this season, then you know that these two queens disliked each other. And if you haven't seen it, then you need to start watching it ASAP.

As I said, these two couldn't stand each other on the show, but their feud didn't end with season two... It's actually still ongoing!  In late May, 2017, Tyra leaked Tatianna's phone number on her Instagram. And guess what— Tatianna gave her a taste of her own medicine and did the same thing to Tyra. And that's not all, just a few days ago, Tyra was suspended from Twitter and Instagram for telling her followers to "drink bleach" along with some other awful things.

Not only that, but Tyra was also banned from DragCon for threatening violence against Tatianna. Obviously, this feud is still ongoing, and if you ask Tyra, it will never end.

13 RuPaul vs. Pearl

Ha! I bet you're surprised to see RuPaul himself on this list, but I have news for you —  he's not that innocent either. Back in season seven, queens had to host and present awards at The DESPY Awards. While they were coming up with speeches and jokes in the workroom, RuPaul came to see how they were doing. And that's when the beef started. Ru didn't like Pearl's ideas and the two had this super long and awkward stare-down, which was interrupted by Pearl asking "Is there something on my face?"

But the drama didn't end there. Pearl later wrote a Facebook status about the whole situation and shared some insight on what wasn't shown on TV.

According to Pearl, Ru came to her and Max's desk and said: "Max, you have a great personality, and you Pearl, you have NO personality, so tell me how you're going to be successful in this challenge." And apparently, Ru went on for 20 minutes talking about how bad Pearl's ideas were.

12 Valentina vs. Aja (and others)

If you're a Drag Race fan, then you already know that Valentina is not really on good terms with a lot of queens. These two showed us many times that they really don't like each other, but it all escalated when Valentina was crowned Miss Congeniality. That's when Aja snapped and said that Valentina is not congenial at all, and that the title should be Miss Fan Favorite. And it seems that some other queens agreed with Aja.

One of hose queens is Vicky Vox, who thinks that Valentina is very diva-ish.

Vox said in one interview: "She came backstage up to the dressing room after her first number in the show we was doing. She came upstairs and she goes, 'Can someone remove my wig, please?' Meanwhile, somebody is unzipping her dress and taking off her shoes. And I went, 'Girl, come here. Girl, come here. Here’s the thing. You gonna be on tour with some diva [expletive]—some actual diva [expletive]—and they’re not gonna put up with this bull—"

11 Alyssa Edwards vs. Coco Montrese

The beef between these two queens started long before they showed up on season five of RuPaul's Drag Race. We've all seen on the show that these two can't stand each other, and it's all because of one pageant: Miss Gay America .

What had happened was, Alyssa Edwards was crowned Miss Gay America, however her crown was taken away from her "due to scheduling conflicts with previous engagements and her Miss Gay America duties."

So, the crown was passed to the first alternate, Coco Montrese.

Alyssa explained the whole thing: "It! Was! Pure! Hell! How would you feel if you were standing on stage with a crown on your head, singing your song, and someone yells out, ‘You ain’t the real Miss America anyway!’? I had to smile and wave. In the inside, I am torn. I almost lost my relationship because of that whole thing. That whole thing turned my world upside down. He didn’t win Miss Gay America, I did. So he wasn’t the one embarrassed in front of the whole community, I was. I’m the very first to get dethroned. Coco, I heard you went around everywhere and badmouthed me, saying I couldn’t fulfill my reign."

10 Coco Montrese vs. Roxxxy Andrews

A lot of Drag Race fans are actually very confused by this feud, because they have no idea how and why it all started, but apparently it has to do with Roxxxy eliminating Coco on All Stars 2.

It's a bit weird, considering that the day after her elimination episode aired, Coco said in an interview that she wasn't angry about Roxxxy and her decision: "I think if I was much younger maybe it would have affected me differently, but I’m older so I cherish my friendships and I don’t give up on them when a decision like that is made. Roxxxy and I have a great friendship."

And then, less than a month after that interview, she tweeted this: "Some people sellout (sic) family & friends4Fame & LILfortune (10k). Knowing who there people R helps U evaluate intentions accurately ThanksRU." Roxxxy clapped back at Coco the same night with a lot of tweets and passive-aggressive hashtags.

