Say Goodbye To Student Loans With This Trivia App

Love trivia but hate debt? You’re in luck. Givling, aka the Givling Force For Good, FFG, is a new community crowdfunding app that helps others pay off of student loan debt. Forty-four million Americans currently have more than $1.45 trillion dollars of student loan debt.

The way the system works is that Givling gives out cash prizes to high scoring trivia teams while raising money to crowdfund student loan debt. Each time you start playing, you join a three-person team and respond true or false to trivia statements until you strike out or reach the statement limit. The more trivia statements you answer correctly, the higher you will score.

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If your team manages to be the highest scoring team after the competition period ends, the team will split the cash award three ways. While you’re playing, the app raises money through advertising, sponsorships, and participants, giving 45% of the money raised towards financing student loan debt. Of the remaining amount, 45% goes towards the cash prize, and 10% goes towards maintaining the app.

Givling’s founder, Libby Pratt, decided to crowdfund student loan debt after learning that declaring bankruptcy isn’t even an option for student loan debt holders. “I thought this law was patently unfair. Even if a loan holder doesn’t default, student loans are deliberately set up to be confusing ... If a student doesn’t land the exact right salary immediately upon graduation, it’s pretty close to impossible to climb out of debt. They can’t buy a house. They can’t start a family. They can’t pursue the career in which they would truly excel. And to the detriment of their family and community, they’re psychologically crippled with massive stress.”

The app has already paid off $993,506 worth of debt, which adds up to 20 student loans.

Jordan Shelton, 26, of Manhattan, Kansas, who had $33,000 of student debt wiped out by the app, says, “It was such an awesome, surreal moment. I felt like I would be paying off this loan the rest of my life on that plan, but this freed me and my wife to do what we’re most passionate about.”

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The game can be played by those with student loan debt or to help a friend or family member pay off up to $50,000 worth of student loan debt. The app can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS.

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