Scott Disick's Fiancee? 20 Facts About Sofia Richie

Anyone with any level of connection to the Kardashian-Jenner family is immediately under a higher level of scrutiny. After all, the world is endlessly fascinated with the first family of reality television. Why wouldn't they want all the juicy details about the people in their lives as well, from BFFs to potential boyfriends?

Thanks to his long relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, and the fact that he's the father of several Kardashian kids, Scott Disick is someone that the tabloids love paying attention to. From whether or not he's getting back together with Kourtney to who the new women in his life are, they want to know everything. And, nothing has been juicier than the revelation that Scott started a relationship with the much younger Sofia Richie, who comes from a famous family as well.

While neither has been too open about their relationship so far, that could definitely change. We can't wait to hear more details about this relationship—and get the full reactions from all the Kardashians. In the meantime, fans may want to find out a little bit more about the woman who has apparently fallen for Kourtney's ex.

Here are 20 facts fans may not have known about Sofia Richie, whose relationship with Scott Disick may be a lot more serious than we all thought!

20 She Had A Curfew Growing Up

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Sofia Richie grew up with a father who was in show business and was always surrounded by industry insiders. Given her upbringing, you may assume she had lax rules at home—but it turns out, that couldn't be further from the truth. Perhaps it's because of her older sister Nicole's troublemaking, but either way, Sofia's father Lionel Richie gave her a strict curfew that she had to follow.

Even if she was out at some glamorous party with her celebrity friends, she had to be home by 11, sharp. That's obviously changed now, but still—we never imagined she would have had a curfew as a teenager!

19 She Wanted To Follow In Her Father's Footsteps As A Musician

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Sofia grew up watching her father (Lionel Richie) perform and record albums and write songs. And, given the amount of success he achieved, he was obviously a great role model for anyone with musical dreams. It turns out, back when she was younger, Sofia had her sights set on following in her father's footsteps.

She told Entertainment Tonight that "when I was 13, I was saying that I wanted to be signed to a label, I was begging my dad to get me signed with somebody." Her father basically told her to wait before making that kind of decision, because he thought she was too young—and it was obviously wise advice! She's slaying it in the fashion world now. Although, who knows—maybe one day she'll revisit her dream of being a performer.

18 She Enjoys Songwriting

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If Sofia were to ever get involved in the music industry, she wouldn't rely solely on a team of songwriters to pen her hits. She would likely have some pretty major input of her own because it turns out she's actually a songwriter as well! Obviously, she's not as serious about her craft as her father Lionel, but she has revealed a bit about her process to Teen Vogue.

She generally writes by creating some kind of rhythm, then adding beats to create a full song. Who knows—we could very well hear some of her hits topping the chart by next year. Crazier things have happened!

17 Her Big Sister Nicole Is Her Style Icon

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While her style has certainly evolved over the years, Nicole Richie still remains one of the queens of boho chic. She has a very particular perspective when it comes to style, which is what's allowed her to be so successful in the fashion world. And, it turns out that her little sister Sofia is one of her biggest fans.

She spilled about her big sis's influence to Teen Vogue, saying that "Nicole is definitely my style icon, and she's the best person to go shopping with. She's really honest. Other people are afraid to hurt your feelings, so they'll tell you something's cute when it isn't, but she'll be like, 'no, discard that'."

16 She Stole Items From Her Sister's Closet Growing Up

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Given that she was a big fan of her sister's style, it probably comes as no surprise that Sofia raided Nicole's closet on a regular basis growing up. I mean, isn't that basically a sisterly right? During her teenage years, when she was starting to become known as a fashionista and trendsetter herself, she was stealing tons of pieces from her sister's closet on a regular basis.

We totally don't blame her! Nicole probably has a closet absolutely packed with amazing pieces, so why not borrow a few of them from time to time? We'll bet she had no problem with allowing her little sis to take a few pieces out on the town.

15 She's Super Active On Tumblr And Loves Being Creative

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Though she doesn't quite have her entire job path lined up, it's obvious that Sofia is someone who is super creative. From music to fashion, she seems drawn to the industries that allow her to be imaginative. And, it all started with her Tumblr.