9 The DWV Girls

DWV was a pop group consisting of Drag Race queens Willam and Detox, and another very known queen, Vicky Vox (she wasn't on Drag Race, though). They released seven singles, with "Chow Down (at Chick-Fil-A)" and "Boy Is a Bottom" being the  most popular ones.

However, the group didn't last long — they disbanded after only two years.

Apparently, the disbandment has to do with Detox and Vicky allegedly putting substances in Willam's drink without him knowing. Willam tweeted about it in 2014, after the group disbanded. He wrote: "Ya ever find out that people you trusted put drugs in your drinks? It helps you get over any bittersweeness (sic) easily. I'm real cool."

Detox also called out Willam on Facebook "Bearded snakes on the grass will always bite you in the [expletive]. There’s a reason so many people dislike working with you…." Willam responded on Reddit to the possibility of that post being about him. He wrote: "seems to be? I think it’s pretty clear. [expletive]. you don’t have to be inspector [expletive] gadget to see that.

8 Tyra Sanchez vs. Morgan McMichaels

Oh look, it's Tyra Sanchez again. Who would have guessed she'd be on this list again? LOL, I'm just kidding, we all know that this queen LIVES for drama. I mean, she's had more feuds with other queens than she's had gigs during her career.

Last year, Miss Sanchez stirred some drama when she made a Facebook post that announced Morgan McMichaels' (season two) death. Tyra wrote: "This is such sad news to hear! I never thought I'd lose a sister. This hurts my heart! I'm gonna miss @morganmcmichaels #rip Please send her your condolences." Naturally, Morgan's friends and fans, who didn't know this was not true, were shocked and devastated when they saw this.

Shortly after, Morgan went live on Facebook to explain that Tyra's post was probably related to her loss of a booking at Micky's nightclub in West Hollywood, where Morgan performed instead.

7 Miz Cracker vs. Aquaria

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1500"] Via: people.com[/caption]

This here is the most recent Drag Race drama and it involves two amazing New York queens, Miz Cracker and Aquaria. Apparently, they used to be very good friends until one started copying the other's looks.

"I did a party in a yellow latex dress with a poofy sleeve with a heart cut out. Two weeks later, Cracker shows up, yellow vinyl dress [with a] circle cut out. That’s not a coincidence," Aquaria said once.

And according to Aquaria, that wasn't the only time their looks were suspiciously similar. It went so far that people started mixing these two up — it wasn't just the outfits, Miz Cracker's makeup also started looking very much like Aquaria's.

As I already said, they used to be good friends, you can even find photos of them together on their Instagram profiles. And speaking of that, a few years ago Miz Cracker posted a photo of herself with Aquaria, calling her one of the most influential women in her drag year and saying she couldn't have come this far without her. Doesn't that sound like a confession that she does get inspiration from Aquaria?

6 Derrick Barry vs. Kim Chi

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Via: pinterest.com[/caption]

The drama between Derrick Barry and Kim Chi, both from season eight, started when Derrick shared a past experience of auditioning for a certain tribute show. Derrick wrote on Twitter that 10 years ago, at the audition he was mocked and laughed at when he told the people in charge that he is a Britney Spears celebrity female impersonator that sings live. That's when Kim Chi came along and sarcastically commented on his post:

The thing is, nobody knows whether Kim Chi was just joking or being serious. Derrick defended himself, which made some of his followers shade him for not being able to take a joke, while other followers were just waiting for the continuation of the feud.

However, it didn't continue. On the contrary, Derrick apologized for his tweet. He wrote:

5 Mimi Imfurst vs. Jade Jolie

No one is really sure what happened between these two queens, however, rumor has it that Jade Jolie (of season five) was offended by Mimi Imfurst's (of season three) introduction of Jade on stage at Logo's Pride event in New York. That's when their Twitter drama started.

Jolie tweeted at Mimi saying she thinks it's funny that Mimi thinks she's funny. Mimi responded to her, telling her to go give inapt procedures in front of cheap cameras from Best Buy (in case you didn't know, there are adult gay videos online starring Jade Jolie from before she was on Drag Race).

Mimi also wrote: "When I got a mic I enjoy reading a b—h Its (sic) my style of comedy its NEVER personal. When you take it personal it shows ur own insecurities."

