20 Weird Things Found On Earth That Even Scientists Can't Explain

Without a doubt, the Earth is an amazing mystery. There is so much to see here and a whole lot more to experience. Over the years, people have managed to discover various wonders of nature in several parts of the world. They are spread over seven continents and 195 countries. They leave you in awe and inspire to discover more throughout this planet.

At the same time, there have also been a number of discoveries that have left everyone puzzled. Some are a natural phenomenon. Others are a curious find. There are also some that were only exhibited by a single person. Regardless, one thing is for sure. It’s something that even a scientist can’t explain.

And in case you’re wondering, we’ve found 20 weird things that scientists can’t explain on Earth:

20 Time Traveler

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For some time now, we have been quite fascinated with the idea of time travel. Well, it seems there is evidence to suggest that time travelers have been wandering around throughout history.

Back in 1938, a woman was reportedly spotted using a mobile phone. Meanwhile, there is also a photo of a man wearing a hockey team sweater and shades from the 1920s.

19 The Woman Who Froze and Thawed to Life

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Generally, the human body is not capable of surviving freezing temperatures. Because when a person becomes frozen, the heart eventually stops and the odds of returning to life are slim. This is exactly why this case remains an unexplainable mystery. In 1980, Jean Hilliard loss consciousness and froze at −22°C weather. When she was found, she had no signs of life. Her doctor even told The New York Times that Hilliard was “like a piece of meat out of a deep freeze.”

But then, she started moving after being thawed She was also completely healthy soon after.

18 North Pole’s movement towards Siberia

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If you ask a child, he or she might tell you that the North Pole is where Santa Claus lives. It’s way up north, somewhere where there is always snow, reindeers and laughter. However, it seems this fantasy would be disrupted soon because the real North Pole is moving towards Siberia.

And this has something to do with the Earth’s weird magnetic field behavior that still can’t be explained too.

17 Exact Length of British Coastline

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Despite all the geniuses that exist in the scientific community, it seems no one can still determine that exact length of the British coastline. As the British cartographic and GIS company, Lovell Johns has explained, this coastline is involved in a puzzling “coastal paradox.”

Furthermore, it stated that “the coastline measurement increases exponentially when you downsize the length of your stick. At the same time, the land area is increasingly unchanged.”

16 Ata, the Skeleton

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At first, many thought it was the skeleton of an infant or an alien. After some time, it was definitively determined that Ata is not from outer space. In fact, Ata happens to be a human who had only grown to six inches.

To this day, no scientist can explain why Ata only grew this much.

15 Dark Matter

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According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the earth is made up of around 27 percent dark matter.

Beyond that estimate, NASA remains puzzled by it, even saying, “We are much more certain what dark matter is not than we are what it is. First, it is dark, meaning that it is not in the form of stars and planets that we see.”

14 Origin of Life

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There is a reason why the big bang is still considered a theory. Scientists still aren’t sure about how life started on our great blue planet.

Recently, NASA has said that cyanide compounds found in meteorites may hold some important clues to solving history. But for now, everyone is still guessing.

13 Massive Airborne Migration

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Usually, when you hear about migration, you think about animals that are four and two-legged. We certainly tend to neglect the migration that occurs overhead, the one involves flight.

Well, as it turns out, the winged migration of bats is the largest mammal migration on Earth, according to the National Geographic. And more information is needed on how these bats amass.

12 Humongous Fungus

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Some 25 years ago, researchers made a humongous discovery near Crystal Falls, Michigan. It was an Armillaria gallica mushroom that weighed 440 tons and covered around 91 acres of the area.

According to studies, the mushroom is said to be around 2,500 years old. However, no one knows for sure. Moreover, it’s also hard to tell how the mushroom ended up growing there.

11 Rat Kings

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For the record, there is no such thing as an actual rat king. Instead, the term refers to a group of rats who have decided to intertwine their tails and become one.

Moreover, it seems that rat kings tend to stay bunched together for life, as one specimen in Germany happens to be a rat king made up of 32 rats. To this day, it is unclear why rats do this.

10 Dancing Plague

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To this day, it’s considered one of the weirdest medical cases in history. Back in 1518, a woman known as Frau Troffea decided she wanted to dance. She had so much energy and managed to dance for several days. Soon, as many as 400 people started to dance with her, according to the BBC. And when this occurred, as many as 15 fatalities would occur due to exhaustion, heart attacks, and stroke.

No one knows why the Troffea and the others couldn’t stop dancing.

9 Existence of Human Intuition

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This is a phenomenon involving the human mind that simply cannot be explained by science. One can refer to intuition as an unconscious cognition or a gut feeling. In some cases, people claim that intuition had saved their lives or helped make a better decision.

However, even today, scientists can’t quite explain how intuition occurs or why intuition ends up benefiting people.

8 Amazon Rainforest Geoglyphs

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With constant deforestation in the Amazon, an Earthly mystery eventually revealed itself. As it turns out, there are as many as 450 geoglyphs that can be found in the Amazon.

These are geometrically shaped ditches that occupy around 13,000 square kilometers in the area, according to a report from CBC. Today, they are more readily visible by air.

7 The Humming in Taos

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Without a doubt, unexplained noises can be both irritating and eerie. In the case of the sound that can be heard in Taos, New Mexico, we would say the noise leans more towards creepy since its origins are a mystery to this day.

Moreover, according to Live Science, some people in the area describe the sound as a whir or buzz, rather than a hum.

6 Antikythera Mechanism

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More than 100 years ago, divers found a big piece of bronze just in the wreck of a vessel that is approximately 2,000 years old, according to Vox. This vessel was found off the Greek island of Antikythera.

And so, the discovery came to be known as the Antikythera Mechanism. Essentially, it is an early machine that leaves experts intrigued to this day.

5 Costa Rica Stone Spheres

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According to the Museum of Unnatural Mystery, the stone spheres were found back in the 1930s. These are perfectly round stone balls which varied in size. Back when they were first spotted, as many as 300of them were found.

To this day, it is unclear how these stone spheres were formed.

4 Hidden Crystals in Mexico Cave

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Several years ago, miners stumbled upon this amazing archeological find in Chihuahua Mexico. Today, the spot is known as the Cave of Crystals or Giant Crystal Cave. It is said to be the largest collection of natural crystals ever found.

It is believed that the crystals in the cave have been growing for more than 500,000 years.

3 Yonaguni Ruins

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The Yonaguni Ruins was discovered in Japan back in 1981 by a young diver named Kihachiro Aratake. Since then, many have come to refer to it as “an underwater Machu Picchu.”

However, to this day, it still cannot be determined if the Yonaguni Ruins are man-made or the result of a natural rock formation.

2 Shape Shifting Clouds

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If you go on YouTube, you would most likely see some footage of what appears to be shape-shifting clouds. Basically, the clouds would appear to morph into various forms and then suddenly, disappear altogether.

Today, scientist believe birds may have something to do with this phenomenon. However, it is yet to be proven.

1 Underground Ocean

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Even today, it’s safe to say that scientists remain in awe with the idea of an underground ocean. In 2014, there was even a Northwestern University research which noted “evidence for potentially oceans worth of water deep beneath the United States.”

Today, the extent of water “bound up in rock deep in the Earth’s mantle” is still being explored.

Sources - NASA, BBC, New York Times, Lovell Johns & Live Science

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