20 Secrets Everyone Ignores About Kim K And Kanye's Relationship

Kim Kardashian has been an item ever since 2012 and married only a couple of years after the fact. Already, they have managed to accumulate four children and a multi-million dollar empire from their happy union. Many may recall that when they first got together, the media and critics dubbed it to be one of the strangest, most random pairings to ever come together, but truth be told, their relationship makes perfect sense. In fact, those who know about their history could understand that Kim and Kanye may have been destined to be together.

That is right, Kim and Kanye actually have as rich of a history as the rich size of their pockets. We will delve deeper into that history as this list progresses, but above all else, we will delve into some overlooked and largely forgotten secrets about the pairing that no one seems to remember or talk about anymore.

20 How They Really Met

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Kim and Kanye had not started dating until 2012, but they have known each since well into the early 2000s. As Kim herself recalled to People Magazine, it was in "2002 or 2003," back when she'd tag along with friend/musician Brandy. When he saw Kim by Brandy's side while they shot a music video, there was one question he kept asking everyone: "Who is Kim Kardajan?" Yeah, it took years before he knew how to pronounce Kim's name.

19 He Flirted With Her While She Was Married to Kris Humphries

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Even after she got married to Kris Humphries, Kanye still found himself pursuing Kim Kardashian. During her 72 days married to the former NBA star, Kim accepted a dinner date invitation with Kanye at the Soho House. As she recounted in several interviews since, she hid her wedding ring from Kanye to not disappoint him.

18 She Sent Photos To Him While He Was Dating Amber Rose

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He never broke contact with Kim, even after he himself was committed in a relationship to Amber Rose. During a 2015 interview with The Breakfast Club, Rose revealed that during their relationship together, she discovered Kanye had received some explicit pictures from Kim. She followed up by saying she asked Kim to stop, but Kim kept it going.

17 She Pursued Him Six Months After Her Divorce

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Just as fast as her marriage to Humphries ended, she was just as fast to start pursuing Kanye afterward. In an Access Hollywood interview, she explained that after she finalized her divorce, she expected Kanye to call her now that she was newly single. He didn't, so she made the first move and called him. "I think it was more me pursuing him," she said.

16 He Admitted He Collabed With Jay-Z Just To "Court" Kim

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Before their beef, Kanye and Jay-Z were praised as one of the best duos in hip hop. They may have never done that work together if Kanye didn't want to impress Kim Kardashian so badly before they started dating. "I put on a whole Watch the Throne concert just so I could court Kim Kardashian and turn her into Kim Kardashian-West," he told Extra on the Grammys red carpet. "It worked out."

15 The Song "Cold" Is About Her

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One of the standout, fan-favorite songs off his Cruel Summer project was "Cold." It is a surprisingly reflective, introspective and personal song from the POV of Kanye West where he not only alludes to his relationship with Kim Kardashian (which, at the time, they hadn't gone public about) but admits he was in love with her while she was still married to Kris Humphries.

14 She Was The Reason He Got His First Cell Phone

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Believe it or not, Kanye never had a cell phone in his life until 2011, and it was all for his future wife. "I got a phone because somebody decided they wanted to marry Kris Humphries," Kanye revealed during a 2016 episode of Kocktails with Khloe. He further explained after seeing a pic online of Humphries with Kim that "I need to call her or something." Once he got a phone and her number, he often flirted and sent pics of tall basketball players that "used to be cool," insinuating Kris would lose his coolness to her.

13 He Ogled Her On The Set Of Her Music Video

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Few people even remember the first and only music video Kim Kardashian for the oft-forgotten single, "Jam," made during her brief music career. But what makes this so significant was that Kanye West just so happened to be on the set as a friend making a cameo in the video, and it was 16 months before they started dating. Although, during an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris Jenner recalls scolding Kanye on set to stop staring at her butt the whole time.

12 They Wed In Florence Because It's Where They Conceived North

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The Kardashian-West wedding was held at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy in 2014. As Kanye revealed to Florence's local La Nazione newspaper, the reason for the venue was because “I think that our daughter North was conceived here among the Renaissance masterpieces." Not sure if that's oddly poetic, or just odd.