The Twitter drama ended after Michelle Visage stepped in and told the queens to stop fighting. Most of the tweets were deleted, but apparently the queens are still on bed terms.

4 Tyra Sanchez vs. Raja

Yes, it's Tyra Sanchez AGAIN. This time her victim was none other than season three's winner Raja Gemini. What had happened here was, Tyra was being interviewed and in that interview, she said she forgot who Sasha Velour was (Sasha won season 10 of Drag Race).

Raja posted the interview on her Facebook page and captioned it with an eye-roll emoji. Raja also wrote, "It looked silly and quite petty to forget the new winners name by happenstance and giggle thru a pretend mistake." And that's when Tyra started attacking her. Tyra wrote a very long Facebook post where she said that she dreams of taking her scepter and knocking Raja across the face a few times. Not only that, but she also called Raja Abu (the monkey from Aladdin), because of Raja's skin color... (NOT COOL.)

Also, another thing happened recently with Tyra — she was banned from DragCon for threatening violence against Phi Phi O'Hara and Tatianna! And then, a few days ago, she threatened DragCon attendees when she posted a Facebook status saying, "Fair warning: DO NOT attend RuPaul’s DragCon on May 12, 2018. Don’t say I didn’t warn you."

3 Eureka O’Hara vs. Trinity Taylor

Season nine's Eureka O'Hara and Trinity "The Tuck" Taylor are both amazing queens. On one side, we have Eureka, who is hilarious and so interesting to watch. And on the other side we have an amazing performer and queen who's always serving us fishy looks (fishy is a term used for a queen who looks extremely feminine, or one who convincingly resembles a cis woman). Drag Race fans love both of these queens, but they don't really love each other.

These two queens actually knew each other before Drag Race; they participated in many pageants together and that's where their rivalry comes from.

However, it seems that after Eureka injured her leg in season nine, these two buried the hatchet. Trinity talked about Eureka being strong and wished her fast recovery. Eureka responded on Twitter when she tweeted,  "I have to say despite our differences. Thank you for being so kind to me during my injury."

I mean, they obviously don't dislike each other, but then again, they're far from being friends.

2 (Possibly) Valentina vs. Club Owners And Other Queens

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Via: UnicornBooty[/caption]

In July 2017, soon after season nine of RuPaul's Drag Race finished, Valentina came under fire AGAIN. This time she was accused of acting like a diva and being difficult to work with. Pageant queen and Miss Gay USofA Aurora Saxton wrote a Facebook post about a certain queen who was not only one hour late to her show, but who also had A LOT of demands.

According to Saxton, this queen "Demand a show be tailored to their desires or threaten cancellation, demand police protection, be rude or dismissive to the staff facilitating their visit, disappoint their fans by cutting off meet n greets or deciding not to perform, were incapable of dressing themselves thus making others work extra to kill time, demanding to be taken to multiple restaurants and sticking the driver with the bills, why are there no red m&ms (sic) and champagne in my room? Really Queen? I could go on…like I really could keep going…"

Now, the thing is, Saxton never revealed the name of the queen, but she did post, later that day, a promotional photo for one of Valentina's gig, captioning it "Disappointed" Of course, fans and other Drag Race queens immediately took to Twitter to criticise Valentina's bad behaviour. I mean, I don't blame them, that really was too much.

1 Willam vs. Azealia Banks

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Via: portalfamosos.com.br[/caption]

If you know anything about pop culture, than you've probably heard of Azealia Banks and her crazy attitude. I mean, this girl is supposed to be a singer/rapper, but instead of being known for her songs, she's mostly for known for her Twitter feuds with other celebs, for using slurs that are offensive to many groups etc.

A few years ago a video appeared online where Azealia can be seen arguing with a flight attendant.

That wouldn't be that bad if she didn't use some horrific slurs to insult the flight attendant. That's when Willam, a very popular drag queen, stepped in and confronted Azealia.

He tweeted at her, saying that the gays were her only fans, and that after this, she won't even have them. Azealia defended herself, saying she is bisexual, her brother is trans, and that all of her employees are all gay men. She fired back, saying his career mostly consists of "standing on float in drag during pride."

Well, as somebody who knows a lot about pop culture, I can say that Willam is definitely more popular and a bigger star than Azealia.


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