Sofia admitted to People that "I never really thought I would make a blog myself, then I got super interested in pictures and runways. I started following a bunch of model blogs and runway blogs and then I just started following designers." She loves to share fashion spreads, looks from the runway, street style and more on her own Tumblr.

14 She Celebrated Her 18th Birthday In Cabo With Justin Bieber

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Before he was married to his wife Hailey Bieber, pop star Justin Bieber dated quite a few famous ladies—including Sofia Richie. The two dated when Sofia was still just a teenager, and though it was a short relationship, Sofia did celebrate a particular milestone with him. It turns out, she rang in her 18th birthday in sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with Justin Bieber by her side.

I mean, can you think of a better way to spend a birthday than on a relaxing tropical vacation? Plus, if Justin was footing the bill, you know it was probably a super luxurious resort—can't have the paparazzi following you every moment of the day!

13 Her Mom Was A Model Too

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Sofia's father Lionel may be able to give her advice when it comes to the music industry, but when it comes to modeling, Sofia should turn to her mother. Her mother, Diane Alexander, was a dancer and fashion designer. We can definitely see where Sofia must have gotten a lot of her inspiration to follow her path in the fashion industry!

We'd love to see them collaborate on a brand one day. Can you imagine—a chic mother-daughter clothing brand would be such a great idea. Plus, they'd be able to model all their own pieces, since they're both absolutely gorgeous.

12 She's Really Bad On The Golf Course

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Sofia Richie is good at a lot of things. She's super creative, and she seems to be successful at just about everything she puts her mind to. However, there's one area where she needs a bit more practice—golf. She shared a photo on her IG page where she was spending time on a golf course, and captioned it with the self-deprecating "I've honestly never been worse at something in my life."

We have to admit, it's kind of comforting to know that she's not phenomenal at everything she tries! Perhaps she'll have to take a few lessons with a golf pro if she wants to improve her swing.

11 She Has An Adorable Bulldog

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We have to admit, half the reason we follow certain celebrities on social media is to get a glimpse at their adorable pets. And, Sofia Richie is no exception. On her IG page and in paparazzi shots, you may have seen photos of her adorable bulldog, Cairo. In fact, her pup has such an influencer mama that she even set up an IG page for her fur baby at one point.

I mean, why not? We love when celebrities are passionate about animals and have no qualms with sharing their love for their pets online. Who doesn't want to see cute pictures of dogs in their feed?

10 She's A Fan Of Action Sports Like Motocross

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It turns out, Sofia Richie is a woman with many different sorts of interests. She absolutely loves fashion and design, but she also is a huge fan of action sports. We have to admit, we never would have guessed she had that particular passion!

While she's certainly not a professional, she's admitted that she loves to slip into her motocross gear and hop on a dirtbike. She doesn't document her action-packed adventures quite as much as some other celebrities, but who knows—perhaps we'll see more of her adrenaline-filled hijinx on social media soon! We'd love to see her hurtling down the race track and having a blast.

9 She Has Tons Of Famous Friends, Including Kylie Jenner And Bella Hadid

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Many celebrities end up becoming close friends with other celebrities because, well, they're always around each other. They go to the same events, they know the same people, they attend the same parties and end up forming bonds. Before she was a legitimate celebrity in her own right, Sofia had quite a few famous friends, including Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner.

While she likely has quite a few friends outside the industry, it's probably helpful to have pals who have the same kind of perspective as you do on your crazy life. I mean, who would understand the struggles of media interviews and being chased by the paparazzi better than someone who has lived through the same things?

8 She Was The Face Of Madonna's Brand Material Girl

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As she grows older, Sofia Richie continues to book more and more modeling gigs. However, there was one particular deal she got back when she was just a teenager that she still remembers fondly. A younger Sofia Richie was tapped to be the face of Madonna's clothing line, Material Girl—and she couldn't believe her good fortune.

As she told People, "I am a Madonna obsesser since I was 5, so it's insane that this is happening." She starred in a series of fun-filled campaigns that were youthful and seemed to really capture the spirit of the brand. Who knows, maybe she'll collaborate with Madge again someday.

