We See What They Did There: 20 People Whose Hilarity Is Not Lost On Us

If there are two things we like, it's humor and understatedness. We mean, we like obvious comedy as much as the next person. We have nothing against laughing when it's obvious we're supposed to laugh, but that's not the only kind of humor we enjoy. We like the inside jokes, the bits of funny that are on the down low. We like wordplay and irony and scathing sarcasm. When it comes to what's humorous, we like it all, and today we woke up with a craving for a delicious, chocolatey, nougaty sampler of all kinds of comedy candy types.

We weren't born yesterday, alright? We didn't just fall off the turnip truck and wander in here dazed and confused. This isn't our first rodeo, it's like our third or fourth. We've been around the block is what we're trying to say, so at this point in our lives, it's pretty hard to pull the wool down over our eyes. We pick up on subtlety like a hound dog picks up on a sent. Ain't nobody can get anything past us, so maybe these people thought that they were being too clever for school, but we see what they did there. Their hilarity was not lost on us.

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20 Thanks for flying with Space Japan airlines

Studies that were never actually conducted at all have shown that we (that is us, not the collective "we") are approximately one and a half billion times more likely to visit a country, state or city when they display a punny sign in their airport.

With those kinds of numbers, regions that rely heavily on tourism would be well-advised to up their game and bring on the wordplay. Seriously, all it takes to impress us is a pun and some wordplay. Put those two together and stick the result where we can see it, and we'll be willing to spend our disposable income on us. It's that simple.

19 B is for Brunch and a Band-aid fix

Cleanliness may very well be next to godliness, but that doesn't mean it's everybody's strong suit, okay? so maybe this restaurant is too busy making their food delicious to stay on top of how clean everything is in the kitchen. But, ultimately, what does it matter if there's a little E.coli in their soda machines if they serve a delicious brunch?

This sub-par restaurant is like a piece of gold-plated jewelry. Sure, it's bright and shiny. It looks like the real deal, but all of that spray paint is just a facade, for underneath it lies a shoddy foundation and insufficient materials. Also, dangerous bacteria.

18 They're going to make a great lawyer one day

We guess we should be a little ticked off at this rugrat for trying to fool the Tooth Fairy, but we'll leave being mad about this to their parents. We're not responsible for this kid, so we don't have to be angry about their dental antics.

Instead, we'll just sit here and be impressed.

The fact that there aren't more kids out there trying to trick the Tooth Fairy with Tic Tacs makes us wonder where we, as a society, went astray. Why aren't all kids this clever? Heck, we'd give this young'un a five dollar bill just for trying to find a loophole.

17 Oh, deer!

We would just like to take a moment of silence right now so that we can all recognize the great sacrifice that executive up there made just to make this whole scenario possible. He had to give up one of his weekend days—which is, if you'll notice, a full half of the average person's weekly day off allowance—just to do this.

We can't imagine how much time this must have taken. He had to have had help. Help and a set of walkie-talkies. This was an hours-long endeavor but the good news is that, in the end, it was way more than worth it.

16 We've got a friend in them

Doctor Who may not be for everyone. Sherlock and Supernatural may not be everybody's cup of tea, and that's fine. Fandoms aren't for everyone, but even people who don't go nuts for TV and movies go gaga for all things Toy Story.

Even people who aren't in any fandoms are in the Toy Story fandom.

It doesn't matter how many years have passed since the first Toy Story movie came out on DVD—or, wait. Didn't it go to VHS tape first? Yeah, pretty sure it did. Well, anyway, that's beside the point. The fact is once you've seen the story of the toys, it stays with you forever.

15 We feel smarter just looking at them

We may be adults (although the alarming number of footy pajamas in our dresser drawers right now would seem to indicate otherwise), but we still don't know where we would be without SpongeBob SquarePants memes and references. Constantly alluding to cartoons from our childhood...some days that's all that gets us out of bed in the morning.

We're glad to see that college kids and high school students were willing to take that torch from us when we passed it to them. They're keeping up the traditions we upheld long ago, and knowing these children are climbing the Stairs of Learning ever school day gives us hope for our future.

14 We still haven't spotted them, to be honest

Kids and shopping don't go hand in hand. It's boring when your parents drag you along to find clothes. You don't want to be there, but the fact is, you are there, so all you can do is try to make your own fun.

These kids took that challenge and owned it like a pair of bosses.

These kiddos could've done what any other child might do on a shopping trip. They could've hidden in the clothing racks or thrown themselves on the floor while screaming crying. But they put their own personal and highly creative spin on it. We just wish we knew where they were...

13 Clever to the max

So, we all know this guy put his picture on his luggage so he wouldn't have trouble finding it when it came time to track it down at the luggage pick-up. But how hilarious would it be if he opened that suitcase and instead of clothes and other travel stuff, he took out a ventriloquist dummy that looked exactly like him?

Okay, so maybe that would be less hilarious and weirder, but we thought it sounded funny. But, anyway, not only is this guy practical, he's also got a good sense of humor. Look at the picture he chose. He's not even smiling.

12 Puns are the flowers in the garden of wordplay

We're loving this set of puns, so much so that we're fixing to look up where to purchase these funny flowers, in spite of the fact that we have neither green thumb nor a garden.

If you're going to hybridize a plant, you've got to give it a good name.

You can't name your plant something boring like Red Plant or Thorny Stem. That would be a total drag! Fortunately, this person put their best foot forward with their plant naming responsibilities. However, we will say we're a little disappointed that they chose "bada bing" and "bada boom" when they could've gone with "bada bing" and "bada bloom".