11 He Had The Bar Chopped In Half An Hour Before The Wedding

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Page Six ran a story that an hour before his wedding, Kanye picked up a saw and chopped an all white bar there in half to make it "art" because he hated how it looked. Kanye later confirmed to GQ that he was having issues with the wedding planner and they ordered a "terrible" bar that wasn't approved by him. He had it resolved and changed, but any rumors saying he picked up a saw to do it himself is false. "You can't do that. It's illegal."

10 His Bizarre Honeymoon Gift

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When it came to giving his bae a post-wedding gift, he commissioned a street artist named Bambi to produce a portrait of his wife, but the painting was of Kim in nothing but a g-string with the letters "Perfect B" lathered on to the side of the painting. Most husbands just give their new bride flowers.

9 Kim rented an entire island for Kanye's birthday

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In sharp contrast to her husband's gift ideas for special occasions, Kim goes a less explicit route, but also with far more grand and expensive ideas. To celebrate Kanye's 40th birthday in 2017, she rented out the entirety of Baker's Bay - according to Architectural Digest - and them - along with Kanye's childhood friend Don Crowley, his wife and their kids - spent a four day weekend there.

8 She also rented the entire Staples Center


Another instance where Kim gave Kanye a birthday blowout was when she rented out the entire Staples Center so that he could celebrate his 38th birthday with a private basketball game with friends, who just so happened to be Justin Bieber, Pusha T, and Tyga (among others, according to TMZ). In addition, John Legend sang the national anthem while James Harden and 2 Chainz coached each respective team.

7 They Bought Multiple Strollers Hoping to Match North's Skin Tone

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During an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, filmed while she was still pregnant with North West, Kim admitted to Scott Disick that she was deadset on putting her baby in a stroller that matched the baby's skin tone. Because she was not exactly sure what North's skin tone would be, she bought multiple strollers with multiple color shades based on skin tone.

6 Kanye Spent Months Designing Kim's Engagement Ring

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Before he offered his bride to be an engagement ring in front of an entire baseball stadium he rented out, he spent months having the 15-carat ring designed personally for Kim. According to The Daily Mail, because Kanye is such a perfectionist, he was having alterations made to the ring right up until mere hours before he popped the question.

5 Threw Out All Her Shoes/Clothes And Replaced Them With Stuff He Approved Of

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Remember when we said that Kanye was a perfectionist? Well, he even tried to perfect Kim Kardashian's wardrobe. Kim Kardashian told W Magazine that early into their relationship, he had thrown out 250 pairs of her shoes. When she was reduced to just two shoes left, she cried. He replaced them with shoes from designers he actually approved of.

4 He Banned Their Daughter From Wearing Make-Up

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All fathers are protective of their daughters and Kanye is so protective of his that he refuses to let her wear make-up and will not allow his wife to put make-up on their daughter. Kim revealed this to E! News earlier this year, but then told Allure Magazine that without make-up, North now wants to focus on skincare routines, such as sheet mask usage.

3 When They Exposed Taylor Swift

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Some years back, Kanye released a song called "Famous" featuring some provocative lyrics about Taylor Swift. Swift was outraged, publicly called Ye a "misogynist" and says she never would have approved such things to be said about her for a song. Shortly after, Kim revealed footage she recorded of her husband speaking to Swift on the phone before the song dropped.

Not only did he ask Swift's permission to use the exact lyrics, but Swift approved them calling the lyrics "a compliment." Kim then dissed Taylor by tweeting out snake emojis.

2 They Argued Over a Band-Aid

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In an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashian, Kim vented to her sister Khloe about a time she argued with her husband over a band-aid. The reason being he was furious that she gave him a "Jesus Band-Aid" instead of a band-aid that matched his skin tone. He demanded his wife call the housekeeper to get him a new band-aid. When Kim asked why can't Ye do it, he argued she would have gotten one for her child.

1 They Argued Over Kim Looking "Too Sexy"

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On a much more recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim and Kanye had their first argument in front of the cameras. Because he is now on a religious journey, Kanye didn't approve of Kim dressing "too sexy," specifically at the recent Met Gala. Kim argued that she simply was not on the same journey he was and, furious, Kanye stormed out the room.

Sources: People Magazine, YouTube, TMZ

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