10 Really Weird Secret Rooms That Were Found In Homes

We all have rooms in our house that we keep secret from the general public. They might be our personal study or maybe even a safe room in case of emergency. We don't want people seeing these private spaces, but some people out there take their secret rooms to a whole new level. Their rooms outmatch anything we have ever seen before and are undeniably weird.

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We have compiled a list of some of these secret rooms that are guaranteed to have you asking questions you are not quite sure you want the answer too. You might be considering adding your own super-secret room after this list, as some of them will inspire you to be different. Keep reading to learn about ten really weird secret rooms that were found in homes!

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10 Hidden Tapes

This man found a hidden crawlspace in his new home that was nothing short of creepy. He opened a mystery door which led to an area where a water heater could be kept, but it kept going. There was a locked black door at the back of the room, and when he opened it he was surprised by what he found.

The room was covered in soundproof boards and white tarps, and on the floor he found a safe, a briefcase, and a mysterious wooden platform about the size of a twin bed. The briefcase contained some old valuables, but the safe was a different story. He found six different VHSC tapes inside of the safe which he turned over to the police and it was never released what mysteries those tapes held.

9 The Murder Castles

The first man to ever be called a serial killer was none other than H. H. Holmes who built what we like to call the Murder Castle. He told people he would rent out rooms to tourists, but no one realized he had much bigger plans in store for this gigantic house. The house was made with several secret rooms and confusing hallways that was meant to keep guests locked safely inside.

He even made sure he had such a large worker turnover rate so no one knew exactly what he was planning by the time he had finished. There were trapdoors, secret closets, peepholes, alarm systems, and so much more. He confessed to 28 murders, but it is believed the actual number that suffered inside this house is closer to 200.

8 Mont Sainte-Odile Monastery

Burgen, Ruinen und Schlösser in Deutschland und Europa

This monastery in France was put on the map after an infamous book heist of over 1,000 rare copies from a private locked library. The man who stole them had discovered a map of secret passageways inside of the monastery, and none of the members who resided inside the building knew of them until the theft.

They figured out after two years of thievery that the bookcase would swing out to reveal a secret room, and ladders led the way through rooms up to the roof. It was believed this room was used in secret by senior monastery members to catch their brethren in the act of blasphemy, as the library used to be a common area.

7 Hidden Chapel

This family had been living in their home for a few years when curiosity finally got the better of them. The large metal grate in the floor of their home had never been moved, so one night they decided it was time they took a peek at what was lying beneath its surface.

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They were astonished to find an ancient stone chapel with a wooden cross lying on the ground in the center. The owners continued following the underground route and soon found that it also let out through their cupboard. The family was told it was probably used as a hideaway for religious groups like the Catholics back in the 1700s, or used as a bunker during World War Two.

6 Singer Castle

This was originally built as a hunting lodge for the president of Singer Sewing Machine Company back in 1904. It looks like any other extravagant home, except for the fact that it is filled with secret rooms and passageways.

The library has a secret panel that opens up to a secret passageway, where a host could spy on their guests through secret peepholes looking into numerous rooms. It is still unclear as to why this home was made in this fashion, but we can only guess that he wanted to know what they were saying when he left the room.

5 Ohio State University Squatter

There was a group of Ohio State University students who uncovered a secret room in their basement where another student had been squatting. The students would occasionally find appliances on or doors open within their home and joked it had to be a ghost, so you can imagine their surprise when they discovered it was another person.

One day they heard weird dings and noises coming from the locked room in the basement, so they had the strange door knocked down. They had him evicted from the property and the locks changed to prevent any past tenants from squatting in the weird room in the basement.

4 Dunnerden

The owner of this home is the creator of several interactive children's games, and he had his house modeled after that ingenuity. The basement of the home is a labyrinth of catacombs, and moving certain objects within the house will open secret doors.

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There are twists at every turn and things you would never expect happen before your very eyes. He created a space that everyone would enjoy, as well as fear, with so many secrets and imaginative concepts scattered in every room.

3 Dungeon Beneath an Apartment

A man moved into a new studio apartment, which he wasn't entirely a fan of, but it became even worse when he discovered the secret dungeon beneath the property. The man speculates the building was an old monastery and the dungeon beneath his home is covered in ancient bricks and benches.

The passageways wind underneath the entire apartment building, and luckily, it seems he is the only one with access to the mysterious space. He thought about hosting a dungeon party, but the creepy factor might have some of his guests backing out before the fun even begins.

2 Black Mold

This room was found in South Carolina by a couple who had recently purchased the home. The bookcase was apparently a fake door, and when they opened it all of their worst nightmares came true. A note was left inside of the room warning of the toxic black mold that had made the previous family very sick.

They had let the home go into foreclosure and left the note to warn the next members of the severe problem. The real estate company bought the home back for the original amount as the home would have to be demolished, and the family is eternally grateful for the hidden note.

1 A Hidden Set of Stairs

There were two boys who were home alone one day, but their childish roughhousing led to the discovery of a creepy secret room. A spiral staircase led down to a secret room where it became evident that someone else had been living within the walls of their safe haven. The kids found some of their Halloween candy.

There were other weird items in the space as well and it was believed the squatter only lived here for short periods. There are many online who believe it to be a hoax, but the world may never know the reality of this weird room.

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