11 Crying for ice cream? How "dairy"!

If it turned out that this little boy was (or, at least was related to) that other kid who hid a couple of Tic Tacs under their pillow in an attempt to trick the Tooth Fairy into paying up, we would not be the least bit surprised.

These kids, man. They're too powerful! We've seen some pretty smart children, but this is next level stuff right here. Back in our day, we would never sabotage our own little kid reputation among the other little kids by crying, even if it was for ice cream. But the children of today? They've evolved beyond egos. They're...unstoppable.

10 Looks like this shirt is very fitting

The irony in this picture is so thick, it's not healthy to stare at it for too long. According to our calculations, it's got about 3000-percent more than your daily recommended amount of irony, so if you're still looking at it, go ahead and stop.

If you want to laugh at it again, wait until tomorrow.

It's one thing to be a procrastinator. It's another thing to recognize that you're a procrastinator. But to leave a shirt about your procrastination in a package because you procrastinate? It's sad, but it's also perfect in a way. We don't know what we expected.

9 *Sprinkles fish flakes on water for the ice cream*

This new generation really espouses tolerance, and that's wonderful. It really is because we should always consider other peoples' feelings and thoughts and opinions. But you know who we've inconsiderately forgotten to extend this courtesy to? Ice cream. Frozen dairy treats have feelings too, you know.

Over the years, we've all been guilty of neglecting the feelings of ice cream, but none of us have been more blameworthy than the lactose intolerant. It says right in their name that they refuse to tolerate products that contain lactose. For the sake of peace, they cannot be allowed to continue. We're glad this ice cream shop owner has taken a stand.

8 "Water" they talking about?

Call us antisocial, but we just don't enjoy coming into contact or having anything to do with other human beings. Oh, wait. We think that's what being antisocial is in a nutshell. Alright, so it looks like we really are antisocial, but we're working on it, okay? Besides, it's not like we let it dictate what we do.

Alright, wrong again. So sue us.

We don't like to talk to anyone, ever, but on the other hand, we love to pun, and what's the point in punning if no one else is around to witness your cleverness? That makes texting wordplay, as displayed by this excellent punsmith, a wonderful compromise between the two.

7 Who says you can't have it all?

Throughout the course of your life, you're going to run into people who will try to tell you that there's no way that you can have it all. In fact, it's highly likely that you've already met a few of these naysayers in your day.

Well, we're here to tell you that those guys are liars. You absolutely can have everything you want. With an optimistic outlook and your arms always reaching out for the stars, there's nothing stopping you from achieving all of your heart's desires. All you need is hard work and determination—and, a little artistic skill and spray paint never hurt, either.

6 Wait, what do you mean by—oh...

We like bumper stickers. They're a great way for drivers to passive-aggressively express their opinion while experiencing exactly zero repercussions. But in this case, we just can't figure out what they're trying to tell us.

"Don't be what you see"? Whatever do you mean?

We're looking at the back of your trailer here, and the only thing we're seeing is the hind end of a horse, and...oh. Ohhhhhh! Now we get it! Ha ha ha! Wow, that's pretty funny! And good advice to boot! Very tricksy, horse trailer hauler! You almost got that one past us, but in the end, your hilarity was not lost on us.

5 Oh, she's going to love these

One thing that little kids the world over love is when the adults in their life choose to get them joke gifts as opposed to the presents that they actually requested. LOL. Just kidding! In fact, we're pretty sure that's the one thing all kids can universally agree that they don't love.

As a grown-up, there's nothing more satisfying than watching a child you love open a gag gift. Seeing their excitement as they tear the paper off the box. The look of surprise as they pull the object out, and the visible disappointment that erupts on their face as they see the sad reality. Ah...classic.

4 We'll just go a different way

We don't take directions very well. We've lost every game of Simon Says that we've ever played, and we've never had much luck with Twister or Red Light, Green Light either. We're just not good with instructions. Never have been, and not for lack of trying.

We just get so confused, is all!

We don't get step-by-step instructions when they're crystal clear and concise, so imagine the fear we felt in our heart when we came upon this. A picture of a stop sign that's simultaneously telling us to "go forth". Pfft! Man, forget this. We'll just find a different route to our destination.

3 Making the best of a bad situation

Via: wackyy.org

You can't control everything that happens to you, but what you can control is your reaction to it. That's just one of the lessons that we learned by looking at this picture. The owner of this business could've just boarded up their windows. They didn't have to put a joke on there, too. They did that for us.

The other lesson we learned from this picture is that you should never drive with your feet and also with your eyes closed. But we prefer the first lesson about having a good attitude and an even better sense of humor. Although, the driving thing is still important.

2 That's going in the scrapbook

Is teasing a real form of humor? Ah, maybe not so much. We mean, yeah, people treat it like it is, but it doesn't really work—not unless you have some sort of relationship with the person you're teasing, that is, thus ensuring you get a front row seat to the aftermath.

Teasing as a humor art form is perfect for siblings.

It's best for brothers and sisters who live off of their brothers' and sisters' embarrassment like a bunch of feeling vampires. Fortunately, as we get older, sibling teasing mellows out like a fine wine, transforming into good-natured ribbing. Well, at least it does most of the time.

1 Incorrigible antics! We want more

Ugh! Such childish hijinks as these we have never, not in our twenty-some-odd years of existence, beheld! Is this level of tomfoolery to be borne? Will this school's staff stand by and allow these ne'er-do-wells to get away with their larks? It is too much!

Actually, we're not offended. If we are, it's only because we never got a chance to participate in a similar ruse with our fellow students when we were in school. Instead of replacing these yearbook photos, we'd ask the staff to replace those of the students who aren't wearing a pineapple shirt. We want more of this shenaniganry. Immediately if you please!

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