Couple Create Scotland's First Potato Vodka Using Unwanted 'Ugly' Spuds

You may have thought the life of a potato farmer is pretty uneventful, but one Scottish couple has proved that it can be a seriously good time.

According to the Good News Network, Graeme Jarron and his wife, Caroline, have created Scotland's first ever potato vodka. The inventive pair make their living farming the popular vegetables but were sick of throwing away tonnes of misshapen spuds that the supermarkets simply wouldn't buy.

Unwilling to see these undesirable potatoes go to waste, the couple had a genius idea: why not take the ones that they can't sell on and turn them into a different type of profitable business? With that, the couple opened up Ogilvy Vodka Distillery, operating directly from their farm. Not only has it been a success, but they're planning to open a shiny new visitor center so customers can get the full potato-turned-vodka making experience, complete with tractor rides and an in-depth look into the world of potato farming.


Potato vodka, also known as moonshine, is often made with potatoes in countries like Russia and Poland but is primarily made with wheat in the US and the UK. It's an inexpensive method that was frequently used during the prohibition era in the US, as it was easy to throw together at home.

When the Jarron family decided to make a business venture out of this premise, they teamed up with Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh who taught them the ropes. Their vodka is now available to buy in some independent shops across the UK for £36 (or about $48 USD) per 700ml.

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The couple have received a lot of support locally, and have even enjoyed features on the likes of the BBC Scotland program, The Great Food Guys with Nick Nairn and Dougie Vipond. Their Instagram following is blossoming as the business grows, sharing sweet snaps into the distilling process as well as the £150,000 building venture of the proposed visitor's center.

This vodka isn't for the fainthearted, though. Described on the official Ogilvy website as warm with hints of apricots, citrus fruits, and coming in at 40% proof, this vodka will definitely put some hair on your chest.

If you're brave enough to try it, that is.

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