This Sculptor Is Using Bubbles To Make Incredible 'Fake Clouds'

We have seen artists use some pretty innovative materials to create sculptures, but creating fake clouds is a new one on us.

It can often be difficult for the layman to determine what is art and what isn't. Many a time we have been wandering around an art gallery, wondering why som incredibly simple pieces are worth thousands, if not millions of dollars. It's ultimately up to those who enjoy the art to determine what a piece is worth.

That being said, every now and again, there are certain works of art which we can all agree are strikingly beautiful. If that piece can also be unique, even better. After thousands of years of artworks in a wealth of different forms, you have to be pretty special to create unique artwork in 2019. SmileCloudsUSA might well have achieved that via its incredible sculptures.

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As you can see from the video above, the sculptures come in the form of fake clouds, and they are pretty awesome. They may look like shaped soap suds, and that is effectively what they are. However, the concoction used to create them is a little more complicated than that. Artist Steve uses a mix of soap, water, helium, and nitrogen to create the sculptures.

It's that helium component which allows the clouds to float away so majestically. While we're fans of all of the clouds featured in the video above, our favorite is most definitely the unicorn. The way the wind catches the mythical beast makes it look as if it's galloping. Pretty cool. We'd also love to see people's reactions to a Superman logo shaped cloud drifting over their gardens. Perhaps Steve could make one that looks like the bat signal too.

The best news of all about these beautiful sculptures is you don't have to wait for them to float to you. You can actually hire SmileCloudsUSA to create some clouds of your very own by giving them a call or visiting their site. The site flaunts that the best way to get your business's name out there is via its fake clouds. If a logo/company name floated over our heads in the form of a cloud, we would certainly be more prone to use them in the future.

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