7 She Appeared On Several Episodes Of Nicole's Show Candidly Nicole

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Did you know that Nicole Richie used to have her own reality show? And no, we're not talking about the various projects she had with her former bestie Paris Hilton. We're talking about Candidly Nicole, a reality show that aired from 2014 to 2015 and only lasted two seasons.

The show gave fans a glimpse into Nicole's world, and from time to time, that included her little sister Sofia. It was definitely fun to get a peek behind the scenes at their dynamic. Though they've both grown up in the public eye, they seem to truly have a strong bond and value their relationship as sisters.

6 She's Obsessed With Jewelry

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When it comes to fashion, Sofia Richie doesn't just talk the talk—she seems truly passionate about fashion and design. She admitted to industry staple WhoWhatWear that she follows a ton of jewelry brands on social media and is always checking in to see what they're up to.

Given her passion for the industry, and the fact that her big sister already has a successful clothing and jewelry brand, we wouldn't be surprised if Sofia started her own super successful brand. She clearly gets inspired and has plenty of connections—and plenty of celeb friends who could model her pieces on social media to spread the word.

5 She's A Huge Game of Thrones Fan

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There are plenty of celebrities who are utterly obsessed with Game of Thrones, and it turns out Sofia Richie is one of them. While she doesn't really seem like the type to spend her weekends watching television at home, she makes time for the addictive HBO masterpiece.

In fact, she's such a big fan that she even dyed her hair platinum blonde once because of Daenerys Targaryen. There are probably far, far more people than you could ever imagine who took the leap to ice blonde because of the fierce Mother of Dragons. It looked flawless on Sofia, though—maybe she'll return to that shade one day.

4 She Has An Interview Stipulation That She Won't Talk About Scott

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When it comes to what they're willing to reveal about their personal lives, every celebrity is different. Some draw a hard line and aren't willing to discuss anything that isn't related to their job. Others are willing to share a bit about their personal life and what goes on behind the scenes. Sofia isn't opposed to sharing things about her personal life, but there's one aspect she's not willing to discuss—her relationship with Scott Disick.

Apparently, when someone reaches out to schedule an interview with her, there's a stipulation in her contract that she doesn't want to discuss it. As she told Cosmopolitan, "I'm not upset that I have to answer these questions, but there are moments that I have where I'm like, I want to be my own person." We totally don't blame her!

3 Michael Jackson Was Her Godfather

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Pop star Michael Jackson and Sofia's father Lionel Richie were both successes in the industry at roughly the same time. That meant that their paths crossed from time to time, and they formed a friendship. So, when it came to finding a godfather for his daughter Sofia, Lionel turned to someone in his life with the request—Michael Jackson himself.

Sofia was close friends with Jackson's daughter Paris growing up, and their families are still connected. Whether you love him or not, there's no denying that having a legend like Michael Jackson as your godfather is a pretty big deal.

2 She Has A Huge Sunglasses Collection

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Sofia Richie is a total street style queen who isn't afraid to mix it up with her accessories. However, when it comes to picking her favorite way to spice up an outfit, the answer is clear—sunglasses.

As she told Grazia, "I am a big shoe shopper, but I have an overflowing closet of sunglasses. It just happened! Right now I'm obsessed with vintage glasses, I'm going to all these vintage stores and buying all these day-old glasses. I find they are my best fitting pairs which is very strange. That's my current obsession." A great pair of sunglasses can definitely take an outfit to a whole new level.

1 She's A Big Animal Lover

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Sofia Richie is known for her work in the fashion world, but you likely won't see her wearing fur because she's a huge animal lover. As she confessed to Grazia, "I'm a serious animal lover. For some reason water animals, like, really amaze me. I know that sounds weird but dolphins, whales, sharks... I saw a whale recently when I was on a boat in Mexico and I started hysterically crying. I have a weakness for animals, I cry a lot around animals."

So sweet! Hopefully, she's able to lend her star power to animal rights charities as she becomes more and more famous.

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